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 "I'm going to fight against a human? Isn't he supposed to be Princess man? Nothing will happen if I hurt him?" The burly elf man caught up to the manager asking confused. Although he was bewildered, there was a hidden smile on his face as if he was excited to fight someone else than his race.

The man was the one called by everyone "Bloody Monster" and looking at his build, he definitely looked up to his name. Most elves were basically slender and didn't have big physiques, but this man was breaking the elves stereotype.

His whole upper body was abrupt in ripple muscles and even his arms were as thick as someone's head. Even if he possessed a bit proficiency in Elemental Qi, he was just obsessed with bodybuilding, causing him to look like that. His hair was black which meant that his Forest Elf bloodline wasn't that pure. Because he knew it, he decided to compensate it with the raw power of the body.

"If only you could manage to hurt him." The manager shrugged and continued to walk towards the betting counter. He believed that the Queen wouldn't risk so much money if she wasn't one hundred percent sure that Xuefeng will win.

There were so many elves already lining up to bet their stones and earn enough so they don't need to go Fate Stone hunting for some time, which made him ignore the other questions.

"Hehe, you don't need to worry about that..." Bloody Monster laughed with a crazed smile and licked his lips going back towards the arena. He couldn't wait to meet that human and fight him, seeing that the manager has so much faith in him.

"Pssst, Brother Bloody, can we have a word?" When Bloody Monster walked towards the participant's room and was about to enter and eat something before the fight, he heard someone calling him from the dark.

"What?" He turned around and saw someone covered in the cloak leaning against the wall.

"I want to ask if you are interested in a little deal? Cough, cough..." The hooded man asked in a croaked voice, before coughing horribly spitting something into a small cloth.

"It better be a good deal as I don't have time for games." Brother Bloody approached with interest.

"Don't worry, you will be satisfied. I know that you are brutal, but not stupid. Even if you won against that human, you wouldn't trash him too much. The Queen would later take revenge on you for destroying her daughter's man." The man started complimenting.

"True. Don't drag it out. What's your point?" Brother Bloody accepted the praise and called out without patience.

What if I offered you ten High tiered stones for each limb you rip off that human? Would you be moved?" The man finally proposed what he came for, and Bloody Monster eyes lit up immediately.

It was normal for him to break arms and legs on the arena each time he wins so the offer was just his pair of boots. He also asked the manager and he got the green light from him, so even if he went a little overboard, there shouldn't be any repercussions for him.

"Deal. Show me your face so I can find you later for the payment." Bloody reached out with his hand accepting the transaction.

The man in the cloak smiled and pulled it away showing himself to Bloody. His smile froze and he looked at the man in shock. There were multiple bruises on one half of the man's face and bandages covered the rest. He recognized the man instantly, that's why he was so startled.

"Just do the job." The man said as he pulled up the hood and walked away.


It took about thirty minutes for everyone to place their bets and sit down on their seats. Everyone was hyped for the upcoming fight as most people were talking to each other and commenting excitedly.

"Who did you bet on?"

"Of course I placed all of my stones on the Bloody Monster! There is no way a weak human will win against him. My wife will be on top of the world when I come back home and tell her the news of my winnings. I don't know what the Queen is thinking about placing the human in the tournament."

"Yeah, me too. I watched Bloody last fight and he was absurd! He nearly crushed the guy into a pulp. I wonder how humans fight."

"And I tried my luck betting on the human cultivator. I placed fifty high tiered Fate Stones on him winning."

"Hahaha, are you out of your mind?" All of the elves around started laughing at the only man who betted on Xuefeng.

"We will see who will laugh at the end. The fight is about to begin." The man ignored them and turned towards the arena seeing the referee arriving at the stage.

"The participants of the first battle of round two can enter the stage!" The referee called out loudly and everyone looked at the arena entrance. Everyone started cheering when they saw a big figure coming out.

