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 They certainly weren't opponents for Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, otherwise they wouldn't keep reversing time to kill them.

They just needed to protect the companion who could use the ability and the other three people were likely to survive. At this time, the middle-aged man set up a play. Of these four people, the middle-aged man and the man with the knife were clearly the main attackers. The other two people had weaker physiques and were the support. Once things were revealed, the middle-aged man yelled, "Old Jiu, run!"

Old Jiu hurriedly ran away but he wasn't the stowaway with the ability to reverse time. The real person stayed behind with the middle-aged man to delay Fu Wenduo.

This trick worked on Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo.

The duo decided that Old Jiu was the player who could reverse time and chased him. At this time, the real owner of the ability turned and ran away. As long as he survived, he could reverse time and start again. He never expected that Tang Mo would use Mortal's Death when he was about to kill Old Jiu.

[Ability: Mortal's Death]

[Owner: Bai Ruoyao (Official Player)]


[Function: Both eyes can see the darkness of death wrapped around others...]

Once Tang Mo used this ability, he was shocked to find that Old Jiu's death aura was very weak. There were almost no traces! His big match was about to split Old Jiu's head and Old Jiu would surely die. The fact that he wasn't going to die meant one thing... the player who could reverse time wasn't Old Jiu.

Tang Mo hurriedly used the A Fast Man ability to find the fleeing player.

"You died with regrets." Tang Mo looked at the cold body of the stowaway and sighed.

Tang Mo used the A Fast Man's ability for one second and consumed two minutes of life. Since he gained this ability, Tang Mo only used it twice. This was the second time. If Tang Mo was given another chance, he might not make the same choice again. The four players had been hiding in the bungalow this time, not planning an ambush. They had obviously been shaken and hadn't intended to attack Tang Mo. They just wanted to live but Tang Mo found the clues he had left behind and caught them.

Tang Mo didn't think much as he checked the bodies.

The four stowaways didn't have anything extra on them. There was just a long black knife, a gun and some small flying knives. Tang Mo gave these things to Fu Wensheng and the child carefully collected them. Fu Wenduo was searching through the clothes of the middle-aged man when he suddenly stopped and took something out of the pocket.


Tang Mo and Fu Wensheng immediately walked over.

Fu Wenduo handed the white paper to them. The two of them examined it and Fu Wensheng asked strangely, "What is this? Why is 'bread' written on a blank sheet of paper? Does he want to eat bread?"

Fu Wenduo said, "This paper was taken from his trouser pocket and should be useful."

The trio pondered on it for a while but couldn't figure out why a powerful stowaway had a sheet of paper in his pocket with 'bread' written on it. Tang Mo looked at the piece of paper and tried to find some clues. At this moment, there was an exclamation from behind him. "Hey, what is this?"

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo quickly turned their heads to look.

They saw that Fu Wensheng had turned the middle-aged man onto his back when they weren't paying attention. The middle-aged man's back was pointing up and Fu Wensheng was looking at the back of his neck with astonishment. Tang Mo saw this and hurried over. He approached and saw the mark on the back of the strong man's neck. Tang Mo was surprised. "... An X?"

A red 'X' mark was engraved on the back of the middle-aged man's neck.

Tang Mo looked at the strange mark and a thought flashed in his mind. He quickly said, "Look at the other three people. They might also have this mark on their body."


TTang Mo and Fu Wensheng immediately took off the clothes of the other three stowaways. Sure enough, the same red X mark was engraved on the abdomen, back, and thighs of the three people. There were traces of it being cut with a knife. It had already scarred, the two lines intersecting on the yellowed skin.

Tang Mo looked seriously at the marks on these four people and started to have a foreboding feeling. "These four people waited here for an ambush. They might simply by ambushing players passing by or they are waiting specifically for us. This X, there must be something special..."

"It isn't an X."

Tang Mo looked at Fu Wenduo.

Fu Wenduo was looking at the mark on the neck of the middle-aged man with cold eyes. He reached out and pressed the mark, drawing along the scar. The order in which he drew the scar wasn't the same as a normal person writing 'X'. He first wrote a '7' along the longest scar and then drew a short horizontal line in the middle of the '7.'

Tang Mo looked at him writing this and was shocked, "Is it a 7?"

It wasn't an X, it was a 7 with a line!

Writing the number 7 first and then drawing a bar in the middle. If it was turned diagonally, it really did look like a handwritten X.

Fu Wenduo's eyes narrowed.

Tang Mo instantly remembered a name. He hadn't said the name when he heard Fu Wenduo say coldly, "...It is Tian Xuan."

Beijing's most powerful stowaways organization was called Tian Xuan. Three months ago, Tang Mo met Fu Wenduo for the first time. He asked about the situation in Beijing and Fu Wenduo only told him a name.

Tian Xuan.

Beijing wasn't like Nanjing, where the powerful organization managed the entire city. There were many organizations in Beijing, including official players, reserves and stowaways. One of the most powerful organizations was called Tian Xuan.

