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 Ruan Wangshu wasn't a famous name but Lian Yuzheng was one of the most popular female singers in China before the earth went online. She was also famous abroad.

A minute ago, Tang Mo had just guessed that the leader of the Tian Xuan organization was one of the two players who tried to clear the black tower's third floor. Then the black tower told them bluntly, 'Friends, you are thinking too much.'

Tang Mo contemplated it for a moment before looking at Fu Wensheng. "You didn't hear the black tower's announcement?"

Fu Wensheng nodded. "Yes, I didn't hear anything."

Tang Mo said, "Ruan Wangshu and Lian Yuzheng. These two people cleared the hard mode of the black tower's second floor. They should've teamed up and attacked the tower. The black tower informed us of this matter but you didn't hear it." Tang Mo took the stone and struck it gently on the ground. He narrowed his eyes. "Is it only players who cleared the second floor who can hear the news?"

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were second floor players. Fu Wensheng had only cleared the first floor. That was the only difference between them.

Three months ago, when Tang Mo cleared the black tower's first floor on hard mode, only Fu Wenduo heard the announcement while Luo Fengcheng and the others were completely ignorant. At that time, Fu Wenduo guessed that only players who passed the tower attack game could hear the news. Now Tang Mo concluded that the message about the hard mode clearance could only be heard by players who cleared the corresponding floor."

All three of them agreed with this view.

Since challenging the black tower's third floor had nothing to do with the mysterious and powerful Tian Xuan organization, the three of them didn't discuss this topic again.

Next, Fu Wenduo gave a detailed account of what happened in Beijing.

"Most players in Beijing are independent and hadn't established too many organizations. One of the most powerful organizations is the stowaways one called Tian Xuan. When I left Beijing four months ago, there were no official players who joined. All the members were stowaways." Fu Wenduo spoke in a low voice.

After listening to his words, Tang Mo thought, "Lian Yuzheng is an official player, not a stowaway."

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo looked at each other and understood their meaning.

Over the past four months, the organization had grown at an extremely rapid pace. Perhaps it was no longer a mere stowaways organization.

In the dark parking lot, the Tang Mo trio temporarily made a plan using the rough map of Beijing. They didn't intend to collide with the Tian Xuan organization. Beijing was very large and Fu Wenduo wanted to find black tower related clues within the country. Tang Mo wanted to find his friend.

After setting a plan for the next few days, the three of them took a break. The next morning, they drove away.

The black jeep drove quickly on the highway, moving north as the sky became darker. Once the trio was about to arrive in Beijing, dark black clouds covered the sky, almost obscuring it. After entering the Seventh Ring Road, the long-brewing heavy rain finally fell.

The rain slammed against the roof of the car, making banging noises.

Fu Wenduo turned on the wiper but the heavy rain poured down like a waterfall. The whole world was shrouded in thick rain and fog, the visibility limited to only 100 metres. Fu Wenduo turned the steering wheel to the left and drove into a local souvenirs supermarket.

Fu Wenduo asked, "Shall we first avoid the rain?"

It really wasn't suitable to drive into Beijing with the current weather conditions. Tang Mo nodded and said, "Yes, we'll wait for the rain to finish."

The trio stopped at the supermarket.

It was a local specialties supermarket but the food inside was stolen. There were scattered porcelain statues and jade objects that no one wanted on the empty counters. Food and water were what people needed more than these expensive luxuries.

They waited two hours and the rain gradually became lighter. Finally the rain stopped and the three of them resumed driving into Beijing.

They drove two blocks before Fu Wenduo drove into a gas station. Tang Mo got off the car while Fu Wenduo headed inside the gas station to look for patrol. He glanced at the abandoned newsstand across the road and saw a small row of bungalows next to the newsstand.

Tang Mo cried out, "I will go over there to see if there is food. We are running out of food and the newsstand might have a more detailed map of Beijing."

Fu Wenduo had already entered the gas station. When he heard this, he looked up and spoke through the glass. "Okay."

Fu Wensheng sat behind the driver's seat and watched Tang Mo cross the street to a small bungalow.

Tang Mo entered the house and looked around for a while. Sure enough, there were some biscuits and snacks in the storage box in the bedroom. It was likely that they now couldn't find food in small stores and supermarkets. Only residential areas had resources. Tang mo searched each room and eventually found a lot of break, biscuits and a piece of chocolate.

Tang Mo thought about it and put the chocolate into his pocket before walking out of the bungalow. He walked to the edge of the street and found that in the distance, Fu Wenduo was still looking for petrol. Fu Wensheng had also entered the gas station to help him search. The two people didn't know where he had gone.

Tang Mo headed to the abandoned newsstand. At this time, a hazy drizzle fell from the sky.

The rain quickly wet Tang Mo's hair as he walked towards the newsstand, trying to remember his friend's home address.

The previous time he came to Beijing, his friend had led him the whole time and he didn't remember the address or street.

"There seems to be a Wal-Mart close to his doorstep? There is also a square nearby..." Tang Mo thought.

Then Tang Mo suddenly felt a bit hot, a wave of heat surging through his body. Tang Mo made a strange expression and he looked down at his bottom half. It was still flat and there was nothing unusual.

...What the hell!

Tang Mo coughed and tried to calm down this evil heat. At that moment, his foot stepped into a puddle. Tang Mo looked down and found that his shoes were wet. He frowned and was about to remove his feet from the puddle when his body froze.

