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 Tang Mo clung tightly to the big earthworm's body.

The two earthworms dug at a very fast speed and the soil was continuously thrown to both sides behind them. Tang Mo could only lower his head. The thick and moist soil his hair and clothes, as if he had been washing with dirt. Tang Mo grabbed onto the earthworm in order to not be thrown away by them.

There was the sound of digging behind him.

Dozens of black bugs were chasing but they weren't as fast as the earthworms. Tang Mo saw that the distance between the two sides were become further when he heard dozens of sounds of spitting. He understood what it was and became horrified. He placed his body on the earthworm's back, minimizing the area of his exposure to the air.

Dozens of black venom was spat out in unison and the two earthworms hissed with horror.

They seemed to be able to see the location of the venom and twisted their bodies to avoid it. However, some of the venom splashed on them. The large earthworms made pained sounds and sped up their digging speed. The bugs kept trying to spit venom but the earthworms were moving further and further away.

After half an hour, the bugs were completely thrown off.

Tang Mo listened carefully to make sure that the bugs weren't catching up. He thought the two big earthworms would stop here but they were still digging. Two large earthworms hissed while burying their heads in the earth.

"Hiss, so terrible, terrible."

"Hiss, the venom of the bugs hurt..."

Tang Mo couldn't understand them. He waited for five minutes but the two big earthworms didn't stop. His expression slowly sunk. He sensed that the earthworms were digging deeper into the ground. The deeper they went, the thinner the air became for Tang Mo. He was having difficulty breathing right now. If they went deeper, he might not be able to breathe.

Tang Mo looked around warily, looking for a chance to leave the two big earthworms. However, they seemed to hear the words in his heart as the big earthworms suddenly stopped and looked back at him strangely. The two earthworms communicated for a while before turning back and continuing to dig up again.

Tang Mo's hand was already on the small parasol and he stopped when he saw this, temporarily pausing his movements.

A minute later, they were above the ground.

It was still the Spirit Prairie. Tang Mo descended from the back of the big earthworm and stepped on the blackened soil. Two large earthworms buried half their bodies in the ground, showing only their ugly heads. Their big heads leaned against each other, looking like they were showing love from a certain angle. The sun shone on their heads, reflecting a faint pink glow.

Tang Mo's eyes narrowed as he looked at the pink halo around the big heads.

"Hiss, he's looking at me."

"He is looking at me, me!"

"He is obviously watching me!"

Tang Mo gazed at the pink glow and had a faint guess in his heart.

At first, Tang Mo hadn't seen it when the two earthworms grabbed him and ran away. Everything happened too suddenly and Tang Mo had no time to react. He was dragged off and escaped from the bugs. In the process of escaping, he heard the familiar hisses and touched the sticky skin. He realized that there were two big earthworms.

Tang Mo had saved a big earthworm not long ago. The first time was during the Kill Bill instance. An ugly big earthworm was caught by the circus leader and Tang Mo let it go. The second time was the Strange Circus' Surprise Night where the large earthworm was once again captured by the circus. The circle leader wanted to dissect it on the spot. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo joined hands and rescued it again. That time, Tang Mo got a reward.

"The earthworm's...goodwill."

Tang Mo carefully reached out and touched the big earthworm. He hand hadn't yet touched the head when the other earthworm arched up and rubbed against his hand with delight. The other earthworm wasn't to be outdone and came up to compete over him. The two large earthworms gradually forgot Tang Mo's existence and started to compete over who had the bigger head arch.

Tang Mo came to a conclusion. "It seems that this is the earthworm's goodwill."

In the strange circus instance, Tang Mo hadn't understood the role of the 'earthworm's goodwill' reward. The two cockroaches in him obviously weren't the one he saved. These cockroaches were huge in size but they were completely like a child.

Tang Mo thought in his heart, 'The earthworm's goodwill, this should be the pink halo over their heads. As long as it is the big earthworms, I will leave a good impression on them...' In addition to Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo also won the earthworm's goodwill reward. 'This reward looks like trash but it can play a vital role in a suitable instance.'

