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 When Xuefeng woke up, the scene that he last saw before they went to sleep, didn't change at all. Yiren was still lying and sleeping soundly like a little kitten on his chest. She was smiling innocently as if she was having a good dream.

Yiren looked so sweet that he decided not to wake her up and just watch her instead. Out of boredom he started to knead and massage her gently on her butt in a circular motion. Surprisingly Yiren didn't wake up but her smile deepened and she moaned lightly as if asking for more.

'Is she having an erotic dream?' Xuefeng looked at her weirdly, not expecting this. He was sure that she had been sleeping and not pretending.

'I finished my research.' Just as he contemplated if he should continue with another assault, Ling appeared in his mind out of nowhere almost making him jump. He also accidentally squeezed with his hand a little harder leaving a red mark on her ass cheek.

'Ling, you scared me!" "Mhmm... More..." Xuefeng complained, worried that he will wake Yiren up, but fortunately, she only moaned and asked for more.

'...Does she like rough play...?' He thought for a second feeling intrigued, but then recalled Ling's call and asked, 'Ling what did you find?'

'Well, sorry for disturbing your entertainment, while I'm working hard trying to secure a bright future for us. It must have been hard on you. What a poor soul...' Ling commented sarcastically feeling irritated by his attitude.

'...' Xuefeng became tongue-tied hearing her savageness. Now that she mentioned it, he started to feel bad for treating her like a mere helper. She was like a normal human being, with emotions and feelings.

'I'm sorry. I will take better care of you in the future.' Xuefeng apologized sincerely.

'It's okay. I'm not that petty. Listen. I tested this piece of Fate Stone and found out something interesting. It turned out that Fate Qi is actually a mixture of all nine Qi's fused together. I tried to do reverse engineering and splitting them into individual parts but the moment I did, they all quickly dispersed and I wasted the whole Fate Stone.' Ling didn't actually mind his behaviour as long as he understood and she started explaining what she found excitedly.

'Then there is a possibility that we can recreate various Elemental Qi's from Fate Qi if we manage to stop them from dispersing?' Xuefeng asked as she grabbed his attention.

'Yes. That was my line of thought too. From what we know, Forest Elves use Fate Stones and cultivate with them with the help of those wisdom trees. You should get one of each element so I can perform more tests. If it turns out to be true and we can actually learn how to create Fate Qi from Elements, this holy land would simply become a treasure trove for Fate Fragment Holder like you.' Ling was quite moved imagining the possibilities of this hidden world.

'Wouldn't I have to master all elements to create Fate Qi?' Xuefeng didn't think it would be that easy. Aside from Spirit Qi, he only had Lighting Qi which he is still yet to perfect and Fire Qi which he can only use through his sword.

'Yes, but with the help of this holy land, it wouldn't be hard. The only problem is with getting back into this world. If you can't find a way to enter and leave from here as you please, then the whole plan can be abolished. There is no way you can find another place that has such high quantity of Elemental Qi in the air.' Ling sighed as she brought up the only issue that was bothering her.

'Well, if I can persuade the Queen to gather and export Fate Stones outside for me, then one problem would be solved...' When he was saying that, it sounded easy, but he knew how hard of a task it would be.

"Mhmm, is it morning already..." Because Xuefeng stopped massaging her, Yiren suddenly felt like she was missing something and woke up. She raised her head looking at Xuefeng and rubbed her eyes.

'Okay, you should try to please your elf woman first and gather as many Fate Stones as you can. Even if we can't finalize our plan, they will still increase our power. Meanwhile, I will try to figure out what to do with the disappearing elements.' Ling didn't want to disturb him and returned into her space.

"Yes, good morning sleepy-head." Xuefeng acknowledged Ling's request and smiled at Yiren, lifting her up to give her a quick kiss on the lips.

Yiren wasn't satisfied with just one so she reached for another one, and another one, and finally, they settled on the long french kiss.

"I have never slept better in my entire life. I even dreamed about you. You were massaging my entire body not leaving any spot untouched. Your hands were amazing." When they separated she smiled sweetly recounting her dream.

"If you want to, I can massage you in real life too." Xuefeng gave Yiren a few strokes with both hands on her bottom, proposing the real experience.

"Sure! But not now. The tournament is going to start soon. If we don't want to miss it, we have to go soon." Yiren agreed immediately hearing his offer, but as she looked outside the window she realised it was already pretty late.

Xuefeng rolled his eyes and asked, "Why aren't you letting me go then?" Yiren was telling him that it's time to go, but she still had her hands wrapped around his neck.

"Well, we will go after this kiss." She said before kissing him passionately for the second time today. After she tasted the pleasure of kissing she couldn't wait to sample it again.

"Knock, knock." They kissed for a few minutes not wanting to stop, but then suddenly someone started knocking on the door, which forced them to separate. The door opened and to their surprise, it was the Queen who visited them.

"Oh, am I disturbing you guys?" The Queen asked as she approached them with a tray of snacks in her hands.

"No, we were just about to get out of the bed, when you came. Mom, you didn't need to bring us breakfast..." Yiren suddenly became embarrassed seeing her mother approach them. Yiren had taken baths with her mother many times but now she was lying naked on her man!

'Can't she tell we are busy...' Yiren was bothered by her mother's actions.

"Well, I thought I will bring you one today. You don't want it?" The Queen smiled at her daughter silliness and glanced on Xuefeng instead.

"No, we want it. Thank you. We will eat it now." Xuefeng understood what she meant and accepted the tray on Yiren behalf.

"How was the night? Did you enjoy yourselves?" The Queen sat down on the edge of the bed and asked playfully.

"We are making progress..." Xuefeng answered seeing that Yiren hugged into his chest and hid under the quilt.

"Are you going to watch the tournament today?" The Queen smiled hearing his answer and change the topic.

"Yeah, we have such plans." Xuefeng nodded.

"Than eat, get changed quickly and I will be waiting for you guys downstairs. I decided to go with you. You don't mind, right?" The Queen stood up and talked as she was approaching the door. She stopped before she left and asked.

"We don't... mind." Xuefeng wanted to agree, but then he felt Yiren move, reaching towards his belly and eventually grabbing his erected staff. She squeezed it, causing him to stop talking but he finished while putting on a forced smile.

"Then, I will be waiting downstairs." The Queen smiled seeing her daughter acting like that and left the room.

"Why did you agree... I wanted to have another date with you alone... " The moment her mother left, Yiren head peeked from the quilt and looked at Xuefeng with fake anger.

"I thought you had a nice relationship with your mother?" Xuefeng asked confused. He didn't want to piss the queen off as she had the weird power to bind him and do whatever she wants, but he couldn't tell Yiren that.

"Yeah, I do but I wanted to have you all to myself for the next few days..." Yiren pouted.

"It's okay. I'm all yours. Let's eat and get ready. I'm quite interested in this tournament so I don't want to be late. Later we can do whatever you want, okay?" Xuefeng caressed Yiren's cheeks, trying to cheer her up.

"Okay." Yiren finally smiled, thinking about what she should demand from him later.