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 Cold wind blew through the leaves as thick clouds moved from the west to gradually cover the sun. Tang Mo stared coldly at the baby-faced youth while there was a funny smile on Bai Ruoyao's face. The eight people were divided into three camps. The atmosphere was still as each side remained motionless.

Bai Ruoyao cocked his head and looked at Tang Mo with a grin.

The next moment, Tang Mo suddenly shifted his gaze and rushed to Ruan Wangshu. Fu Wenduo ran out at the same time. The two people tacitly attacked two sides, one person stopping Qi Heng and Lian Yuzheng while the other person headed straight to Ruan Wangshu. This change came too fast. After Bai Ruoyao's reminder, Ruan Wangshu was no longer careless. His eyes narrowed and he caught the half a second when Tang Mo's feet were off the ground. He reacted very quickly by placing his hands on the ground, the strong pressure falling down.

The small parasol stabbed hard at Ruan Wangshu while a round white shield appeared in Ruan Wangshu's hand, blocking the small parasol.

Tang Mo's eyes narrowed and he didn't hesitate as he continued to bully the child. Ruan Wangshu was 14 years old this year and he was indeed a child compared to Tang Mo. Fu Wenduo was stopping the other three people and Ruan Wangshu's right leg was inconvenient, so he gradually fell into a disadvantage. Who would've expected a black dagger to suddenly stab at Tang Mo? Tang Mo rolled backwards to avoid it.

Bai Ruoyao pouted and blinked. "Tang Tang, you can't bully a child."

Tang Mo ignored him and once again attacked Ruan Wangshu. Bai Ruoyao grinned and joined the battle. When Tang Mo pressed Ruan Wangshu in the fight, Bao Ruoyao would help Ruan Wangshu so that the latter wasn't too passive. When Ruan Wangshu retaliated, he helped Tang Mo. This person was like a piece of shit. Tang Mo and Ruan Wangshu single-mindedly attacked each other, ignoring Bai Ruoyao. Then Bai Ruoyao blocked Tang Mo's big match and laughed, "You will die if this fire hits you." Tang Mo's eyes became cold and he turned to Bai Ruoyao. Ruan Wangshu also sneered, "You should die first."

The next moment, Tang Mo and Ruan Wangshu joined hands to hit Bai Ruoyao together.

Bai Ruoyao was a bit surprised before his smile became even more brilliant. The moment the two sides fought each other, Tang Mo's expression sank. Bai Ruoyao's strength was much higher than it was four months ago. His ability was chicken-like but his strength was very frightening. Under the combination of Tang Mo and Ruan Wangshu, Bai Ruoyao gradually fell into a disadvantage but he was never taken down.

A black glow flashed from Ruan Wangshu's hand and Bai Ruoyao was caught off guard, his movements slowed for a bit. Tang Mo took this opportunity to strike with the small parasol. The small parasol was just about to hit Bai Ruoyao's head when Tang Mo's figure suddenly disappeared in the air.

Ruan Wangshu was startled.

Bai Ruoyao grinned at Ruan Wangshu, like he had seen something interesting.

One second, Tang Mo's small parasol was about to hit Bai Ruoyao and the next second, it appeared in front of Ruan Wangshu. The round umbrella tip was three seconds away from Ruan Wangshu's forehead. Ruan Wangshu subconsciously retreated backwards to avoid this blow but Tang Mo was much faster. This time, Tang Mo's figure appeared behind Ruan Wangshu.

A sharp weapon pierced flesh as the small parasol pierced through Ruan Wangshu's forehead from behind. The teenager's eyes opened while astonishment while Lian Yuzheng and Qi Heng were shocked.

The female doctor rushed over in an attempt to save him.

Bai Ruoyao smiled. "The fate on his body was too heavy. With one glance, I knew that Tang Tang wanted to kill him instead of me."

Whether it was Tang Mo or Ruan Wangshu, attacking Bai Ruoyao wasn't the main purpose. Their goal was only the other person. Ruan Wangshu had been on guard against Tang Mo when attacking Bai Ruoyao but he never thought that Tang Mo had the A Fast Man ability.

Tang Mo calmly pulled out the small parasol as Li Miaomiao arrived. She pressed her hand on his forehead where there was a bleeding hold. Ruan Wangshu's eyes were wide open but he had long since stopped breathing. Tang Mo was holding the small parasol to help Fu Wenduo but he hadn't taken two steps when the clear sound of a gold coin was heard from behind him.

Tang Mo stiffened and turned to look, a silver dart passing by Tang Mo's cheek.

The teenager, who was being held by the female doctor, reached out and threw the dart. Ruan Wangshu's eyes stared coldly at Tang Mo as the bloody hole on his forehead slowly healed.

Bai Ruoyao raised an eyebrow at this scene while Tang Mo tightened his grip on the small parasol.

Ruan Wangshu took a 25 cent gold coin from his pocket. The coin shone before it turned into countless gold dots of light that disappeared into the air. Tang Mo's eyes narrowed. Ruan Wangshu had definitely died just now and was resurrected. This was an extremely powerful prop that might be even better than the King's Gold Coin!

Ruan Wangshu stood up along with the angry female doctor.

The battle didn't start again. Tang Mo and Ruan Wangshu stood five metres apart. Tang Mo looked down at the teenager and then asked coldly, "Four dead members and the use of such an important prop, yet I'm still not dead... what exactly did the black tower tell you that you must come and catch me?"

Ruan Wangshu didn't answer but the female doctor couldn't help exclaiming, "What is death? Surname Tang, you took the reward that belongs to us. Why shouldn't we take it back?"