For example, this time Tang Mo was saved by the two big earthworms. Without them, Tang Mo would've had to use the A Fast Man ability to escape. He would have to use it for at least 10 seconds to escape the bugs, which was a loss of 20 minutes of life.

The bugs was lost and there was no progress on the mission.

Tang Mo thought for a moment and decided to continue in the direction of the sun to see if he could find any clues. He had just taken a step when his clothes were pulled by something. Tang Mo looked back and saw that a large earthworm was biting his sleeves, refusing to let go. Then the other big earthworm also bit his sleeves.

"Come home with us."

"Yes, I will take him home!"

Tang Mo tried to pull his clothes out of the mouths of the big earthworm but they kept biting. Tang Mo's clothes were torn and then they wrapped themselves around his arm. Tang Mo tried several times but couldn't shake them off. He thought for a moment before deciding to follow the big earthworm.

It was clear that the earthworms wouldn't harm him because of the good will and they would protect him. In this strange place, the game mission hadn't yet triggered so he wouldn't suffer if he followed the two earthworms.

One man and two earthworms moved on the Spirit Prairie. However, they were moving too slowly. The two big earthworms followed Tang Mo and would occasionally stop to lick his face. Tang Mo was tempted to use his small parasol several times to push their sticky heads away. Luckily, he held back.

After half an hour, Tang Mo suddenly stopped walking. The two earthworms stared at him blankly and Tang Mo smiled. He leaned down and put his ears to the ground. A minute later, a violent tremor was transmitted. The earth shook, just like when hundreds of black tower monsters ran away from the fire burning the prairie.

The two big earthworms discovered the situation at this time. They retreated into the ground and tried to escape. After running away for a while, they remembered Tang Mo and quickly came back to find him. They left for a while and when they came back, Tang Mo was gone.



The large earthworms stared at the empty prairie in a daze. A moment later, the earthworms started crying. They buried themselves into the earth as they cried and disappeared from the prairie. At the same time, Tang Mo was hidden behind a dead tree not far away.

30 seconds later, there was a cloud of dust on the horizon.

On the wide prairie, hundreds of monsters were rushing. Some monsters turned halfway while running and headed towards another direction. More monsters continued to run forward, causing the earth to shake. Tang Mo stared intently at the monsters, his eyes sweeping over their faces.

A minute ago, a clear voice was heard in Tang Mo's head.

"Ding dong! Triggered side mission one: find the cute Mr. Rabbit and grab its tail."

Once he heard this voice, Tang Mo gave up on the idea of fleeing with the big earthworms. He didn't know where Mr. Rabbit was but he knew that Mr. Rabbit would never live with the big earthworms. The earthworms liked damp places while rabbits preferred dry environments. Most likely, Mr. Rabbit was among the black tower monsters on the prairie.

Tang Mo held his breath as much as possible as he lowered his sense of existence and hid behind the charred tree.

The closer the monsters ran, the tighter Tang Mo's hands became on the small parasol. His eyes were open to the limit as he stared at every black tower monster. Suddenly, he stared at a small figure.

He saw that in the middle of the black tower monsters, there was a small white rabbit wearing fine clothes and running quickly. The rabbit was only half the height of a human and had a small metal ring in his ear. He followed the big forces. Just as he was about to near the tree where Tang Mo was hiding, Mr. Rabbit turned sharply and ran in another direction.

Tang Mo was stunned and he gripped the small parasol more tightly. He watched as Mr. Rabbit moved away from the big army and ran to a small hill. At this time, the monster group had already run past the tree where Tang Mo was hiding. None of them discovered Tang Mo's presence.

Tang Mo counted the time in his mind.

One second, two seconds, three seconds... in his field of view, the white rabbit became smaller and was about to disappear behind the hill. Tang Mo whispered, "No Way," and then rushed out from behind the tree. The black figure was like a lightning bolt as Tang Mo rushed away from the monster group at the fastest speed towards Mr. Rabbit.

He was extremely fast so the black tower monsters didn't react at all when he rushed out. Two seconds passed before a rough voice asked, "Is that an underground person?"

"Grab the underground person!"

