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 "Damn, what a stupid idiot. He can't even beat a damn human." Minori cursed under his breath. He was watching the match from the seats as he wanted to see Xuefeng being squished into a paste and suffer in pain.

He was extremely ecstatic when he saw Xuefeng lying on the ground without any movement. He thought that it will be the end, but who would have thought such a scene would later follow. Xuefeng stood up and send Bloody flying, beating him up afterwards.

"I need to find out who this bastard will fight in next round so I can make them try to beat him up as well, else they would just surrender..." Minori thought of a plan as he watched Xuefeng fly up to the Queen's private room.

He didn't expect at all that Bloody could actually spill the beans and Xuefeng would figure out that he was still plotting against him. Minori thought that he was still safe as he was waiting for the next fight announcement.

Bloody was taken away from the arena and everyone expected the next fight to continue right away, but no one was coming out. After a moment, Minori started to feel anxious for some reason. Only then did he thought of a certain possibility.

'What if Bloody actually told them about his deal with me? Fuck, I need to get out of this place.' The moment Minori thought about this idea, it didn't want to leave his head. He started to panic and finally decided to leave before anything happens.

"Hey what are you doing, you can't... " He jumped from his seat, spreading his wings nearly knocking the guy behind him and flew into the sky.

"What is this guy doing..." The others wondered what is going on as a hooded person appeared gathering the viewer's attention.

"And where do you think you are going?!" Minori thought he was safe as he already reached the height above the arena but suddenly he felt like he can't move and an angry female voice sounded loudly throughout the arena.

"No!" He cried as his body started to fall towards the ground against his will.

"Oh, it's the Queen. That person who offended the Queen, won't have a happy end." People looked towards the entrance of the arena and saw the Queen with an angry expression walking onto the platform.

Her hair turned silver and she hovered in the air without the help of any wings. Her current form looked similar to the one Xuefeng saw in Yiren's cave, but obviously, the Queen had more control over it than her daughter. She looked like she didn't even break a sweat.

The Queen swung with her arm downwards and Minori crashed to the ground miserably. It was at that moment that the hood dropped from his head and everyone could see his bandaged face together with fresh bruises.

"Isn't that Minori? Why is the Queen attacking him? Can someone tell me what is going on?" People recognized him immediately as he was quite famous from the fact that he had the purest bloodline of all male elves and he was courting Princess Yiren.

"I guess we will find out soon."

Minori was lifted from the ground and people saw his nose bleeding. They wanted to say something about the Queen's methods but no one dared to do so.

"You must have a lot of courage to dare to harass my daughter like that. And you even try to plot against her man?! Are you tired of living?!" The queen shouted at Minori before she crashed him into the ground again and pulled him back up.

"Look people! Just because I love her daughter, she wants to eliminate me as she found the human for the role that belongs to ME." Minori cried out to the public when he noticed that the Queen didn't block his mouth. When he said that he even emphasized the word 'my' as if being with Yiren was his, to begin with.

Many people looked at him with pity as they saw him in such wretched state. They guessed that Minori probably felt jealous when he found out that he finally had a competitor and started to find trouble with him.

Many knew about their fight in the restaurant so it wasn't surprising that the Queen learned about it as well. In the end, they didn't feel like it was enough to treat him like that. He was one of them after all.

"Oh, so you think that if you lie to the public you will be saved? Hahaha, naive. I'm not the Queen in the name only. You think anyone can stop me if I decide to kill you right now?" the Queen laughed hearing him trying to defend himself. She asked loudly with amusement as she looked around the arena.

Momentarily, the chatter stopped and everyone turned silent. They knew that the Queen was the strongest and it was better to stay neutral.

"See? No one cares about you." The Queen smirked playing on Minori feelings.

"I want to fight with him! I challenge you to a deathmatch! The winner will get Yiren!" Seeing that his chances of staying alive were getting lower with each second, he decided to use his last card. He looked at Xuefeng and shouted in a crazed manner.

Hearing him, Xuefeng eyes turned hostile. He was standing not far away from them and he suddenly had an urge to pull out his sword and cut Minori's head off. That bastard treated Yiren like some kind of toy he can give and take, or win in a bet.

That's what pissed Xuefeng off the most. He spent some time with her and he knew that she didn't deserve such treatment. What if Xuefeng leaves from here after a few days? Will Minori continue to harass her when he is not near her anymore?

'This scum needs to die...' A sudden thought emerged inside his mind as he looked at Minori's bloody face.

Before the Queen could bash on him for what he just said, someone in the crowd started shouting, "Let them fight! Let them fight!"

What one person began, everyone else followed and soon the whole arena was demanding the fight to happen.

"Hah, you think you are smart trying to turn the public against me?" The Queen laughed again as she reached out with her hand in a choking motion causing Minori to fly towards her. She grabbed his neck, squeezing forcefully and making him unable to breathe. Even if he was choking, a mad smile didn't leave his face.

"I will do it." Xuefeng suddenly shouted towards the Queen as he entered the arena. Yiren tried to stop him but he let go of her, looking at her seriously saying, "Stay here, I will end it fast."

Looking at his determined eyes, she nodded obediently and watched his back as he walked away.

"Okay. Don't take too long." The Queen heard Xuefeng and let go of Minori, throwing him to the ground before she turned around and left. She wanted Xuefeng to take care of him from the start and that was why she let Minori speak. Many people would start to rebel if the Queen killed someone without a fair trial.

"Hu... Hu... Hehe, I knew you would agree." Minori took two big mouthfuls of air when he regained freedom and laughed as he saw Xuefeng approaching.

"Don't worry, you won't be able to breathe is a second after I'm done with you," Xuefeng answered with scorn. He already decided that he didn't want to leave Minori alive.

"I already know most of your abilities. Your Lightning won't work on me as I also mastered this Element. Last time I was caught by surprise. Your super strength is probably over. It should be a one-time ability. Hehe, Yiren will be mine..." Minori stood up and laughed as he created a ball of lighting on top of his right palm and a water-ball on his left palm. He could already feel his victory.

"You talk too much," Xuefeng shook his head as he pulled out his Black Flames Slayer and rushed towards Minori without wasting any time. He flung his blade and the flames exploded travelling in a clean arc.

Everyone in the audience was happy for getting an interesting bonus battle and they cried in shock when they saw Xuefeng creating black flames. Not many people managed to master Fire element in the Holy Land, due to it being the only Element Qi that wasn't that abundant in the air as the others.

"What?" Minori exclaimed seeing the approaching flames and created a water barrier around himself before Xuefeng's attack hit him.

"Bang." Black flames reached his target and spread all around the round barrier, burning on the water.

Minori thought water would counter fire, but the flames burned without stop, consuming his Water Qi at an alarming rate.

"What are those flames!" Minori panicked and created an exit from the barrier, breaking from the trap.

"Swush." Minori sighed in relief after the escape and started searching for Xuefeng, only to hear a weird sound and feel a sting in his chest. Minori looked down and saw a crimson sword with black flames burning on it.

"Too late," Xuefeng whispered into Minori's ear as he pulled out the sword, kicking Minori's back.

Looking at Minori bleeding from the wound and convulsing on the ground, Xuefeng didn't feel pity for him. He somehow felt relief from destroying that evil and annoying guy.

'I'm changing...' Xuefeng thought, realising his personality changing. He sighed as he put Black Flames Slayer away and left the arena. The flames were still burning on Minori's body as he exhaled his last breath...