"Oh, so I'm going to fight hulk now, huh? First giant spider now him. At least I can test out my new spells, I guess." Xuefeng wasn't scared of the Bloody who just entered the platform as most of the times, those with abundant muscles weren't that strong compared to those with condensed muscle type.

"Who is hulk? Don't worry. Bloody Monster is a close combat fighter so you just need to keep your distance and you will be fine," the Queen smiled as she patted Xuefeng on the arm.

"A kiss for luck. You got this!" Yiren kissed Xuefeng on the cheek and cheered. She wanted to kiss him on the lips but thought that it would just distract him.

"Well, then I'm going." Xuefeng sighed and stood up.

"Stand up on this disk. It will transport you to the arena." The Queen waved with her hand and a cloud formed next to the barrier.

Xuefeng stepped on it, but nearly dropped as the cloud immediately started moving forward, but he managed to keep his balance in the end. He passed through the barrier and flew towards the arena.

The moment he was out or the private room, everyone looked at him and suddenly turned jealous.

"He is kind of cute. I should have placed a bet on him. Damn it." A lot of female elves commented like that seeing the blond hair on Xuefeng's head, making the men next to them to throw angry looks at Xuefeng. Having golden hair meant better status and future, so it wasn't a surprise that a lot of female elves became attracted to Xuefeng.

Xuefeng landed on the ground and exchanged glances with Bloody Monster who was smiling at him. The burly man looked quite relaxed seeing Xuefeng's kind face.

"Are you both ready to fight?" The referee asked to confirm.

"Yes." "Let's go, boy." They answered at the same time.

"Well, then let the fight begin!" The referee cried and flew into the air. He was watching the fight from the air, so he could interfere in time if needed.

The moment the match started, Xuefeng recalled the Queen's advice and distanced himself from Bloody. He jumped back and prepared a thunderbolt in his hand at the same time.

His plan for this fight was to first play it safe and assault his opponent with spells. There were still a few spells he inherited from Thunder Goddess that he didn't check out. His dantian was now filled with a high quantity of Lightning Qi which begged to be used.

Bloody Monster didn't wait to be hit and chased after Xuefeng closing the gap that Xuefeng created in a moment.

'Thunderstrike!' Xuefeng cried in his mind as he channeled the Lightning Qi and sent a Lightning Bolt with a quick turn of his body. His aim was a bit off but he still hit his target, damaging Bloody in the shoulder. The attack traveled in a blink of an eye, which made him unable to dodge.

Bloody looked at his shoulder and saw a small burn on his skin. His clothes also had a hole in them but he was still alright. He looked at Xuefeng smiling and feeling excited from the match.

"Run, run! The arena is only so big. Haha, the moment I catch you is the moment this fight will end!" Bloody cried loudly as he laughed causing everyone watching to burst in cheers. They looked at their second halves sitting next to them with a look as if saying 'You see this? Your kind of cute boy will soon be destroyed!'

Xuefeng also realized that he can't run forever as he looked around the stage. He looked at the approaching hulk and channeled Lightning Qi from his dantian again. This time, both of his hands lit up with bright thunder and small balls started forming in his palms.

"Eat this!" Xuefeng shouted throwing a handful after handful of Thunder Bombs in the Bloody's direction. Bombs spread everywhere, leaving him no chance to dodge. With a click of Xuefeng's fingers, the mini thunder bombs exploded in contact with Bloody's body, blowing him away.

While cheering of the males stopped when the elves saw Bloody being sent flying, eyes of many females brightened while seeing Xuefeng's performance.

Bloody dropped to the ground with a thud, but after a moment he stood up as if nothing happened to him. Xuefeng looked at him and saw a thin layer of brown material covering his skin. It started to crumble as he walked and soon his body was revealed, totally unharmed.

"That's Bloody Monster's Ultimate Defence. I knew we can count on him." Someone shouted. Seeing their fighter stand up, the cheers all around the arena intensified.

"Ultimate Defence huh? I guess I will have to break it then." Xuefeng wasn't surprised by such results and started planning his next moves. The game was only starting.