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 A minute ago, Tang Mo said that the black rabbit was a black tower boss because he didn't know the rules of the game. The Russian black rabbit doll was more familiar with the truth clock than Tang Mo. It knew how to start the game and how to enter it smoothly.

The entry password given by the black tower was: he is a human player.

After thinking about it, Tang Mo could only give a similar answer to the logic of the black rabbit: it is a black tower boss.

Obviously, this wasn't the truth.

He just needed to give a truth and he would enter the truth clock game.

Truth was the key to entering the game.

Tang Mo roughly twisted his clothes and stared coldly at the black tower on the other end of the clock. His gaze was drawn from the round head of the black rabbit to the bottom of its clumsy cylinder. He looked calm like he was thinking of something. He watched for a while before smiling, releasing his clothes as he sat on the floor.

Tang Mo's smooth entry into the game made the black rabbit angry. He didn't want this human to enter the game. It would've been best if the human had directly died at the beginning. The black rabbit was stunned and then angry when Tang Mo suddenly sat on the ground. "You stinking human, don't think you can win just because you entered the game. I have eaten countless of your kind on the truth clock."

Tang Mo looked at it quietly without opening his mouth.

"A self-righteous human like you can never survive three rounds on the truth clock."

Tang Mo still didn't talk.

The black rabbit, "..."

The black rabbit was furious. "Human, what the hell are you looking at?"

"You really can't leave?"

The black rabbit was startled. Just now, this human already knew that the rabbit was trapped on the truth clock and couldn't move one step. So why was he asking this question again? The black rabbit's expression changed and it showed a sinister smile. "I can't go out or eat you..."

"You must be angry because you are envious of me. I can sit while you can only stand."

The black rabbit stopped speaking and stared blankly at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo looked up and smiled slightly. "It's not a big deal. I'm just pleased to see you angry."

The black rabbit stared at him. Then after a full 10 seconds, it flew into a rage. "Human!!"

The black rabbit jumped up angrily and slammed violently into the ground, causing the earth to shake constantly. Tang Mo's body was forced to rise and fall but he didn't show a single trace of worry. He smiled as his eyes stared intensely at the black rabbit doll in front of him. His smile became deeper as he saw the opponent's irritated and insane performance.

Yes, after understanding the game, Tang Mo's first strategy was to anger the black rabbit.

In the process of conversing with this black rabbit, Tang Mo discovered that it was very grumpy. It kept talking about eating him and would jump up and down when angry. If the truth clock hadn't blocked access, Tang Mo did not doubt that the other side would directly rush over to eat him.

However, this was the truth clock game.

Every 10 minutes, 2~58 items would appear on the truth clock. These items could be divided into groups of two and each group must have a truth separate from the other groups. Players needed to find items with independent truths and eliminate them.

This was a game that required rational analysis. To put it bluntly, it was the truth clock version of the pattern matching game. Violence did not affect the result of the game. Tang Mo couldn't kill the black rabbit and the black rabbit couldn't kill Tang Mo. The only thing they could do was individually crack the truths, eliminate objects and advance in the squares.

"The player who is caught will fall into the black hole of truth..." Tang Mo muttered and raised his head to find that the black rabbit was no longer so angry. It stared at Tang Mo with red eyes, its thoughts unknown. Tang Mo thought for a moment before shouting, "Don't you want to eat me?"

The black rabbit's red eyes were angry again. However, it just sneered. "Human, I know what you are thinking."

Tang Mo asked calmly, "Then what am I thinking?"

The black rabbit just casually retorted and hadn't expected Tang Mo to actually ask.

Tang Mo waited a few seconds but the black rabbit didn't speak again. Tang Mo's lips curved and he answered. "I was thinking, your nose is a bit big."

The black rabbit, "..."

The black rabbit slammed into the ground but it wasn't as angry as before.

One person and one rabbit faced each other. Tang Mo looked down at the blue clock under his feet but the black rabbit's gaze was always on Tang Mo. 10 minutes passed and then there was a sharp sound. Tang Mo squinted and saw six beams of blue light flashing in the centre of the truth clock.

The light became brighter and brighter until Tang Mo and the black rabbit couldn't open their eyes. The lights dimmed and Tang Mo saw six objects. He was shocked after he saw them clearly.

Meanwhile, the mechanical voice filled the black space.

"The time is 0:10. Location: the truth clock. Six objects rich in truth have appeared."

"After one minute, players 0 and 6 please eliminate the truths."

These words fell and a loud sound was heard at Tang Mo's feet. He looked down and saw that the second hand suddenly started to move. The second hand moved in a clockwise direction. Every time it moved, the six items on the truth clock trembled.

Tang Mo was startled. It had already started!

There was no time to hesitate. Tang Mo quickly turned to look at the six items on the clock.

On the huge clock that was shining blue, six seemingly ordinary things were placed firmly in the centre. From left to right, it was a TV set, an old-fashioned desk lamp, a table, an owl, a longbow and... a bowl of half-eaten soup.

Tang Mo looked at the TV set and lamp and had a vague answer in his heart. He also guessed something when looking at the table and longbow. Finally, his eyes fell on the bowl of soup and the owl.

Tang Mo looked at the owl and the owl looked back at Tang Mo.

The two looked at each other until the owl slowly tilted its head. "Hoo."

Tang Mo, "..."

What truth could exist between a bowl of soup and an owl?

The second hand at Tang Mo's feet ticked away. 30 seconds had passed. Tang Mo's eyes continued to linger between the owl and the soup. The owl was a very ordinary owl. The bowl of soup was too far away so Tang Mo couldn't smell it, taste it or see what was inside.

