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 'He is creating a layer of defense on his skin using the dust in the arena mended with the Earth Qi. I don't think ranged Lightning Attacks will work on him. Unless you change your fighting style into melee then you should probably switch tactics.' Ling advised seeing the situation.

'Yeah, I guess it's time to change the strategy. I already used about twenty percent of my Lightning Qi so I can't waste it anymore.' Xuefeng agreed and prepared for the assault. Bloody was fast but if Xuefeng used his Movement Spirit Art and improved it with Lightning Qi, he can play with him without any problems.

Xuefeng looked at Bloody Monster who was approaching him with a crazed expression and smiled, while covering his legs and arms in thick Lightning. Spirit Qi channeled through his legs and he launched forward like a rocket.

Seeing that Xuefeng was running towards him, Bloody instantly covered himself with the armor and stood in place blocking with his hands in front of him, waiting for the hit. To his surprise, Xuefeng didn't attack from the front but slid on the ground between Bloody's legs and hit him in the back with a fully charged Thunder Fist.

The armor on Bloody's back broke apart and Xuefeng's Thunder Fist cut into his flesh, ripping apart the abundant muscle fiber.

"Aaaargh!" Bloody scowled as the ravaging thunder burned his skin and paralyzed his body. A strike like that would be comparable in pain to being stabbed with a knife which was wiggled in the wound afterward and at the same time being tased.

He was lucky that Xuefeng missed and didn't hit Bloody's spine, else the game would already be over.

Seeing that his Lightning Fist was dying out, Xuefeng pulled his hand away and rolled backward. At the same time, Bloody swung at the place where Xuefeng stood a moment ago.

'Heh, I'm not going to be hurt by the same move again.' Xuefeng smiled at his successful dodge as he recalled his first fight with the Metal Bear.

"I will fucking kill you!" Bloody bellowed angrily and charged at Xuefeng, hungry for blood. He didn't care anymore about Xuefeng's status and just wanted to badly hurt him.

"He hit him again! Xuefeng is so cool!" Yiren jumped excitedly as she watched the match with her nose almost touching the water barrier. The Queen was also no longer sitting and accompanied Yiren in cheering. Seeing Xuefeng's manly performance, she was more and more convinced that all her decisions so far were spot on.

Looking at Yiren's genuine happiness, the Queen decided to speed up the ceremony she planned and prepare it for tomorrow. She couldn't wait to turn Xuefeng into one of them.

"Haha, you can't even catch me, How are you going to kill me?" Xuefeng laughed as he ran away from the crazed Bloody Monster, pissing him off even more. Xuefeng became much more confident realizing the chances of his victory were pretty high.

His dantian Qi reserves were also on a decent level so he could allow himself to have a bit of fun before he ends him. While Xuefeng ran all across the arena he bombarded Bloody with Mini Thunder Bombs, causing burns to appear all over Bloody's body.

"Hahaha, I told you guys! Just look at how the human is toying with Brother Bloody. There is no way he is going to turn the tides after being beaten so mu..." "Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh!" The man who bet on Xuefeng victory laughed seeing how the match played out, but before he could end his mockery, Bloody suddenly stopped and roared into the sky stopping his bragging.

With a loud howl, Bloody punched into the ground causing the wooden platform to crack and a ten meters long block of wood was torn away by him. His muscles started pulsing and he lifted the beam up, carrying it like a spear.

The arena wasn't that big as it only measured fifty meters in diameter, so when Bloody made himself a ten-meter long extension it was only a moment before he was already in the range to strike.

"You have got to be kidding me." Xuefeng cursed seeing the long beam being swung at him. He quickly pulled out a plate from his ring and threw it on the ground. Formation plate lit up and a translucent barrier appeared around Xuefeng just before Bloody spear arrived at its target.

Xuefeng picked Rank 3 formation plate as he thought it would be enough to stop a normal wooden beam, but who would have thought that it wasn't enough? The barrier broke like a house of cards, causing Xuefeng to be hit in the chest and sent flying towards the other side of the arena.