The answer was beyond Tang Mo's expectations. "What prop?"

No one answered Tang Mo, with Ruan Wangshu saying instead, "Those four people weren't sent by us. They eavesdropped on Qi Heng and Lian Yuzheng's conversation and ran over to kill you. They wanted to take the prop and then ask for credit." There was a pause and he added, "The four of them were just fringe members of our group. Not counting that time, this is now the third attempt."

Tang Mo felt that he was trying to say something. "The third time... so what?"

The white-faced teenager looked up at Tang Mo and stated casually. "There is nothing. It is just that three times is my principle."

Ruan Wangshu seriously stared at Tang Mo before turning and walking away. Qi Heng and Li Miaomiao were dissatisfied. "Leader, we still have props that haven't been used. Old Ji and A'Guang are still in the instance. Let's wait for them to come out before killing this boy!"

Lian Yuzheng listened to Ruan Wangshu and just scoffed coldly before following him.

Qi Heng and Li Miaomiao were angry but they could finally only follow their boss. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo watched the four people leave, always alert for the battle to start again. The four people of the Tian Xuan organization seemed to really want to stop as headed to the entrance of the community. They still hadn't completely left when Fu Wenduo's eyes changed and he rushed outside the community.

Tang Mo was one step behind him. The four people of Tian Xuan were closer and they also rushed to the intersection like Fu Wenduo.

Once everyone arrived at the intersection, they saw a middle-aged woman stabbing a young man in the chest. The man seemed to have just come out of the tower attack game as there were wounds all over his body. The middle-aged woman found Tang Mo's group and stared at them with numbness in her eyes. She didn't show the slightest fear but instead looked at them like they were prey.

The young man died on the spot while the middle-aged woman grinned, revealing yellow teeth. She hoarsely counted the numbers, "One, two, three... eight pigs. 80 minutes of rest time..." The next moment, she rushed straight to Ruan Wangshu, seeming to feel that he was the weakest.

Ruan Wangshu sneered and pressed his hands against the ground.


The middle-aged woman's body hit the ground. There was horror on her face as she looked up and asked, "Who are you?"

Ruan Wangshu didn't answer as Lian Yuzheng's knife flashed, prepared to take away this woman's life.

The middle-aged woman saw Lian Yuzheng's face and was startled, "Lian Yuzheng? How are you here?"

Lian Yuzheng's knife was about to fall. The middle-aged woman was crushed by gravity but a red light flashed on her body. Her body changed into red paper and floated in the air, avoiding Lian Yuzheng's knife. She turned and fled in the form of a piece of paper. Bai Ruoyao saw that strange paper person and suddenly rushed to catch the woman.

Bai Ruoyao was just grabbing the paper when there was a flash of white light. Bai Ruoyao's hands were empty while the middle-aged woman disappeared into the air.

The smile on Bai Ruoyao's face disappeared.

Tang Mo watched this scene with an astonished expression, several scenes flashing through his mind. Then he noticed Ruan Wangshu's thoughtful expression and immediately understood. "Do you know what this is about?"

Ruan Wangshu looked up at him and didn't speak, directly leaving with his teammates.

Lian Yuzheng's cold voice was heard. "About this matter, we don't have the ability to take back the prop so we will let it go. Information sharing isn't possible unless you join the Tian Xuan organization. Then our information can be shared with you."

The four people of Tian Xuan left the scene while Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo examined the young man's body.

This man was indeed killed by the middle-aged woman.

Tang Mo calmly said, "The woman disappeared into thin air. If she disappeared a bit earlier or we came later, this time it would be like an invisible person."

Fu Wenduo added, "Her ability should be related to that paper body. It shouldn't be related to her body disappearing, unless she used a prop."

Tang Mo nodded. "What does Tian Xuan know? Tian Xuan is a huge power in Beijing and has a huge information network. They might've found something." After a pause, Tang Mo looked at Fu Wenduo. "...They said I stole their prop?"

Fu Wenduo was about to open his mouth when his expression suddenly became cold. He waved his right hand and changed it to a sharp weapon. Bai Ruoyao was planning to come over and check the body. He stopped at Fu Wenduo's actions and raised his hands in an innocent manner. "Wow, Mr. Fu, I am Tang Tang's friend. I also know this child."

Tang Mo declared coldly, "I don't know him."

Fu Wensheng also hurriedly denied it. "I don't know this psychopath."

Bai Ruoyao smiled. "You are calling me a psychopath. Little friend, didn't you also say that you didn't know this big brother?"

Fu Wensheng shuddered at the laugh and shrank into Tang Mo's side. He apparently had a psychological shadow regarding Bai Ruoyao.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo didn't seem to take Bai Ruoyao seriously but in fact, they were always wary of him. As long as he approached, the two of them wouldn't hesitate to shoot. Bai Ruoyao lingered for a long time but the two men wouldn't let him near. Five minutes later, he placed his hands on his hips and spoke in a disgruntled manner., "What if I said that I know about the invisible people?"

Tang Mo didn't look at him while Fu Wensheng whispered, "We can't believe any of your words."

Bai Ruoyao who had very good hearing, "..."

The next moment, the baby-faced youth slightly smiled and spoke carelessly, "The time leaderboard, killing a person can give 10 minutes of rest time. There are never ending black tower games. Oh yes, the number one player on the time leaderboard... wow, they are ranked first. Tang Tang, do you know that person's name?"

Tang Mo had been looking at Bai Ruoyao warily as soon as he said 'time leaderboard.'

Bai Ruoyao smiled at him and Fu Wensheng. "She is called Mu Huixue."