Fu Wenduo grabbed a pen and drew the logo of the Tian Xuan organization on the whiteboard of the gas station. "When I left Beijing four months ago, I met Ruan Wangshu and Qi Heng once." He added, "Ruan Wangshu is the leader of Tian Xuan and Qi Heng is a stowaway. The two of them were strong. When the organization was first established, there were only seven people and the seven of them carved this mark on their body."

A number 7, plus a horizontal bar.

Tang Mo calmly asked, "Is it a coincidence? This is Beijing's Seventh Ring Road, very far from the Chaoyang District. As you said, the Tian Xuan's base is in Chaoyang. There is four months of development so their organization shouldn't grow. It should include official players and reserves, not just stowaways. If these players really wanted to ambush us, how did they know we were going to Beijing today and also our route?"

Fu Wenduo tapped gently on the whiteboard.

Tang Mo quietly looked at him. Fu Wensheng didn't dare speak as he watched the two adults carefully.

A few seconds passed before Fu Wenduo looked at Tang Mo, speaking in a cold voice, "Do you think... it is truly a coincidence?"

Tang Mo looked at him.

A moment later, he sighed and answered, "I don't think so."

There couldn't be so many coincidences in the world.

The Tian Xuan organization might've developed over the past four months but they couldn't spread everywhere in Beijing. The Seventh Ring Road was a long distance from the Chaoyang District. The four stowaways specifically ran here to ambush Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. The four of them were really great killers because they had the ability to reverse time.

"This ability can be used up to seven times a day. It is clear that they knew several of my abilities, plus I burned the shelf and gave a clue. They must've used the reverse time ability at least five times. In order to kill us, they worked hard and didn't hesitate to go back several times. If they were really just passing by, they would've given up when they didn't succeed the first time. Once there were two defeats, they should've known they kicked over the iron plate and not attacked again."

Fu Wenduo gazed at Tang Mo. "Thus, they deliberately waited here for an ambush."

Fu Wensheng asked, "Brother, did you start a feud with them when you were in Beijing? They used so much effort just to kill you?"


The answer was beyond Tang Mo and Fu Wensheng's expectations.

Tang Mo made a surprised face and his thoughts became more complicated. He asked, "You didn't start a feud with them but didn't you fight against their leader?"

Fu Wenduo explained, "It was more like a discussion. I am the first player to clear the black tower's first floor and the whole world knows that I am in China District 1, Beijing. Their organization is... crazy. They aren't like the Nanjing Group that wants to grow themselves and maintain the safety of Nanjing. They are different from Attack who want to improve their strength and attack the tower as soon as possible. They won't kill Beijing players but they will find powerful players. It is either join then or die."

Tang Mo asked, "So before you left Beijing, they found you and wanted you to join the organization?"

"I'm a stowaway."

Tang Mo was stunned and nodded. "Yes, you are a stowaway."

It was natural for a powerful stowaway to join a powerful stowaways organization.

However, it was impossible for Fu Wenduo to join them so there must've been a battle. The end result was that Fu Wenduo left Beijing in good condition while the Tian Xuan organization didn't suffer any losses.

Fu Wenduo said, "After that, I reached a consensus with Tian Xuan. We would avoid each other. We don't have a feud."

Fu Wensheng wondered, "Then why did they..."

Fu Wenduo asked, "Were they really here to kill me?"

This sentence caused Fu Wensheng and Tang Mo to feel stunned.

Fu Wenduo suddenly realized what the casual words that he spoke meant. His fingers gradually tightened as he gazed at Tang Mo. His mouth opened as he said, "They wanted to ambush you. After we separated, they went to attack you instead of me. They wanted to kill you. Tang Mo... why do they want to kill you?"

Tang Mo, why were they after him?

Tang Mo's lips tightened as his brain worked quickly. He didn't have any memories of when the time was reversed. However, with the last attack, Tang Mo clearly remembered that these people really wanted to kill him. If they wanted to kill Fu Wenduo, they should've attacked him after Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo separated. Attacking the lone Fu Wenduo and then Tang Mo, the result would be the same.

Thus, their goal must be Tang Mo.

There were countless possibilities in his mind and he even considered the possibility of his best friend being in the organization. In the end, Tang Mo gave a heavy sigh. He looked up at Fu Wenduo seriously, "Everything is based on one question. How does the Tian Xuan organization know where we are, how did they know we would be in Beijing and that we would pass by here today?"

Fu Wensheng thought, "Does someone in their organization have the ability to predict the future?"

Tang Mo asked, "Then why didn't they predict the four people who came here to attack would die?"

Fu Wensheng shut his mouth because he didn't have an explanation.

Perhaps the ability could only predict Tang Mo's location. But this was also unreasonable.

"They shouldn't know me. The name Tang Mo isn't famous. You are the first one to clear the black tower's first and second floors, not me." Tang Mo analyzed, "They only reason why Tian Xuan might know me is because I cleared the black tower's hard mode. However, at that time, my name was Momo not Tang Mo. They shouldn't know who I am and that I am with you."

Fu Wenduo stared solemnly at Tang Mo and Tang Mo looked back at him.

