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 Tang Mo looked at the head of the white-collared woman and then the head of the baby-faced youth. He withdrew his gaze and didn't speak, but he didn't deny it.

The white-collared woman say that Tang Mo was agreeing and looked at the baby-faced youth.

This tall and thin young man had been leaning against the window since the beginning. He stood up, grinning at Tang Mo and the white-collared woman. His slovenly appearance caused the white-collared woman to frown and say, "Now we all have this symbol above our heads. It isn't an accident and we should be teammates. Do you know?"

Tang Mo looked at the white-collared woman.

She took the initiative to say, "My surname is Wang." She finished and looked at Tang Mo.

In every multiplayer game that Tang Mo experienced after the earth went online, the teammates would introduce themselves in the beginning to gain a mutual understanding. Multiplayer games generally required cooperation, which meant a closer relationship. At first, these players would seriously introduce themselves and not be too careful about their identities. As time went by, the players that Tang Mo met became more and more suspicious. They would never divulge too much information. He didn't expect this female to start talking about her name, even if it was just her surname and not anything else.

This was a player who reached the first floor of the tower.

Tang Mo thought about it and originally wanted to say that his surname was Mo. Then he thought about how Fu Wenduo once said that players who previously passed the black tower's first floor knew that there was a person called 'Momo' who cleared the game in hard mode.

Tang Mo paused for a moment before saying, "My surname is Zhao." He casually took the name of the little fatty to impersonate.

The white-collared woman nodded and looked at the baby-faced youth.

In the empty corridor, the three people were standing closer. They were standing in an equilateral triangle. Tang Mo stood in the middle of the corridor while the white-collared woman's back was to the paintings. The baby-faced youth was leaning against the stained glass window. He saw that the two people were looking at him and slightly raised his eyes. He said with a smile, "Bruce."

The white-collared woman was surprised. "You are a foreigner?"

There were many foreign players currently in China. There was two in the Attack organization (Jack and Liz). Many foreigners were in China at the beginning of the game. The incident happened too suddenly and they couldn't return to their homes in a short time. They could only carry out the games in China.

It was just that the baby-faced youth didn't look like a foreigner and his Mandarin was very pure.

The baby-faced youth smiled strangely at the white-collared woman, not answering her question. Tang Mo followed his line of sight. He saw that there was a hand-crafted 3D relief above the wall full of famous oil paintings. The fine patterns and carving techniques made a small black bat, whose thin wings were open and hanging on top of the wall.

The bat was palm-sized hung there quietly. Tang Mo looked at it and felt a chill go from head to toe. Whoosh! The small eyes of the bat suddenly seemed to move to Tang Mo. Tang Mo immediately looked back but found that it seemed to be his own illusion. This was still a stone sculpture with no life.

After observing for a while, Tang Mo shifted his gaze to the baby-faced youth. He lightly asked, "Bruce Wayne?"

The baby-faced youth pretended to be surprised. "Do you know me?" His acting was even worse than the Iron Shoemaker. He might as well have 'I am acting' drawn on his face.

The white-collared woman didn't react to this familiar name. Her eyes were on Tang Mo and the baby-faced youth as she wondered, "You know him?" In a three person team, it was necessary for her to be more vigilant if the other two teammates knew each other. It was because the two men could team up against her at any time.

Tang Mo stared coldly at this baby-faced youth. "Batman?"

The baby-faced youth laughed. "You also know my nickname."

Even if he didn't speak his real name, directly using Batman's name to tease people was too blatant and crazy.

The white-collared woman reacted to this and was obviously very unhappy about being played. She stared coldly at the baby-faced youth. "We don't need to be friends but we are currently teammates."

She pointed at everyone's heads. There was a small green pattern suspended three centimeters above the heads of the three people.

It was the figure of a small person with both hands open in a hugging gesture. This was a common friendly emoji before the earth went online. Tang Mo also used it many times. The three people had this symbol above their heads. In addition, there was the black tower's prompt about the 'teammate information is loading' before entering the game. In all likelihood, the three people were teammates.

The white-collared woman lowered her hand and continued. "Since everyone has no desire to know each other, let's play the game directly."

Tang Mo didn't refuse this suggestion. The baby-faced youth called 'Bruce' just watched them with a smile. He never gave advice.

Perhaps the 'Look at my pure big eyes' played a role. The woman looked at Tang Mo and didn't think he had any outstanding points. The three people didn't want to waste time. The white-collared woman directly gave an order. "At present, we didn't give a black tower mission but we can't sit still. Let's leave this corridor first. There are three ways to get out."

She pointed to the left. "There is a door." Then she pointed to the right. "And another door here."

