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 Bloody's stomach caved in as the shockwave spread throughout his body and he was once again launched into the air. Xuefeng didn't expect that the berserk artefact would increase his strength by so much.

Even if Xuefeng's fist fighting wasn't that perfect, he still took lessons from Wuying for almost a week when she taught him the battle tactics, so Xuefeng could manage a fight on a basic level like that.

At first, he wanted to finish Bloody with Fire Arts with the help of his Black Flames Slayer but then he recalled that he obtained this artefact after defeating Metal Bear. Xuefeng countered one weakness with his regeneration ability and only the limit of one weekly usage was affecting him.

He could already feel like his muscles were working to their limits, but with Ling's help, he could prolong berserk effects. Even if his attacks were crude right now, it would work anyway.

Before Bloody landed on the ground, Xuefeng already moved to continue his assault. He unleashed all of the power into his legs and caught to Bloody in a blink of an eye. Xuefeng felt amazing having such power.

Xuefeng surpassed Bloody and with a flip of his body, his leg covered in a thick Lightning struck at Bloody's back. If the first hit didn't deal critical damage, then the second definitely did. The kick was aimed at the wound that Xuefeng made earlier and it caused Bloody immense pain.

He scowled and finally coughed blood as he crashed into the ground. His Earth Qi was completely exhausted in the wooden beam attack so his ultimate defence was also gone.

Seeing the Bloody on the ground coughing up blood, female elves sighed in relief. Some of them that saw Xuefeng earlier on the streets were celebrating as they bet some stones on him. The arena turned surprisingly calm. The male elves who were predominant viewers on the arena and cheered for Bloody earlier just looked at the scene on the platform with sadness. If Bloody lost right now then all of their stones would be gone.

"Fuck, who would have thought that Bloody will lose?" Someone cursed loudly as he cried over his precious Fate Stones.

"You just needed to use logic. There is no way the Queen would allow the human to fight if he wasn't good. Haha, I'm rich!" The lucky guy who bet on Xuefeng laughed. He was not the only one as there were a few who used their brains and calculated the odds. Still, with so many betting on Bloody, The Queen's harvest would be record-breaking.

"I'm normally kind and peaceful, but when I get provoked times and times again, I don't seem to think of any other solution than to just end the problem..." Xuefeng sighed as he approached Bloody's body. The more he stayed in this new world, the more annoyed he became with this. He was actually considering killing as the right solution to get rid of some of the people and he didn't like that.

"I surr... Aaargh...!" Bloody was still coughing blood but when he heard Xuefeng approaching, he tried to turn around and shout that he surrender. Unfortunately for him, Xuefeng's decision to teach him a lesson didn't change. He stomped of Bloody's arm just like Bloody wanted to step on his, causing him to cry out once again.

"And that's payback for trying to ruin my arms. Next time don't be greedy for money or you will end like this again," Xuefeng advised as he lifted his leg and the sound of bones cracking entered into their ears once again.

'Pfft, said the one who is not fighting for money right now...' Ling commented sarcastically but Xuefeng ignored her random remark. He was doing it on her request and she talks back.

"I guess we are done here," Xuefeng said to the referee as he walked towards the Queen's room. At that moment a white cloud flew towards him from the room, taking him back.

"The fight is over! The win... The loser is Bloody Monster!" The referee woke up from his daze after Xuefeng reminder and landed near Bloody, checking his condition. While announcing Xuefeng's victory he realised that he doesn't know his name, so he declared Bloody's lose instead.

Those who lost their bets were cursing under their breaths and those who won were jumping in happiness.

"Xuefeng!" The moment Xuefeng passed through the water barrier, Yiren threw herself into his arms hugging him deeply. Before Xuefeng could react, she held only his head as she covered his lips with hers.

Yiren didn't care about her mother standing behind them and just wanted to feel Xuefeng's warmth.

"What is going on?" Xuefeng asked curiously after Yiren stopped her assault. She acted like he just came back from war and they didn't see each other for a few years.

"Are you alright?" Yiren ignored his question and asked as she checked his chest for any injuries. Only after she saw that he was alright and the armour she gave him was unharmed, did she calm down.

"I'm fine, your armour is really tough. I need to thank you for it again. It saved me there," Xuefeng praised as he caressed her cheeks.

"No problem. I'm glad I could help." Yiren smiled sweetly as she enjoyed Xuefeng's touch.

"How much did I win with this fight?" Xuefeng turned towards the Queen who was watching them from the side. He saw earlier that many elves were betting on the Bloody's win so they should already know the round number.

"Well, I must say I'm surprised by your performance. You totally ruined my plan. There is no way anyone would bet on your matches unless they bet on your win. I thought you will narrowly win your first fight and most viewers will once again bet against you. This way we would maximize the profits. It's my bad I didn't tell you to pretend a bit." The Queen sighed as she explained with regret causing Xuefeng to roll his eyes.

"So I don't need to fight anymore then?" "Yes, pretty please!" Xuefeng smirked and Yiren instantly followed with a nod. She didn't want Xuefeng to unnecessarily risk his life without a need.

"You won't earn anything if you fight anyway so there is no point to continue I guess. The deal was to give you fifty percent but seeing that you did so well I can give you all of them today as a reward." The Queen nodded and surprised him with a gift.

"Ooh, great!" Xuefeng didn't expect such a pleasant surprise, but he gladly took it. The more Fate Stones the better.

"The manager should come soon as he should be done counting everything by now. Some people still bet on you so they won quite a bit. Oh, just in time, he is coming." Just as the manager was mentioned, he came knocking on the door.

"I hope I didn't disturb the Queen. I brought the earnings from this match as you requested. Put them on the floor." The manager apologized as he entered the room with a few staff members and pointed toward the empty floor.

They were carrying crates with shiny golden stones. There were like 20 of them all together and they were all filled to the brim.

"Wow, so many." Xuefeng and Yiren gasped seeing so many Fates Stones. She never visited the arena as she wasn't interested in fighting and it was her first time as well. She could tell that all of them were not used high-tier stones.

"There are two thousand twenty-four Fate Stone in those crates. We had to deduct the amount for the winners. We will take our leave." The manager reported and excused himself with the staff, leaving them alone.

'Take all of them, before she changes her mind.' Ling proposed sneakily, and Xuefeng could almost imagine her salivating as she saw the stones.

"I can take them all, right?" Xuefeng asked to confirm as he let go of Yiren and approached the crates.

"Yeah, but remember about our earlier bet." The Queen nodded and reminded him with a mysterious smile.

'Why do I feel like I'm selling my body for your Fate Stones?' Xuefeng asked in his mind but Ling didn't answer as her priority was on securing the goods.

When Xuefeng touched the crates, he felt Ling Qi flow into his body and pour out of his hand covering the pile of stones.

"Poof." Fate Stones were sucked into Ling's space and the floor was empty once again.

The Queen's eyes lit up seeing that but she didn't comment and just smiled knowingly.

"So, are we leaving?" The Queen asked.

"Yeah, Oh wait, I have one request for you." Xuefeng suddenly recalled the earlier issue.

"I'm listening."

"There is one person that just keeps bothering us and I want you to catch him for me..." Xuefeng started and explained what he heard on the arena from Bloody.

"If you told me earlier I would have already done it. That bastard. Follow me. " The Queen became angry hearing the story and they left the room together.