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 Even though the girls didn't get to fully enjoy the benefits of the Spirit Holy Spring, they had a fun time talking about Xuefeng. Of course, even if they didn't focus on absorbing Spirit Qi it was still sipping into their bodies, nourishing and filling their dantian.

After the bath, Xiao Wen chose to sleep in Wuying's room, but the other two still didn't change their mind of sleeping in Xuefeng's bed. There was still another room, where Princess Shan used to sleep, but they were both stubborn.

"Well, I don't care. I go to sleep." Xiao Wen put her hands in the air giving up after she saw them like that and entered her room. Xiao Wen didn't seem like she was going to wear anything for the night as she walked into the bed and slipped under the quilt.

"How are we going to resolve it?" Tianshi asked when she finished wiping herself from all the water and wrapped her hair in the towel.

"How about we both sleep on each side of the bed?" Wuying proposed.

"Isn't there only one quilt?" Tianshi asked recalling Xuefeng's bed setup.

"Well, we can take another one from the side room..." "Nah, its okay, we can share one..." Wuying tried to think of a solution but was stopped by Tianshi as she didn't actually mind.

"Okay..." Wuying didn't know what Tianshi planned but agreed in the end.

They put on their nightgowns cause they weren't as shameless as Xiao Wen to sleep naked and not worry about anything. The bed was big enough for them to lie down next to each other without touching.

"Wuying... How about we make a deal?" Tianshi asked after a moment of silence as she flipped to the side and looked at Wuying full of thoughts.

"What deal?" Wuying turned towards Tianshi and replied curiously.

"I don't think you are a bad girl... How about... No matter which one of us Xuefeng chooses, can we stay friends?" Tianshi requested. She knew Xuefeng's personality. If Xuefeng and Wuying already did go all the way in their relationship there was no way he will leave her.

The most she can expect from him is that they both stay together with him. She decided to change her tactic and befriend Wuying first.

"Sure. You are not that bad yourself either." Wuying thought for a moment and nodded. So far, she couldn't say anything wrong about Tianshi. She also seems to care about Xuefeng so there was no need to decline.

"Pinky promise?" Tianshi smiled as she reached out with her pinky finger. She knew it was a bit childish but she never had a chance to do that.

"Pinky promise."


"We have only five types of Wisdom Trees in Holy Land. The four basic elements types and a Lightning one. If you want to make other types, you will have to first master those elements first, and transform the Wisdom Seed into the type you want." Yiren explained as they arrived in their room and five small trees were brought over.

"Do you have spare seeds of this Wisdom Tree so I can create one in the future when I learn those elements?" Xuefeng asked her curiously as he picked one of the trees from the ground.

They were about fifty centimetres tall and looked like slightly bigger Bonsai Trees. There was also a spot in between their roots with a palm-sized hole, that probably was there to accommodate the fate stone.

"Yeah, the Wisdom Tree creates about twenty seeds every year. If you ask my mother later she should give you at least four so you can transform them when you need and have the whole set. How about you put one Fate Stone into the hole and see what happens." Yiren pulled out a small low tiered Fate Stone and gave it to him.

"Okay. This one should be for Lighting Qi, right?" Xuefeng received the Stone and pointed towards the Wisdom Tree with white leaves that had an electric current sometimes flickering in between them.

"Yeah, you can check the type of the Wisdom Tree based on their leaves colour. After you put the stone into the hole, place your hands on the tree and wait for it to pour the Qi out." Yiren nodded, satisfied that she can answer his questions.

"Okay." Xuefeng smiled and followed her instructions. At the start, nothing noticeable happened, but then the tree started to vibrate and soon a rich Lightning Qi flowed out, and Xuefeng quickly absorbed it.

The Fate Stone started losing its lustre with each second and after a few seconds, the golden hue disappeared. The stone crumbled into dust which was absorbed by the tree.

"Wow, with one low-tier small fate Stone, I was able to regain about ten percent of my previous Lightning Qi level." Xuefeng watched the tree in surprise. What was shocking wasn't the amount of Lightning Qi he received but the time it took. As long as he had a lot of Fate Stones he could technically regain his Qi in seconds. Xuefeng suspected that one high tiered stone was enough to fill his whole dantian.

"Yeah, but it's quite a waste to use Fate Stones for regaining your Qi. But for you, it might be the only option for now. Even if I teach you how to gather elements from the air, it will be very hard for you to gather much. I don't know what my mother is preparing for tomorrow, but if you can increase your affinity with nature you will have an easier time learning." Yiren explained further seeing his excitement.

"Anyway, what element you want to study next? I suggest you start with the easiest and the most useful one, which is Air. I can teach you all the Air Qi Arts I know so we won't waste time tomorrow." Yiren recommended.

"I'm all ears, Master." Xuefeng smiled and bowed to her clasping his hands.

"Haha, also you need to pay tuition fees if you want to learn under this master." Yiren laughed cutely as she followed his play.

"I am just a poor soul and I won't be able to pay you any money. How about I pay you with my body instead?" Xuefeng grabbed her by the waist, pulling her closer and kissed her gently on the lips, asking afterwards.

"Mhmm okay, but I want two kisses for each art." Yiren gave him another kiss and haggled.

"Let's make it three and you got yourself a deal," Xuefeng added one more and the deal was finally made.

"Okay, then listen carefully and try to remember everything. If you don't understand you can ask me." Yiren brightened satisfied with the agreement and started her teachings.

Xuefeng nodded and asked Ling to note down everything Yiren says. If he forgets something he can always use his backup.


While Xuefeng was learning Elemental Cultivation under Yiren's teachings, the Queen was currently sitting in front of Minori's mother in the living room of their house. She was staring at her, sighing.

"What should I do with you... It's all your fault for not teaching your son properly." The Queen sighed once again using her secret art to lift Minori's mother's face.

"Eh, I told him multiple times but he never listened. Queen don't worry, I won't plot anything against your daughter's man in revenge. You can put a guard to look after me until that man is out of the holy land." Minori's mother promised as she looked with sad expression at the Queen.

"Haha, I know about your personality and I am sure you are lying. You think I didn't know about your plan to let your son take over the crown?" The Queen laughed as she exposed her.

"I..." Minori's mother tried to say something but didn't know how to react.

"I didn't act earlier cause, I just didn't care. You were just too weak of a treat. If Xuefeng was leaving from the Holy Land in a few days I wouldn't mind letting you live, but the problem is he is not." The Queen shrugged as she gazed at the middle-aged lady with pity.

"Wait, how?" Minori's mother frowned as she didn't understand.

"Well, there is no need for you to know as you won't live long to witness it. I can't let a potential threat stay alive. Blame your son for being stupid." The Queen said as she lifted her off the ground.

"No, please I won't..." "Crack." She begged as panic finally appeared in her eyes, but it was too late. With one quick movement, her head tilted sideways and cracked. The Queen didn't feel the need to torture her and gave her a quick death.

"Take care of the body. Tell everyone that she tried to attack Xuefeng as revenge for killing her son and died in the process." The Queen said to the guard as Minori's mother's dead body dropped to the ground and left the room without giving it a second look.