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 Two days later, the Tang Mo trio found a foothold and continued to observe the black tower.

They didn't go out for the past few days as they hid in a safe place to watch the black tower. After the sharp decrease to 19 million on the first day, the number on the black tower started to steadily decline. Once the number fell to 13 million, the population decline stabilized.

On the third day, the number stabilized at 11 million and barely changed.

In these three days, some players already returned to Earth. Tang Mo was hiding in a residential building. He looked down from the second floor window and saw a young man covered in blood falling out of the air. The man grunted painfully but didn't have time to check his injuries as he struggled to get up and run. His figure disappeared into the opposite building, apparently finding a safe place to heal slowly.

Players who passed through the tower attack game appeared one after another. Some of them were seriously injured and some were unscathed. Without exception, as soon as they appeared on Earth, their eyes sharpened and they glanced around. They seemed different from before. The players who came out of the tower attack game were more cautious and alert to the movements around them.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo spent five days in this uninhabited house.

This was a forced black tower attack game and they didn't need to attack the tower. However, the black tower's change made them watch for a while to decide what to do next. For five days, only players who successfully attacked the tower walked in front of them. No one else appeared.

Fu Wensheng filled a lot of mineral water bottles and Fu Wenduo placed them in the chicken nest.

Coincidentally, Tang Mo found that he could drink Fu Wensheng's mineral water.

The mineral water in the Nongfu bottles were cold. It didn't taste like water but it made people feel refreshed after drinking it. When they were still at the base of the Nanjing Group, no one drank this water. Tang Mo took another sip and thought about it. "It feels like my strength as well as my eyesight have improved."

All three of them drank half a bottle of water.

Fu Wenduo tested it. "Drinking a sip of water and drinking a bottle of water is the same. It probably improves physical fitness for one hour. The increase in power is approximately 20%." The wall had a fist-shaped hole in it from when Fu Wenduo had punched it as an experiment. "There is a 10% increase in speed and my vision and reaction rate have also improved."

Tang Mo threw the empty bottle into the trash. "Xiaosheng, previously I looked at your ability and it said there was only a healing effect." Tang Mo had a sudden thought. "Did you ability level up?"

Fu Wensheng scratched his head. "I don't know."

"I'll take a look."

Tang Mo held the child's hand again to detect his ability.

[Ability: Aristocratic 100 year Baisui Mountain Water]

[Owner: Fu Wensheng]


[Level: 4]


Sure enough, it upgraded!

This was a rare piece of good news.

Since the beginning, Tang Mo had guessed that a player's ability could be upgraded. Otherwise, there would be no 'ability level' in the description. However, once the abilities book collected an ability, it could no longer update and everything would remain the same. Thus, Tang Mo couldn't know the level of the ability from the abilities book.

Tang Mo glanced at Fu Wenduo. He wanted to know the current state of Fu Wenduo's ability. Tang Mo only glanced over for a moment before looking away. He could only test other people's abilities once every three days. He wouldn't be able to see Fu Wenduo's ability for the next three days.

"You can check my ability in three days."

Tang Mo was startled and looked back at Fu Wenduo.

Fu Wenduo's lips slowly curved. "Perhaps my ability leveled up as well? Confirming both sides will allow us to come to a better conclusion.

Tang Mo stared at him before smiling and nodding. His mouth was open and he hadn't spoken yet when his expression suddenly changed. Fu Wenduo's eyes narrowed and he turned to look behind him. At almost the same time, a black shadow broken through the window in answer. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo unconsciously squinted as sunlight reflected off the broken glass on the ground. The next moment, the black shadow was standing next to Fu Wensheng who hadn't reacted.

"Leader! I got him!"

Their eyes hadn't fully opened when Fu Wenduo shot forward like a rocket. His right arm turned into a black weapon when rushing forward and the horrible blade cut at the other person's right leg, revealing white bone. The man grabbed Fu Wensheng and threw the child out the window. He made a pained sound as Fu Wenduo's weapons scratched him and flew away, hitting the wall.

Everything happened in only three seconds.

This was the time that the person flew into the room, grabbed Fu Wensheng and threw Fu Wensheng out the window. Things developed so quickly that Fu Wenduo couldn't save Fu Wensheng. They could only watch him be taken away. He and Tang Mo looked at each other and nodded. Fu Wenduo quickly rushed towards the man who fell in the house while Tang Mo flew out the window to chase after Fu Wensheng.

The moment that Tang Mo's body left the window, an emotionless voice said coldly,

"You're in the air now."

Tang Mo was shocked. He hadn't landed when a heavy gravity pressed down on his shoulder, forcing him into the ground. Tang Mo was knocked against cement ground and looked up. Lian Yuzheng attacked from his left while Ruan Wangshu attacked from his right. In front of him, the female doctor held Fu Wensheng's arm and smiled at Tang Mo. "Are you ready?"

