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 At first, Wuying wasn't worried about her relationship with Xuefeng when Princess Shan appeared but when another girl arrived saying that she knows Xuefeng and want to be with him, she started to worry a bit.

She heard Xuefeng mentioning Tianshi's name earlier but she doesn't recall Xuefeng ever meeting her. The only explanation could think of was that he met her when she was on the mission.

Not only Tianshi comes from Central Region but her family is also quite powerful. The worse part was that Xuefeng's father knows Tianshi's father and Xiao Feng even proposed marriage the moment they met.

All Wuying wanted was to stay by his side and be loved. Was it too much?

"Uff, I guess I'm also done for today. How was your training Wuying?" Tianshi approached them as she saw they were finished. She wiped the sweat from her forehead and asked with a smile.

"Good, I got some progress," Wuying answered the same way at Tianshi. Xiao Wen looked at them weirdly. They didn't behave like competitors in love at all.

"Okay, we are done for today. How about we take a bath together?" Xiao Wen grabbed Tianshi and Wuying by the waist and pulled them together towards the bathroom without waiting for their answer.

"Uhm the bath is too small to fit us three..." Wuying informed as they entered into Xuefeng room. She recalled that even if it was Xuefeng and her together, they had to lay on top of each other to stay in comfort.

"It not a problem. I have a bigger bath with me." Xiao Wen smiled and as they entered the bathroom, she waved with her hand and a big bathtub appeared in front of them. It had at least two meters in diameter and even a place to seat inside of it.

"Wow, now I wonder what else you carry around with you." Wuying saw the bathtub and looked at Xiao Wen in amazement.

"Heh, I have everything a lady needs." Xiao Wen grinned and pulled out another ring and held it above the bathtub. Suddenly water started pouring out of the ring and started filling the bath to the brim.

"This is the water from Holy Spirit Spring that I founded a month ago. I still have a lot so we can use it to bath ourselves." Xiao Wen explained as a flame appeared in her hand and she started warming the water.

"It has such abundant Spirit Essence inside of it..." Wuying approached the bath, putting her hand inside and instantly felt the Spirit Essence which just waited to be absorbed and refined. It was also getting warmer and warmer, turning into a hot tub.

"Well, I think it will be enough. What are you guys waiting for? Why are you still not naked." Xiao Wen turned around and saw the ladies were still not undressed. She rubbed her hands with a naughty gaze and approached Wuying staring at two bulges on her chest.

"Wait, I can bath later..." Wuying noticed Xiao Wen perverted gaze and tried to distance herself from her, but Xiao Wen instantly appeared behind her.

"I observed your assets earlier and I know that you hide some good weapons here." Xiao Wen hugged Wuying from behind and pulled up her dress revealing the slim curvy figure. She continued with her assault as her hands moved upwards and grabbed Wuying ample bosom.

"Ho ho, you were hiding such weapons. Did Xuefeng like them?" Tianshi laughed seeing Wuying being attacked.

"Yeah, he said he likes... What are you even asking? Wen stop it already." Wuying got baited into answering but stopped herself in time while she felt Xiao Wen pinching her nipples.

"Tianshi, what are you laughing at. Wuying let's attack her." Xiao Wen let go of Wuying and instantly attacked her younger sister.

"Wait!" Tianshi panicked and also backed away, but there was nowhere to hide in front of Xiao Wen speed. Tianshi was immediately caught by her and started stripping her.

Even Wuying joined Xiao Wen in the attack in revenge for Tianshi's laugh. Tianshi's chest was quickly open for their view as the clothes landed to the ground. She has never touched other woman private parts so she couldn't help but give one a light squeeze. Wuying compared the firmness with her own and didn't admit defeat.

"I'm not playing with you..." Tianshi blushed, feeling her body touched everywhere. She covered her private parts and entered the bathtub as she sulked.

"Haha, my little sister is not that little anymore. But, your guns will never surpass mine." Xiao Wen laughed seeing Tianshi escape. She said confidently as she opened her outfit, allowing her chest to breath some fresh air.

Her hourglass figure was even more divine as all layers were taken off her.

"You think Xuefeng would like my body? Maybe I should show him something when he comes back..." Xiao Wen entered into the hot water and commented as she checked out her curves.

"No!" Tianshi and Wuying cried at the same time. They somehow felt alerted hearing Xiao Wen comments.

"Haha, I'm only teasing you." Xiao Wen laughed as she sat down in the water and spread her legs, relaxing.

Seeing that both sisters were already in the bathtub, Wuying sighed and dropped the lower part of the dress to the ground. Sisters just happen to look at Wuying forbidden region between her legs and noticed something interesting.

"Oh, you shave?" Xiao Wen asked curiously.

"Uhmm, I thought that it would be more comfortable for Xuefeng... when he licks down there..." Wuying found it hard to answer, but then she looked at Tianshi and decided to boast a bit after she entered the bathtub.

"Uuuu, tell us the details. Is he that good in bed? I saw his staff earlier. It must have felt good, right?" Xiao Wen swam towards Wuying sitting next to her and asked for details excited.

Tianshi smile froze, but she also somehow became curious. The more she learned now, the better she can perform when it will be her turn.

"It was the best night of my life... His staff was so hot and powerful just from a few licks and rubs. He told me to swallow the whole thing into my mouth while also licking the base with my tongue." Wuying recalled the night she shared with Xuefeng not long ago and started recount it for them.

"After a few movements, I learned how it works and didn't need his help anymore. I could play with it and he moaned cutely as I put it deeper and deeper into my throat. He felt so good that he even started moving with his hips to match with my head moves. My body started to feel hot like a volcano as I began to touch myself down there while sucking his erected sword." Wuying closed her eyes and narrated. Tianshi also subconsciously started to picture the scene, but instead of Wuying, she put herself on her place.

Her hand drifted downwards into the water as she touched herself and imagine herself sucking Xuefeng's huge sword. She watched some adult video with a female friend, so it was effortless for her.

"As he reached his limits, he grabbed my head and burst right inside my throat. The liquid streamed down my throat and it was so delicious that I couldn't help but lick everything clean to the last drop." Wuying gulped down uncontrollably as she recalled the sweet taste of the mysterious liquid.

"Even with my effort, his staff was still so stiff expecting more, so we ended up connecting with each other. He entered inside of me, filling my tight region entirely, leaving no space untouched. Before I could get used to it, he pulled it out and entered inside once again this time even deeper. It reached so far I couldn't breathe for a second, but she didn't stop and continued to push in and out." Tianshi heart-beat increased as she listened to Wuying story and she could almost feel Xuefeng entering into her.

Her hand moved around her down region, rubbing her small bean. She started to feel immense pleasure as Xuefeng ravaged her in her imagination.

"His hips movements intensified as lied on top of my body and sucked on my chest. We then change into multiple different positions but he didn't stop pushing his hot think inside me. When I changed into a crawling position, Xuefeng reached even deeper than earlier causing me to drop to the bed without strength. I felt something blow inside my head as if an electric shock spread into every part in my body." Wuying continued and Xiao Wen listened curiously. They didn't notice that Tianshi's face turned red and her breathing quickened.

"It was at that moment he reached his limits and he shot seeds inside me..." "Aaaah..." Just as Wuying finished, Tianshi moaned and she also reached the finish line. Her mind was in a spill. Before Wuying and Xiao Wen turned their heads, she dived into the water and cursed in her mind, 'Xuefeng, you bastard...'