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 By the time Pei Nan stopped, the two of them were in the middle of nowhere. To be exact, the middle of an open meadow. The dead grass from the cold winter was slowly being replaced with wild flowers. The meadow was covered in tiny yellow flower spots.

Yu Mei did not have time to enjoy the scene. She was busy looking around. Acres and acres of land yet no one in sight. She turned her head and gave Pei Nan a side glare. "You can let go now."

Pei Nan released her and hopped, leaving Yu Mei on the horse by herself. He knew what she wanted to do. Run away.

"You can try but let me tell you, all my horses listen to me only." He coolly told her. Yu Mei shot him another angry look. "I don't believe you." She gripped the horse rein and pulled it. "Cha...cha!" A few minutes passed and the horse didn't move. She tried again. Her feet lightly kicked. The horse simply shook its head and neighed.

Pei Nan was getting a kick out of his stubborn wife.

"Are you done? You can come down now." He extended his hand out to her.

She refused.

"Go! Move stupid horse!" She yelled at the horse. Pei Nan's horse neighed angrily and lifted its front legs up.

Yu Mei lost balance from the sudden move. Her body slowly went down....down towards Pei Nan. Even if she wanted to avoid, she couldn't avoid crashing into the big rock in front of her.

Her body leaned forward, hands catching onto his shoulders. *Thud* Her full weight pushed Pei Nan down to the ground. "Aiya~" Yu Mei's head thudded on his chest.

She blinked a few times. She was done for. She actually used Pei Nan as a cushion just now.

Pei Nan could have easily caught her in his arms. It was a good thing he decided against it. Otherwise he wouldn't be lying on the prickly grass with Yu Mei lying on top of him.

Yu Mei immediately moved her hands from his shoulders and tried to push herself off him.

But would he be Prince Nan if he didn't take advantage of her? He wrapped his arm around her waist and pushed her back down. Her whole body hit his once more. Yu Mei angrily lifted her head and shot him an angry wife look. "Pei Nan you opportunist! Let go right now!" she demanded.

"Don't want to." He evilly smiled at her.

"Don't want to? How can you be so shameless in the open." She reminded him. "Before you lose face, you better release me."

Pei Nan simply looked to the left and then the right. "It's only called shameless if we are caught. I don't see anyone. You. can't. call. me. shameless." He slowly enunciated.

"Eeeeek" she screeched. He was making her blood rise. "When did you get such a sharp tongue? I ought have cut it off."

Right as she finished, he rolled her over. His body lightly pressed on top of hers. "Will you stop being angry if I let you? Will it?"

Yu Mei slightly propped herself up with her elbows and asked him in a confused tone. "What are you talking about?"

He smiled. "I'll give you the chance to cut my tongue off." Before she could react, he leaned down and forcefully placed his lips on hers. His action was fierce but his kiss was soft. Yu Mei felt her legs go limp from his gentleness. She was feeling helpless once more. Her body began to give him little by little.

Pei Nan's movements gradually intensified. Yu Mei closed her eyes and slowly returned his kiss. Her eyes shot opened when she felt his tongue try to enter through her lips. Her quick instinct was to push him away. Her palms pressed on his chest as she forcefully tried to push him away.

Pei Nan's mouth parted from her shaking lips. His sinister smile appeared before her once more. His smile was so big she swore she could count every tooth in his mouth. It was annoying! Very annoying to her!

Pei Nan stretched his hand to play with the loose hair on her face. He teasingly twirled them around his finger. "What are you doing?" Yu Mei finally snapped back.

"Didn't you want my tongue just now? I gave you a chance but you didn't want to." His husky voice was filled with pure provocation and seduction.

Her mouth opened in shock. Why would she cut his tongue off with her teeth? Was he crazy?

"Pei Nan, have you gone mad? Why would I use my teeth to cut your tongue off?" The level of frustration in her body had doubled just now.

"Admit it, even if you had the chance, you wouldn't."

"How would you know? I would do it for real."

"You can't bear to." He leaned closer to tease her.

Yu Mei couldn't take this anymore. With all her might, she pushed him off her and stood up. She almost kicked him in the shin. Thankfully she still had enough sense not to. "If you are only here to fool around, I'm leaving. Even if I have to walk back." She didn't look back as she began to really leave.

"Pan Yu Mei! Forgive me!"

Her feet betrayed her. They stood frozen. She didn't know why. Maybe it was the sincerity in his voice just now. She was about to take a step further.

"Forgive me, okay?"

Was she really hearing sincerity from his heart?

Even if her mind was telling her to leave, her body betrayed her. She turned.

The prideful Prince Nan was on both knees.