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 A deserted tailor's store in the Underground Kingdom.

Lin Yi gradually woke up. She didn't open her eyes for a while. She pretended to be unconscious as she quietly listened to the sounds around her. Soon she heard a voice say, "You woke up. Why are you pretending to be sleeping? Do you want me to go to the palace to ask the prince to kiss you and wake you up... Hey, this seems like a good suggestion."

Lin Yi's expression changed and she quickly opened her eyes. She stared at Mr. B, who was dressed as a minstrel and sitting on a dirty wooden box. He still wore a grey mask and Lin Yu couldn't see his appearance. The eyes he showed seemed very nice but his weird smile never changed, making people feel unhappy.

Lin Yi stared coldly at Mr. B from where she was tied to a pillar. Suddenly, another person entered her field of view. She looked to the right warily.

It was a tall man wearing strange armour... The underground person (he should be a person, not a monster) leaned against the table behind Mr. B. A large 'A' letter was suspended above his head.

Mr. A stood quietly behind Mr. B. One was weird while the other was mysterious.

Suddenly, Mr. A turned to look at Lin Yi. The other person's face was clearly blocked by a silver helmet but Lin Yi felt cold. She had a strange feeling that Mr. A was even more terrible than Mr. B. She might have a chance to escape from Mr. B's hand but it was absolutely impossible to live under Mr. A's hands.

Lin Yi gritted her teeth as she stared at the terrible Mr. A and Mr. B in silence.

Half an hour ago, Tang Mo brought the woman into this hut and waited 10 minutes for Fu Wenduo. At that time, Lin Yi was unconscious so she didn't know that Mr. B's annoying smile disappeared the moment she fainted. Tang Mo brought her here at the fastest speed and after seeing Fu Wenduo, the two of them exchanged information.

"The two people were rescued by the four players." Fu Wenduo said calmly. The two people he was talking about referred to Wang Yinggui and Old Niao. He continued, "They didn't take the monster. The monster is currently in the next room."

Tang Mo walked into the room, looked at the monster in the big sack and returned. "Good. Are you hurt?"

"They are all small wounds. Are you hurt?"

Tang Mo's sleeve was cut and some blood stained his clothes. He said, "They are also small injuries."

After that, the two of them talked for a bit and waited a long time until Lin Yi woke up. Tang Mo didn't think the strength of his hand was that serious. He just struck her lightly yet Lin Yi ended up unconscious for more than half an hour. One minute before Lin Yi woke up, Tang Mo looked dignified as he thought about the next plan. Once Lin Yi woke up, he smiled and continued to imitate Bai Ruoyao.

Lin Yi didn't speak and she didn't expect for Mr. A and Mr. B to also not speak. The two sides were stagnant for a few minutes. Finally, Lin Yi gnashed his teeth and said, "What exactly did you grab me to do? Do you want to set a trap to seize my teammates? It is impossible. The captain won't risk everyone else for me alone. You should kill me. You won't get anything from taking me as a hostage."

Tang Mo gave her a meaningful look.

Her tone was positive and it clearly wasn't a lie. It was impossible for her team to risk themselves for her and they wouldn't come to save her.

"Who said that I want to kill you?"

Lin Yi was stunned for a moment before quickly hiding her surprise. "Then what do you want to do? Do... do you want me to sell out my team? It is impossible. You can kill me. I will never say anything about my team's plans." In fact, they had no plans. They just acted according to the captain's words.

Tang Mo just giggled.

Inside the helmet, Fu Wenduo's eyebrows raised as he heard this laugh.

Lin Yi was waiting for Mr. B to declare her death. She wasn't afraid of death. It was already very lucky that she could live to the present and clear the black tower's first floor. The five of them were friends who met before the earth went online. Since the first day they joined the team, they realized that they could die but they could never betray the team. There used to be seven people on the team. Two teammates died on the first floor of the black tower, leaving only five people.

After going through life and death together, they trusted their teammates.

Lin Yi formed fists as she made up her mind and cried out, "Kill me!"

Tang Mo laughed. "Then how should I kill you?"

Tang Mo just said he hadn't wanted to kill her. Lin Yi didn't expect him to now suddenly ask how he should kill her. This person's face changed faster than flipping a book. Lin Yi gritted out, "Up to you."

"Should I cut you to pieces?"

"Up...to you."

Tang Mo thought. "Should I fry you in an oil pan until you crisp in order to eat you?"

Lin Yi shouted, "Up to you!"