She didn't give Tang Mo time to prepare as she directly pulled out a knife and stabbed her right hand.

The knife pierced the female doctor's palm and dyed her white coat red. She didn't seem to feel any pain while Tang Mo's right hand was numb. Tang Mo bent over to escape Lian Yuzheng's strike while Ruan Wangshu attacked the next second. The former constantly attacked Tang Mo's lower body, making him have to leave the ground. As soon as he left the ground, Ruan Wangshu would use his gravity ability to suppress Tang Mo.

Meanwhile, the female doctor would harm herself with the knife.

There wasn't a drop of blood on Tang Mo but he had already been stabbed four times. Tang Mo's fingers trembled as he struggled hard to fight back. Fu Wenduo and Qi Heng's fight was still continuing. Lian Yuzheng caught Tang Mo's mistake. Her left foot pushed against the ground while her right leg moved in a circular arc in the air, aiming for Tang Mo's head.

Tang Mo was about to avoid it when the female doctor stabbed her right leg without hesitation. Tang Mo stumbled and failed to escape. Lian Yuzheng was about to hit him with her leg when a harsh gunshot was heard. For a moment, all of Tang Mo's pain disappeared and he quickly dodged the blow.

On other other side, the female doctor had a terrible wound from where she was shot with a bullet. She turned and looked at the little boy she was holding with horror.

Fu Wensheng pouted as he held a gun and fired without blinking.

Li Miaomiao muttered, "You..."

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Fu Wensheng almost didn't need to aim for the three consecutive shots. He just fired at Li Miaomiao's eyebrows. The moment his bullets ejected, fire burned and the bullet swept through the flames towards Li Miaomiao. Li Miaomiao could only keep dodging. She wanted to fight back but the child could hide quickly because of his small body. She wanted to use her ability but Fu Wensheng's bullets never stopped interfering with her.

"Damn, this child! Once I catch you, I'm going to peel off your skin!"

Without Li Miaomiao's help, Tang Mo had it a lot easier. Still, it was difficult to handle both Lian Yuzheng and Ruan Wangshu. He used his fire ability to block the others' deadly attacks again and again. Suddenly Tang Mo remembered that Ruan Wangshu's right leg seemed a bit awkward when they faced each other last time.

His right leg should be seriously injured!

Tang Mo didn't hesitate to aim the small parasol at Ruan Wangshu's right leg.

There was a banging sound and Ruan Wangshu was struck in one knee by the parasol. Lian Yuzheng came to save him and Tang Mo opened the small parasol to block her. The two sides struggled hard, both of them gaining injuries. Tang Mo quickly pulled out a gun and aimed it at Ruan Wangshu's head.

Ruan Wangshu could definitely avoid an ordinary bullet and Lian Yuzheng didn't take it seriously.

Tang Mo opened his mouth to say a spell. At this time, a soft laugh was heard from the community's garden and at the same time, a black shadow flew towards Tang Mo's hand holding the gun. Tang Mo quickly dodged and found that it was an ordinary pebble.

"If I was you, I wouldn't let him fire this shot." Ruan Wangshu turned to look behind him. Strange laughter was heard from the thick bushes. This man's laughter was so bizarre that Lian Yuzheng frowned when she heard it. "If he shoots this, you will die. It is a great prop... hehe, or is it an ability?"

Tang Mo's body stiffened when he heard this laugh.

...A baby-faced person popped into his mind.

An unknown premonition filled Tang Mo's heart. At the same time, Fu Wenduo kicked Qi Heng out the window, Qi Heng falling from the second floor. Fu Wenduo watched him go while Qi Heng's body was full of injuries. He didn't feel any pain after falling. He just looked at his boss and teammates.

Then Qi Heng made a confused sound as he saw a strange baby-faced youth.

In the bright sunlight, the baby-faced youth wearing a white jacket emerged from the bushes with his hands in his pocket. As he walked, his eyes were fixed on Tang Mo. He arrived at the square in the middle of the community and stood in the shade of a tree. "Someone imitated my face, someone imitated my smile but he wasn't me..."

Bai Ruoyao winked. "Tang Tang, I heard one thing. There was a person called Mr. B... his voice and personality seemed similar to me. That Mr. B did many bad things. People said I did it and beat me up."

As he spoke, Bai Ruoyao deliberately pulled his right hand out of his pocket. He twisted his wrist, seemingly relaxed while sharp eyes swept over Fu Wenduo, Ruan Wangshu and the others before finally returning to Tang Mo.

"Hey Tang Tang, tell me... who did this bad thing?"

The author has something to say:

She Huiyao: Hey, someone imitated my face, someone imitated my smile but they aren't me! I am cute and lucky!

Old Fu: Who are you calling Tang Tang? [Cold smile.]

Tang Tang: Can you make this person get lost?

Old Niao and Wang Yinggui: ...Who beat you up!!