Tang Mo quickly moved sideways, a silver knife flying in front of his eyes.

"Damn, how did he find out? There is no time. Just kill him!"

Tang Mo's eyes widened as he vaguely sensed something wrong.

However, the other party didn't give him time to think at all!

Another knife came from behind him. The sharp blade shot through the air, easily cutting Tang Mo's eyelashes. He leaned back and used his hand as support. His back was close to the newsstand as he prepared to fight back. Everything happened too quickly. After the two knives, a black shadow rushed from behind him at a speed that was invisible to the naked eye.

Tang Mo wanted to open the small parasol to defend but as he reached towards his waist, he found that the small parasol was left in the car.


The black figure had already rushed in front of him. Tang Mo raised his hands to block his head and a fierce fist slammed into his elbow.

Tang Mo let out a groan as he flew back three metres. He raised his head but before he could see what the enemy looked like, another figure emerged from behind a bungalow. The sharp knife headed straight towards Tang Mo's head and he took out the big match. The long knife hit the match head and left a white mark.

Tang Mo was shocked and he looked at the other person with vigilance.

The next moment, two more figures emerged from behind a bungalow. There were a total of four people who attacked Tang Mo from different directions. One of them raised a gun and fired towards Tang Mo's eyebrows. Loud gunfire filled the empty street. At the gas station, Fu Wenduo raised his head and looked into the distance.

Fu Wensheng cried out with a horrified expression, "What's going on?"

Before he finished, Fu Wenduo moved like a lightning bolt and rushed out.

The four people were stronger than Tang Mo imagined. The middle-aged man leading them was physically strong. There was a loud nose every day he punched, forcing Tang Mo to constantly avoid it. Another person assisted on the side, using the long knife to block where Tang Mo could go and forcing him into a dead end. One more person attacked with a flying knife. Only a skinny young man hid in the distance, firing from time to time with the gun.

The four people united to expose weaknesses in Tang Mo. They seemed to know Tang Mo's every action. Whenever Tang Mo found a chance to fight back, the other party would quickly escape.

The strong man shouted, "Fu Wenduo is coming. We will stop him. Old Liu, I'll leave this person to you!"

Tang Mo's eyelids twitched as he heard this sentence. His brain moved quickly. As three people turned to meet Fu Wenduo, he moved his right hand while the opponent was distracted. Fire emerged from his palm and slammed into the man closest to him, Old Liu. Who would've expected this man to know his movements and turn his avoid to avoid this blow, kicking Tang Mo in the shoulder.

Tang Mo's body flew back into the wall of the newsstand.

The ugly old man looked sarcastically at Tang Mo, his ugly face revealing a strange smile. His companions were blocking Fu Wenduo so Old Liu didn't waste time. He raised a long knife and attacked Tang Mo while sneering, "What will you do?"

Tang Mo was blocked in a dead end and it seemed like there was no way to retreat.

Old Liu's knife fell down and was only 10 centimeters from Tang Mo's head. At this moment, a cold voice was heard. Old Liu stiffened and he stopped his long knife, as a chill moved from his head down his spine.

Tang Mo lay on the ground and shouted, "Destroy you on behalf of the star... checkmate!"

Old Liu's scalp became numb. He looked down and saw that Tang Mo unexpectedly got a gun from somewhere. There was a gunshot and a bullet emerged. Old Liu's physical fitness was excellent. Despite standing at a close range, he moved sideways to avoid the bullet. Yet he never imagined that the bullet would unexpectedly curve again and shoot between his eyebrows.


Fu Wenduo was fighting with the three people. Once he heard the gunfire, he raised his head and saw a man falling to the ground. There was a dark hole in his forehead. His eyes stared at the sky, as if he didn't understand how Tang Mo had moved. Blood quickly flowed all over the place. Tang Mo got up from the ground. He didn't rest as he rushed to help Fu Wenduo.

The strong middle-aged man shouted, "What the hell is this ability?"

"There are only three chances left!"

At this time, Tang Mo had already reached the three people. Fu Wenduo kicked the chest of the strong man, pushing him in front of Tang Mo. Tang Mo tacitly raised the big match, the match head violently rubbing against the ground and creating sparks. The match head was just about to touch the body of the strong man when time suddenly stopped.

In the sky, the rain stopped in mid-air.

The air stilled and the blood flowing from Old Liu's forehead solidified on the ground.

On the deserted street, everything stopped. It was like a person had pressed the pause button as the world became a rainy portrait.

Three seconds later, Tang Mo emerged from a bungalow with a bunch of snacks and biscuits. He touched the chocolate in his pocket and decided to reward himself with it. He hadn't eaten sweets for a long time. He also remembered that there was a 12 year old child in the car. Tang Mo thought about it before making a decision. If Fu Wensheng really wanted to eat it, he would give one-third to the child.

As he walked, Tang Mo tried to recall his friend's address. "There seems to be a Wal-Mart at his doorstep? There is also a square nearby..."

Suddenly, Tang Mo's footsteps paused. He bowed his head with a strange expression. After looking for a second, Tang Mo coughed and continued to move forward. His right foot stepped on a small puddle. Tang Mo frowned and was about to pull his foot out when he suddenly moved sideways.


A bullet passed by Tang Mo's cheek and shot straight through the window of the newsstand.

"Old Liu, Old Jiu, directly kill him!"