"It is better to peel off your skin first, clean it with water and then put in..."


A sharp dagger flew from behind Mr. B, moving past Lin Yi's face to stab into the stone wall behind her. The skills of the person throwing the dagger was too good. Lin Yi clearly felt the cold knife cut off the hair on her face but it didn't pierce her skin.

Lin Yi tasted death the moment the dagger was thrown. Her heart beat so fast it seemed like it would jump out of her chest. She had already expressed her determination to die but she was truly afraid in that moment. She didn't want to die, she didn't want to die at all! She still wanted to live!

Fu Wenduo raised his hand and said, "It was crooked."

This hadn't been mentioned when discussing the plan. Tang Mo was startled but he quickly replied, "Tang Ji, you scared our lovely food."

Lin Yi, who was so scared she almost peed, "..."

After Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo's intimidation, Lin Yi was really frightened and didn't dare act brave again. Tang Mo could see her fear and understood that things had been laid out. He got up, went over to Lin Yi and bent down towards her.

Tang Mo's eyes narrowed. "Hey, you're not a stowaway."

Lin Yi gulped and didn't answer.

"You aren't a stowaway. The humans we met before were stowaways?"

Lin Yi understood that Tang Mo was referring to the players on the outskirts. She thought for a moment before replying. "...They should be stowaways. Normal players don't kill randomly. I once encountered a stowaways group in the game. After the game, they killed a reserve player and stole his reward."

Tang Mo said, "I see. How many of you want to steal the circus' monster? I know that the black tower would've sneakily told you this information."

Lin Yi said, "36 people."

Tang Mo wasn't surprised that the other person lied about the number. "So many? Tang Ji, you just ate two people a few days ago. Have you killed recently?"

Fu Wenduo, who was forced to eat people, eyed Tang Mo and replied, "No. Victor, in fact, I only ate half of them. You ate the other half." He kindly reminded.

The strongly composed Lin Yi, "..."

Tang Mo said, "There are a lot of opponents Tang Ji. This might be the biggest challenge in our detective career. Do you think I should eat this human fresh or do something else?" In order to prevent Fu Wenduo from speaking again, Tang Mo spoke to himself, "Well, let's do something interesting. There are a few delicious stowaways." Tang Mo turned his head and smiled at Lin Yi.

One hour later, a young woman woke up in a dark alley. Lin Yi observed the surrounding environment the second she woke up. Her hand was on the dart in her pocket. This was her secret weapon. However, Mr. B's strength was so much higher than hers that she hadn't had time to use it before being subdued by Mr. B.

Lin Yi looked around and found herself in an empty alley. She stared at her feet before quickly running out of the alley. After spending two hours running around outside, Lin Yi determined that Mr. A and Mr. B weren't following her and ran back to the wooden cabin next to the dock.

She entered and found that there was no one present. Lin Yi recalled the secret contact method the captain once told her. She walked to the sand table in the middle of the house and looked at the small stones placed on the sand table. Twelve small stones were scattered on the sand. Lin Yi looked at it for a moment and interpreted the answer. "Location B under the dock."

10 minutes later, Lin Yi found her teammates and two strange people.

Her teammates were surprised by Lin Yi's return and Old Li quickly said, "Xiao Yi, you finally returned." What happened? What took you so long? Are you hurt?"

Lin Yi's shoulder was bitten by the beautiful bou's black insects. She said, "I'm fine."

The glasses man walked over. "Did someone follow you?"

Lin Yi shook her head. "Definitely not."

The glasses man was relieved.

Lin Yi glanced at the two strange men in the corner. Then she turned to the glasses man with a serious expression. "Captain, I met Mr. B today and played against him." She spoke about Mr. B's one-sided suppression in the fight and then said, "Mr. B is very strong. I feel that Captain and Brother Hao together might barely be considered his opponent. He also saved my life. I met a group of stowaways."

The amount of information given by Lin Yi was too much. Everyone looked at her with astonishment.

The glasses man calmed down. "Xiao Yi, say things slowly and make it clear."

"This afternoon, I did the task assigned by Captain and followed a player. Then I met a group of stowaways in the outskirts..."

Lin Yi explained everything she knew, including how Mr. B saved her and then knocked her out. Finally, she told them everything she saw in the tailor's store. "...Mr A was there too. Finally, Mr. B said it wasn't good to let me go but there are too many players. I lied and said there were 36 players. He released me and told me to return and tell you..."

Lin Yi looked at the glasses man and hesitated. "Captain, he wants to cooperate."