Tang Mo didn't look back as he headed towards the white rabbit.

The white rabbit head the sound and turned his head with a strange look. Once he saw the underground person madly running towards himself, Mr. Rabbit's ears pricked with fright and ran away on all fours.

Mr. Rabbit ran in front, Tang Mo chased behind him and nearly hundreds of black tower monsters were behind him.

Once Mr. Rabbit reached the hill, his hind legs moved quickly and he whizzed into a small hole. Tang Mo's eyes widened with astonishment and he had no time to hesitate. Tang Mo raised the small parasol and quickly read the spell. He swung it at the fastest speed, planning to make this small rabbit hole bigger.

Tang Mo was able to completely enter the rabbit hole and a last ray of light came from behind him, illuminating the white rabbit running in front. Tang Mo reacted very quickly. He saw an opportunity and stretched out his white hand with cold eyes. A rubber rope shot out and tied around the small rabbit. Tang Mo pulled the rubber rope, causing the rabbit to fly back.

"Jiji!" The rabbit screamed with fear. He wanted to untie the rope wrapped around his tail but couldn't untie it. Mr. Rabbit could only watch helplessly as he was pulled back by Tang Mo.

Tang Mo seemed like a bully as he pulled Mr. Rabbit over. He ignored Mr. Rabbit's resentful eyes and grabbed his tail with a blank face. Once he tugged on the round rabbit tail, Tang Mo found that there was nothing under his foot. The sense of falling struck him as he suddenly fell down.

Everything that happened caught him off guard.

Tang Mo looked around with a startled expression and the timing of the rubber rope was over, allowing Mr. Rabbit to use the opportunity to shake off Tang Mo. Tang Mo was shocked to see the rabbit wearing fine clothes running in the air. It ran a certain distance before taking out a pocket watch and opened it to see the time.

The rabbit in fine clothing, the pocket watch, the falling down a hole...

Tang Mo's mind thought of a name. "Alice in Wonderland?"

Mr. Rabbit didn't give him an answer. Once he saw the time, he turned and stared angrily at TanG Mo. "Jiji!" Then he moved his four legs and ran far away.

Tang Mo tried his best to catch the rabbit but it was useless. His body fell wildly down this bottomless hole. Tang Mo calmed down and tried to find a place to grab onto.

Then a loud, childish voice sounded in his mind. Side mission one: find the cute Mr. Rabbit and grab its tail has been completed."

Once this sentence finished, Tang Mo landed heavily on the ground. He might have high physical fitness but he had fallen through the air for so long, causing him to feel a terrible pain after landing. Tang Mo groaned, gritted his teeth and raised himself with one hand. He didn't relax and watched the surrounding environment carefully.

It was a dark place but it didn't seem to be a cave. Everything around him was empty, the only luminous object was under Tang Mo's feet... this clock. Yes, Tang Mo was standing on a huge blue clock. At this moment, he was standing on the number 6. He looked up to the side.

There were the luminescent numbers 5, 4, 3... and 1...

Tang Mo raised his head and suddenly something standing opposite him. He was shocked and took half a step back, his right hand pressed against his small parasol, ready to attack. Tang Mo felt his back hit an invisible wall but he didn't speak. He just started at the thing that suddenly appeared in front of him.

...He hadn't been aware of the other's presence until now!

A huge white shadow moved out of the darkness next to the huge clock, exuding a faint blue light. It was two metres high and its body was bulky as it steadily moved to the number '12.' Its body swayed slightly as it stepped on the number '12', facing Tang Mo.

Silence filled the air. Tang Mo stared coldly at it while the other party looked back at him with no good intentions.

The eyes of the huge Russian matryoshka doll swept over Tang Mo's body. Then it smiled insidiously and a hoarse male voice rang out.

"Hehehe, welcome to Mr. Rabbit's Truth Clock!"

The author has something to say:

Tang Tang: I feel like I always have a strange identity. For example, Little Red Riding Hood and Alice. I remember that I am a man [Cold face].

Old Fu: Well, you are a man who says 'magic girl transformation.' [Laughs]