Finally, she looked behind the baby-faced youth. "Or we can break out through the window. Of course, if we can break the wall then that is also possible. But I will suggest that we check if these two doors can be opened and then make a choice. What do you think?"

No matter what angle he thought from, leaving the corridor was the correct solution. Breaking the window and going out or breaking the wall might cause some bad results. Tang Mo nodded. "Then we will check the two doors together."

In the dangerous tower attack game, no player wanted to act alone. Acting separately was a death flag in horror movies. Perhaps as the player arrived at the door, they would encounter a horrible monster and would be swallowed.

The white-collared woman looked at the baby-faced youth.

"I'm not against it." The baby-faced youth said.

The white-collared woman nodded slightly. She walked to the left side and said, "Then let's look at the left door first..."


A sudden crashing sound was heard and the whole corridor shook. The white-collared woman was startled and didn't finish her words. Her wide eyes looked around. Tang Mo was also startled as he looked at the baby-faced youth. This time he was unprepared and frightened by the youth's sudden action.

In the red moonlight, the baby-faced youth retracted the fist that had smashed into the window. He had a nasty smile on his face as he said, "Well, it seems that the window isn't broken. We can go through the doors."

The white-collared woman stared at him and couldn't say anything for a long time.

Tang Mo slowly pursed his lips and stared at the baby-faced youth with a complicated expression.

The white-collared woman soon cried out angrily, "Going out through the window is the worst choice! We should first see if we can go through the doors before trying the window! Will you take responsibility if you broke the window and caused a bad result?"

The baby-faced youth asked, "Is there a bad result?"

The woman-collared woman, "...You!"

Tang Mo asked, "Did you try your best to smash the window?"

The baby-faced youth was grinning at the woman's anger, seeming to find her very interesting. Once he heard Tang Mo's words, he turned his head. He saw that Tang Mo was looking at him with no expression, not showing any anger. He stared at Tang Mo for a long time before stepping to the door on the left.

"I used all my strength."

The baby-faced youth walked in the front and the woman could only follow since she wanted to complete the game. Tang Mo walked at the rear of the three people. He looked at the baby-faced youth's head from behind. This man walked in a frivolous manner and seemed unreliable. But the result of his fist smashing into the window caused the whole corridor to shake...

'A very powerful person.' Tang Mo judged deep in his heart while placing the baby-faced youth in the extremely dangerous area.

Luo Fengcheng said that in the games, pig teammates weren't the worse thing. The most terrible thing was the smart and powerful teammates. The more powerful the teammate, the more damage they could inflict.

Tang Mo thought again, 'This is the tower attack game. Losing means death. No one should take it as a joke.'

At any rate, he would be keeping a close eye on the baby-faced youth.

Tang Mo walked to the window and quietly pressed a hand against the stained glass. He didn't slow down as his fingers pressed hard against the glass. The glass was more rigid and tougher than he imagined. This piece of glass could shake from the previous punch, the strength of the baby-faced youth couldn't be underestimated.

The three of them didn't speak again.

The baby-faced youth walked to the left side door and directly pulled the door handle.

It was for the best that someone was willing to do this dangerous thing. Tang Mo and the white-collared woman watched silently. The baby-faced youth pressed a bit. The door was firmly locked and couldn't be opened.

The white-collared woman suggested, "Let's try the other door."

The three of them walked to the door on the right. This time, there was a clear unlocking sound as the baby-faced youth pressed on the door handle. He made a surprised sound but Tang Mo felt that the youth wasn't surprised at all. There was a trace of joy in his voice.

He seemed to be looking forward to what would happen once the door was opened.

The baby-faced youth turned his head and asked, "Should I open the door?"

The white-collared woman replied, "Wait a minute. In order to prevent anything bad from opening when we open the door, we should open it a bit further away."

The three people unanimously agreed to this suggestion.

After walking a metre away from the door, the baby-faced youth smiled. "I like doing these types of things." He raised his foot and kicked the door open with a bang. The red wooden door was kicked open and a longer and more ornate corridor appeared in front of them.

The white-collared woman walked forward and observed carefully. "There is nothing. You can come over."

Tang Mo and the baby-faced youth walked together through the door, entering the wider and tall corridor that contained the woman.

Tang Mo's voice was calm as he seemed to ask casually, "What do you like doing? Kicking open doors?"

"Of course it is kicking open the doors. Otherwise...what were you thinking?" The baby-faced youth laughed.

Tang Mo didn't speak.

The trio had just entered the corridor when there was a bang and the red door shut. The white-collared woman hurriedly wanted to open the door again but the handle wouldn't move. At this moment, a loud child's voice rang in the corridor.

"Ding dong! Triggered the branch task: Arrive at the glass greenhouse within 10 minutes."