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 [Shang country]

Her name is Yin'Er. She disguises herself as a man, wearing a mask that covers her forehead to her nose.

She also wearing a hat with a long veil to protect her identity.

She sits by the window to enjoy her alcohol. A few minutes later, she hears a ruckus coming outside. She turns and sees a group of bandits causing a scene.

She then grabs a piece of GO and flicks it to their direction. The GO piece flew and hits one of men's head. He fell on the ground with his hand on his head.

"Who did that?! Huh?! Show yourself!!" Yin'Er smirks and continues to sip her alcohol. She takes a peek at them and now they're harassing a female employee.

"Tsk." She toss her cup of alcohol on the side. The cup breaks into pieces. She grabs her sword and her hand holds onto the rail.

She jumps down and walks to their direction. She then takes out her sword and strike into one of the men's hand on the table. "Arghhhh!" They startles. "Get him!"

She pulls out of her sword and remains still. Two of men runs and charge at her, she dodges and pierce both of them.

They both fell on the ground, dead. Other men gasps and looks at each other and charge at her at once.


There's a man who's known as Prince Qin, who disguise himself as an ordinary man sitting at a shop across from where Yin'er was sitting.

He enjoys the fight. "Man, look at them go. One versus twenty." "Your highness."

He turns and sees his attendant. "What now?" He returns his gaze to the fight. "You need to return to the palace." "What for?"

"Your highness, you shouldn't be reckless." "Yeah yeah yeah." As he continues to watch, Yin'er beats every single one. She let some wounded while others are dead.

She lifts her sword to the leader of bandits' throat. "This is my warning. Don't come here and don't let me see you again. If I do, I'll kill you and the rest of your people." She lowers her sword.

"...let's go." They carries their people and left. The shopkeeper comes out of hiding. "Boss Yin. You did it again. I can't thank you enough." "Let me know if they trouble you again." "I will."

Yin'er left the shop. As she walks away, she felt someone's watching her. She turns around and looks up. Their eyes met for the first time.

He looks away. His heart was beating rapidly. (Did my heart just thump...for a man? Oh my gosh. Did I move my sexuality being straight to gay?) He shakes his head. "No. It can't be. I didn't see his full face. Such a pity."

He looks out to see if Yin'er is still there but she disappears. "Oh? Where did he go?" He stands up and looks everywhere but doesn't see him.

He looks at his attendant and blames on him. He stands up and seems to be lost in interest. They walks out of the shop and head back to the palace. (Who is he?)