Tang Mo stared for a while before suddenly looking up at the black rabbit opposite him.

The black rabbit was also staring blankly at the bowl of soup and the owl. It noticed Tang Mo's eyes and a glimmer of panic flashed on its face. It exclaimed, "Human, what are you looking at?"

Tang Mo licked his lips.

Once the time actually arrived, the black rabbit was no longer so stupid and it didn't make a mistake.

One minute was too short. Once the second hand pointed to the 0 o'clock position, a blue transparent wall appeared in the air. It slammed into the centre of the truth clock, just above the owl's head. The owl didn't react at all. It just stared at Tang Mo before twisting its head to look at the black rabbit.

"Player 6 o'clock, please eliminate the truths."

Tang Mo looked through the blue wall and saw that the black rabbit was opening its big mouth to say something. But Tang Mo couldn't hear anything. This wall insulated the sound of both sides to prevent cheating.

Tang Mo spoke in a calm voice, "The TV and old-fashioned lamps are electrical appliances. The single truth between them is that they are created by humans and must use electricity to function."

A blue light flashed around the TV and lamp.

Tang Mo continued. "The truth between the table and the longbow is that they are made by humans, are available to be used and are wood products."

The table and the longbow glowed blue.

At last, Tang Mo looked at the bowl of soup and the owl. He took a deep breath before breathing out lightly. The next second, Tang Mo calmly said, "The single truth between the bowl of soup and this own is... this is a bowl of broth. There is meat on the owl and there is meat in the soup. The television, lamp, table and longbow, none of these four items have meat. Meant is only found in this bowl of thick soup and the owl."

Tang Mo stared at the owl and soup while talking. Slowly, a blue light shone on these two objects. The owl found that it was flashing blue and let out a scream, but it was trapped in an invisible cage and couldn't fly out.

The blue wall gradually faded away and all six objects disappeared from the truth clock.

The second hand stopped moving and the massive hour hand under Tang Mo's foot slid clockwise to the left. At the same time, the minute hand under the black rabbit's feet also moved counterclockwise.

Both of them looked at this scene with amazement.

Initially, Tang Mo and the black rabbit were separated by 30 squares. Now the two of them had moved clockwise and counterclockwise, each sliding one square. The minute and hour hands under their feet suddenly had a distance of 28 squares.

"Players 0 and 6, please go to the right square according to the hour and minute hand direction.

Tang Mo walked into the position indicated by the hour hand. He stared at the floor, his brain working quickly.

The truth between the TV and the lamp was undoubtedly correct. The truth between the table and the longbow was also simple and shouldn't be wrong. According to this, the only way he could make a mistake was with the owl and soup. Every successful elimination of a pair of items allowed the player to advance one space. If the truth used to eliminate the items was a fallacy, then they would move back one square.

Right now, he only moved one space, indicating there must be something wrong.

"The TV and lamp, the table and longbow, these two were correct, so I moved two squares forward. The truth between the owl and thick soup is wrong and I moved back one square. That's why I ended up only moving forward one square." Tang Mo secretly thought in his heart. However, the next second, he jerked his head and looked at the big rabbit.

He saw the black rabbit jumping to the new square, causing the ground to shake. It saw Tang Mo looking and showed a weird smile on its ugly face. It licked its sharp teeth and said, "Hey, I will eat you."

Tang Mo's eyes widened.

This was wrong!

The questions were so simple. Why did the black rabbit answer wrongly?

Tang Mo moved clockwise but the black rabbit moved counterclockwise. He smoothly stepped forward while the black rabbit stepped backwards. The situation might be that the black rabbit answered two truths incorrectly and one correctly, forcing it to take a step back. This allowed the distance between the two squares to shorten.

The table and longbow and the TV and lamp were so obvious. Perhaps the black rabbit gave the wrong answers because it wasn't familiar with human society?

An unknown feeling entered Tang Mo's heart and his fingers tightened. Then he heard the voice of the truth clock again. "Player 0 has triggered the level three grey fallacy and Player 6 has triggered the level four false truth."

"Player 0 had advanced one square and Player 6 has moved back one square."

"Opening Schrodinger's punishment box."

Tang Mo's eyes were cold as he heard the phrase 'moved back one square." He didn't have time to reflect on what went wrong as a knife shot out from behind his head.

Silver knives suddenly appeared in the air. They fired at Tang Mo from every direction and were very fast. This narrow space wasn't suitable for using the small parasol, so Tang Mo used his quick reaction rate to dodge constantly. On the other side, the black rabbit's punishment also arrived. A blazing fire instantly swallowed up the black rabbit, burning its wooden body. The black tower gave a terrible cry. The black tower was obviously punishing it but it shouted, "Ah, I want to eat this human." Then it rolled on the ground, trying to put out the fire.

On the truth clock, one tall and thin youth evaded the flying knives while one black rabbit doll rolled around in the fire.

Three minutes later, the fire went out and the flying knives no longer appeared.

Tang Mo's chest moved up and down as he gasped roughly. His forehead was covered with sweat and his whole body was taut from dodging the flying knives. Still, he didn't rest for a second as he immediately looked up at the black rabbit not far away. The fire blackened the black rabbit's body but it wasn't burnt up due to the unknown wood that it was made of.

The black rabbit rolled one more time to put out the fire before standing up. It looked at the silent Tang Mo and grinned. It deliberately looked at the gap between their squares and looked surprised. "Oh, why did I suddenly get so close?" There was a fake smile on its face as the black rabbit laughed hoarsely. "Hehehe... I said that I would eat you."

At this moment, between Tang Mo and the black rabbit, there were only 28 squares left.