"Aaaah." Many females gasped seeing their dream man getting hurt.

"Hahaha, and who was laughing just a moment ago, look at your human now." The male elves started laughing and cheering instead. The man who bet on Xuefeng was also bashed by everyone else around him.

Bloody laughed throwing the beam away and the brown hue from the wood disappeared causing the audience to understand what happened. Bloody used his Earth Qi to strengthen the wood and make it as hard as metal.

"And who is laughing now huh?!" Bloody lashed out angrily at Xuefeng who was still lying on the ground. There was no blood on the on Xuefeng body but Bloody was sure he suffered a lot of internal injuries from his strike. He used all of his Earth Qi to launch that attack.

The referee looked at the Queen private room but seeing no movements he allowed the battle to continue. What he didn't know was that there was a lot of movements in the room but he just didn't see it.

"Let me go!" The Queen was holding onto Yiren who was trying to get out of the room and help Xuefeng. The moment Xuefeng was hit, she didn't care about the tournament and wanted to rush out immediately. She even managed to pass through the barrier but was pulled back inside by the Queen.

"He is alright. Look, there is not even a drop of blood on his clothes." The Queen held onto struggling Yiren and pointed her head towards Xuefeng.

"Then why is he not standing up...?" Yiren totally forgot about the armor she gave him in the moment of worry. She looked at the lying Xuefeng's body and asked as she stopped trying to get away. Yiren knew she couldn't overpower her mother.

"Just watch, I promise you he will be alright." The Queen smiled kindly and wiped the forming tears of Yiren's face, calming her down.

"You were a decent opponent. I was almost defeated by you. Too bad you are still just a newbie when it comes to fighting. Which limb should I rip off from you first? Heh, one small job and I can earn so much." Bloody was only a few meters away from Xuefeng and he started muttering under his breath making Xuefeng the only one who could hear him.

"Heh, let's start with your right hand then!" Seeing that Xuefeng was still unconscious, he smiled and chose the closest one. He lifted his leg high in the air and slammed towards the ground.

"Thud" His leg was stopped by something as if he hit his target but Bloody didn't hear the usual sound of the bones cracking.

"Oh, so someone told you to rip off my limbs? Let me guess, was it that stupid elf Minori?" Xuefeng voice suddenly entered into Bloody ears causing him to quickly look down.

Xuefeng eyes were wide open and they turned from blue to a crimson red color. He stared at Bloody with a questioning gaze as his hand was blocking Bloody's foot in the air.

"What...?" Bloody asked confused. He didn't expect such turn of events. Xuefeng didn't seem to be injured at all.

"Well, I will take that as a yes. We didn't offend anyone else since I arrived here. I'm kind of bored of this. You spare them once and they keep coming back for more and annoy you. And that strike hurt." Xuefeng sighed realizing it was already a third time this Minori guy plotted against him. With the last sentence he said, Xuefeng pushed upwards and Bloody was sent into the air before crashing onto the ground ten meters away.

Xuefeng stood up and touched his shirt which was kind of destroyed in the middle. You could see a translucent armor totally unharmed underneath it.

"I guess I need to thank Yiren for this gift. It's actually amazing." Xuefeng praised as he touched the armor.

"This berserk Artefact is not bad," Xuefeng added as he clenched his palm into a fist. He could feel boundless physical power inside him.

Xuefeng looked at Bloody who just stood up and smiled, asking, "You want to fight with fists? Let me show you the true power."

Bloody didn't know why but he felt weird looking at Xuefeng's eyes. He subconsciously backed away a step and recalled the strength Xuefeng used to lift him up and toss him away.

'He used only one hand!' He cried realizing how much power was needed to achieve that.

"How did you do it?" Bloody asked amazed.

"Not telling you," Xuefeng smirked as he punched into Bloody's unguarded chest.