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 The arena turned silent as people watched Xuefeng walk away from the burning body. They didn't expect at all that Xuefeng would be so fast to kill. They knew he was strong from his last fight, but they didn't expect him to also not care and kill someone in such a manner.

The moment Xuefeng plunged his sword into Minori's back, it pierced through his heart causing a shock that made him lose consciousness immediately. He dropped to the ground and the fire consumed him. He couldn't even bleed out as Black Flames burned the blood evaporating it the moment it flowed out.

Before Xuefeng even left the scene, Minori's whole body was charred black, making it unrecognizable. The Queen watched as Xuefeng approached them and unconsciously licked her lips. She was liking him more and more.

"Xuefeng, that was awesome! Couldn't you use your sword during the first fight as well?" Yiren shouted happily as she hopped towards him at the arena entrance. She was one of the people who mastered the Fire element but her fire wasn't as strong as Xuefeng's black flame. She didn't mind at all that Xuefeng just killed someone.

"Well, I wanted to train my Lightning Arts. My plan is to master all the elements but I know it will be hard." Xuefeng explained as he pulled her into his embrace. Yiren didn't mind the staff's gazes from the Arena Lobby and snuggled into his chest.

"Then I might have a great solution for you. I have a way to increase your affinity with nature so it will be easier for you to gather Elemental Qi. Do you want to try it?" The Queen proposed from the side.

"You do? That's great. I want to try it." Xuefeng was pleasantly surprised hearing her and agreed immediately. If he could gather Elemental Qi without the help of the precious Fate Stones then it would save him a lot of trouble.

He already had Spirit Qi as well as Lightning Qi and he planned to learn how to control Fire Qi from Xiao Wen, but this way, he can do everything while he is still in the Holy Land.

"It will take some time, so I can at most prepare it for tomorrow. I will take care of it now, meanwhile, you can walk around the city if you want. We will see each other in the palace later. We still have unfinished business." The Queen smiled mysteriously at his answer and decided to separate from them for now. She winked at Xuefeng as she mentioned the business she had with him.

"Okay, we will walk around together," Yiren answered for Xuefeng excitedly. She can spend another day alone with Xuefeng and that's what she was waiting for.

The Queen smiled at her daughter's behaviour and spread a pair of huge snow-white wings from her back before flying away. Even compared to Yiren's they were much bigger and complete.

They thought that she was flying towards the palace and didn't watch her later, but the Queen actually changed her direction after a while, heading towards Minori's mother's house. It's better to delete the root of the problem as well, instead of just the problem itself.

"So what do you want to do today?" Yiren asked as she hugged him wrapping her arms around him while pressing her bosom against his chest and looking at his face with a cheerful smile. Her mood improved when she realised Minori's harassment will be gone forever.

"How about we check the store, so I can buy the Wisdom Trees of each element and then you can help me with my Elemental Cultivation?" Xuefeng proposed as his hands felt gently the curve of Yiren's waist.

"Oh, if you want to buy Wisdom Trees you don't need to, cause we are the ones who sell them. We have all kinds in the Palace and if you want I can give you a set. I can also teach you how to feel and absorb the Elements you want from the air." Yiren explained and got intrigued at the idea of teaching Xuefeng,

"Well, let's go back to the palace then." Xuefeng slapped her playfully on the butt, ready to go, but Yiren didn't let go of him.

She looked around them and after realising that there was no one near, she leaned in quickly and gave him a juicy kiss. Xuefeng already knew what she will do seeing her weird actions, but still received it. After all, he decided that those few days he stays here will be all hers.

"Now we can go. Hehe, I just wanted to give myself a little refreshment," Yiren let go of Xuefeng, grabbing him by the hand and giggling cutely. He could only smile at her charming actions and follow her.


While it was midday in the holy land, in the outside world the sun was already falling behind the horizon. Even when the night was nearing, the girls were still training in Xuefeng's courtyard.

Tianshi was still perfecting her Heavenly Steps and Wuying was learning a new blood art from Xiao Wen.

Earlier, Tianshi's motivation to learn this art was to be allowed to meet Xuefeng. Now that she finally got her chance, she wanted to show Xuefeng what she learned when they face each other once again.

With the new energy, she progressed even faster than before and she already increased the number of steps in her run.

Wuying, on the other hand, was struggling with her newly introduced Art. There was a large bowl full of monster blood and her job was to feel the Qi that was inside of it. Xiao Wen told her that if she can learn this art, she would be able to rival enemies that were few levels stronger than her.

"Gosh, I can't seem to feel anything." Wuying sighed as she moved her hands inside the blood without any effects. She could use the blood to strengthen the blood daggers she had and use it in attacks but the point of the art she tried to learn now, was to feel and absorb the Qi that resided in the Blood.

"It takes time to learn an art to control Elemental Qi. It works the same with all other elements. Xuefeng and I mastered the elements quickly but we had an external help and not everyone is that lucky. Look how hard Tianshi works so she can show Xuefeng her efforts. Blood Qi is a unique element that is even harder to learn than the ones we have but at the same time it is multiple times stronger." Xiao Wen cheered Wuying up and tried to motivate her.

"I understand. I will try my best." Wuying nodded resolutely after she looked at Tianshi who was currently running in the air. She took a deep breath and looked at the bowl of blood once again.

Wuying closed her eyes, calming down her heart and focused only on the substance that was passing through her fingers as her hands moved with round motions. She imagined as if the blood was just a group or small balls of Qi she can gather and absorb.

Her hands pushed slower and slower as they followed the current she created. Each change in the blood was registered and processed by her as she became the part of the blood.

Seeing her actions, Xiao Wen smiled and nodded in satisfaction. She was impressed with Wuying so far.

'What is it...' After Wuying entered into her trance she suddenly felt that something started to stick into her hands and follow them.

'Is that the Qi I need to absorb?' Wuying thought and instantly took action. She started sucking the weird balls into her hand and move it into her dantian. She stopped only after there was nothing left in the blood.

"I think I got it." Wuying smiled and pulled out her hands from the bowl. The blood darkened a lot after the Qi was sucked away by her.

"Show me." Xiao Wen said, curious about the results.

Wuying reached out with her hand and soon a small red ball started to form on top of her palm.

"Congratulations. Let's call it a day then." Xiao Wen smiled seeing Wuying master the first step and stopped the training for today.

'Xuefeng, I will show you, that I'm the best for you...' Wuying vowed in her mind as she absorbed the Blood Qi into her dantian once again.