The eyes of the two men met and they understood each other's meaning before saying in unison-

"The black tower!"

Yes, only the black tower could know where Tang Mo was. Only the black tower could make a powerful organization kill a person without hesitation.

One day ago, Beijing's 80th ranked middle school.

An injured young woman carrying a weak and pale teenager stumbled through the school gates. As she entered the gate, a black figure flashed through the track and field area and arrived at the gate in the blink of an eye. It was a smiling young man. He was about to laugh as he saw the bloody woman when his eyes fell on the teenager she was carrying.

The man's eyes widened with horror. "What happened?" He ran up and quickly carried the teenager.

Lian Yuzheng wiped the blood from her mouth and sneered, "We cleared the black tower's second floor in hard mood. Fool, didn't you hear?"

"Enough to lose your limbs?"

Qi Heng carried Ruan Wangshu and ran to the school's infirmary as soon as possible. As soon as he entered, the female doctor inside looked at him with horror until falling on Ruan Wangshu on his back. "Oh my! His left hand and left leg is gone? His rhythm will be off. Where are his hands and feet? Come and see. Maybe I can make a specimen out of it and enjoy it everyday."

Qi Heng cried out angrily, "Stop joking around. He is dying, his heartbeat is almost gone!"

After hearing this, the woman's expression sank and she hurried over.

A minute later, Lian Yuzheng limped into the infirmary. She walked quietly while drinking a can of banana wine. Her face didn't improve but after a while, red blood stained her clothing. Qi Heng looked at this terrible sighe dna found, "Damn, what is the injury on your stomach?"

Qi Heng rushed over and directly ripped off Lian Yuzheng's clothes. The hottest female singer in China before the earth went online tried to block with her hands but she was too weak and couldn't move. She could only let her companion rip off her shirt, revealing the horrible wound on her abdomen.

There were a number of large wounds on her flat belly and her intestines were already half out. It was like she had been bitten by something and shoved half of her intestines back in. She had carried Ruan Wangshu all this way while her left hand covered her belly. Qi Heng hadn't expected to see such an injury. He was stunned for a long time before taking out two cans of banana wine from the cupboard and beginning the treatment.

"Idiot, it hurts."

"Shut up."

After busily working for one hour, Ruan Wangshu and Lian Yuzheng's wounds stabilized.

The female doctor wiped the sweat on her forehead. "It is estimated that it will take eight to ten days for the missing limbs to grow back. Our leader isn't Fu Wenduo who can grow it back immediately. A'Zheng should improve quickly and she should recover in almost five days. What exactly is the hard mode of the black tower's second floor? How did you and the leader become like this?"

Qi Heng alos looked curiously at Lian Yuzheng.

The pure and beautiful singer sneered coldly at them. "Three big moles. Killing them is clearing the hard mode. Escaping from them and taking away a turkey egg is the normal mode."

"A rat can make you and the leader like this?"

"What if every mole is stronger than Fu Wenduo?"

Qi Heng and the female doctor closed their mouths, no longer speaking.

Lian Yuzheng wanted to get up but she only moved a little bit before she hummed with pain. The female doctor said, "Don't move. Your wounds still aren't good. If this is what is required to clear the hard mode, how did Momo clear the hard mood on the first floor? You and the leader shouldn't move for now. Hide and don't let the black tower discover you. You almost died in there."


The female doctor replied, "Yes, the leader said that there was someone called Momo who cleared the black tower's first floor in hard mode. Isn't that why he wanted to clear the black tower's second floor in hard mode?"

Lian Yuzheng's expression suddenly became cold. "Momo, Tang Mo. Momo, Tang Mo..."

The female doctor asked, "Who is Tang Mo?"

Lian Yuzheng hit the infirmary bed and this bed was smashed by her, causing her to accidentally fall to the ground. The female doctor and Qi Heng were stunned by the scene before they burst out laughing.

Lian Yuzheng got up from the ground with no expression but her next words caused the female doctor and Qi Heng to stop laughing.

"After leaving the game, the black tower said that it would reward me and Leader for being the first to clear the black tower's second floor in hard mode. It is an extra reward." Lian Yuzheng covered her stomach with one hand while her mouth twitched, revealing a cruel smile. "But the next second, the black tower told us..."

"Ding dong! China District 1's official player Lian Yuzheng has successfully cleared the black tower's second floor (hard mode). As the first players in the world to clear the black tower's second floor (hard mode), the extra reward 'Turkey Egg'...

"Beep, data error!"

"Beep, data error!"


"Ding dong! The data has been restored. Turkey Egg Momo has been obtained by player T. The players Ruan Wangshu and Lian Yuzheng can choose to get a King's Gold Coin. Or..." After a bizarre silence, the child's voice seemed to fill with laughter as it said, "Or you can choose to get the coordinate information of player T. This information is valid for 10 days."

"Tip, the player T is in the range of China District 1."

"Tip: The Turkey Egg Momo is a reusable prop, the quality is rare."

"Ding dong! Players Ruan Wangshu and Lian Yuzheng, please make a choice."