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 Hearing Yiren confession, Xuefeng froze for a second and didn't know what to say. If he told her that he also loved her, then he wouldn't be true to himself. He had fun with her today, but after only one day he couldn't tell what his actual feelings were.

In the end, he didn't say anything and patted her on the head gently, causing her to smile in satisfaction. He decided to wait and see what the future would hold for them.

"How about we clean ourselves up and move onto the bed? You said there was a tournament tomorrow, so I wanted us to rest earlier," Xuefeng proposed, recalling the issue of gathering fate stones tomorrow.

Ling still hasn't updated him about her study on the fate stones, but either way, the more he can gather the better. After all, every day he is using Ling's Fate Qi which can't regenerate. If he doesn't kill other fate fragments holders in the future, he will one day run out of Fate Qi.

He was currently holding on, but it wouldn't be long before he dropped to the 9th upgrade. Hopefully, Ling shouldn't lose her memories from spending her Fate Qi.

"Okay." Yiren nodded cheerfully, letting Xuefeng go. He helped her stand up and they finally washed up, without distracting themselves.

After cleaning themselves properly, Xuefeng looked around in search for the towels to dry himself but couldn't find any.

"How do you dry yourself after the shower?" He asked, giving up.

"Oh! We just blowdry ourselves. I will blow you and you rotate." Yiren exclaimed as she realised why he was looking all around the room. She distanced herself from him, reaching out with her hand and instantly Xuefeng felt a gentle breeze on his face that was increasing in power.

"This definitely looks convenient, Air Qi is actually so useful." Xuefeng complemented as he imagined how many uses it had. Of course, the best one of them all was the ability to fly.

"Yeah, we use them in our daily lives as well. Air Qi is necessary for every forest elf to survive in the holy land. We use elements for cooking, cleaning and even crafts. There you go, you are already dry." Yiren nodded and explained. After she was done with him, she simply clapped her hands and the water that was on her body was collected into a small ball, before it dropped to the ground.

"Oh, so you have also mastered Water Qi. How many elements you actually know?" Xuefeng asked curiously.

"I have perfected four basic Qi's and Lightning Qi, so that would make five. But unlike you, I have it easier because I'm an elf. We are more sensitive towards the elements than you humans. Also, only when you can control your Lightning Qi freely, would it be considered as truly mastering it." Yiren explained further as she fixed her messy hair not bothered that Xuefeng was watching her naked body. He finally got a better look at her.

"Let's go to the bed." Yiren smiled seeing him ogle her body and approached, pulling him out of the bathroom. They lied down together and Yiren hugged onto his chest under the quilt.

"Good night," Yiren said sweetly as she finished searching for the best position to sleep. She gave him a quick goodnight kiss and lied down back on his chest.

"Sleep tight." Xuefeng placed a hand around on her round butt to adjust her a bit and closed his eyes with a smile on his face.

'If only I could have Wuying on the other side hugging me the same way...' He thought, imaging a perfect life.


"So this is the place where Xuefeng lives," Tianshi muttered as she entered Xuefeng's courtyard in the Liu Clan. After Xiao Feng decided to spend those few days until Xuefeng comes out in Liu Clan, they all moved onto the warship and left.

Tianshi was glad about the decision as she could understand more about Xuefeng life here. It would be quite embarrassing if it turned out that it was all a coincidence and Liu Xuefeng from this world just happened to be similar to the one she knew.

Tianshi entered into Xuefeng's room and sat down on the bed, taking a deep breath inside. The cracks on the wall that Xiao Wen made we still not fixed so she looked with a questioning gaze at Wuying who was with her, asking, "Did someone fight here?"

"Well, you should better ask your sister. It was her doing." Wuying side glanced at Xiao Wen, digging a hole in front of her.

"Oh come on, how would I know he would be naked here. I just panicked a bit seeing how big his equipment was. Sister, he will definitely satisfy you in the future. I'm already envious, hehe," Xiao Wen shrugged and later laughed as she winked playfully at Tianshi.

"Wen! What are you even saying," Tianshi blushed hearing Xiao Wen comment and at the same time, felt jealous that she wasn't there. Both of them saw Xuefeng's staff but she didn't and it was her who has known him the longest.

"Wuying, where are you staying?" Tianshi turned towards Wuying and asked curiously. She wanted to know everything about their current relationship.

"I always lived in the same courtyard with Xuefeng. I have a room just next door and we share a bathroom together." Wuying pointed towards the side doors and smiled kindly. Although she wasn't happy meeting another competitor, she didn't know what Xuefeng thought about Tianshi so Wuying wasn't rude to her.

"Oh, so you don't sleep together?" Tianshi sighed in relief but still asked to be sure.

"Well, we did once..." Wuying nodded admitting. She already told Xiao Wen so there was no point hiding it.

'...Wait, maybe it was the other guy before Xuefeng and I arrived in this world. Yeah, it must be.' Tianshi hope was crushed when she heard Wuying confirmation but she quickly regained her confidence.

"Can I ask if it happened in the last two weeks?" Tianshi decided to deep further not caring about her image.

Xiao Wen and Wuying looked at her confused but Wuying didn't consider that a secret and told her the truth, "Well, about two days ago before we left the clan for hunting and your sister arrived. Is there something wrong?"

Seeing that Tianshi fell on the bed and her expressions changed every second, Wuying asked out of concern. She didn't think it would be such a big deal to Tianshi.

Tianshi wanted to be mad, but at the same time, she couldn't. Xuefeng saved her at the sake of his life after all. He didn't know that she was here in the same world as him, so Tianshi couldn't expect him to stay single forever.

Tianshi had mixed feelings after hearing the truth. She didn't think he would find a girlfriend so fast after their parting.

'That scoundrel... When we meet, we will see how you are going to chase other girls in the future...' Tianshi thought in her mind.

"Yeah, I'm fine... Was Xuefeng different from normal in the last two weeks?" Tianshi stood up and asked again.

"Now that you ask, he was somehow different in the last two weeks. He suddenly became more sociable and kind. I prefer him like that, confident and reliable. Why do you ask? Did something happen two weeks ago?" Wuying thought for a moment and indeed found noticeable differences. She was also curious how did Tianshi know about this.

"...I was just casually asking... By the way, I will be sleeping here today." Tianshi couldn't answer that question so she deflected it and while laying down on Xuefeng pillow, she claimed the bed for the night.

"It's technically my bed as well now, so I'm going to be sleeping in it tonight." Wuying disagreed instantly and also got on the bed claiming the other half of it. They stared down at each other while fighting over the rights.

"Okay, both of you stand up. You can both sleep on it later if you want but It's still early now. If you become lazy with your training, you think Xuefeng won't drop your asses and find someone better? Tianshi before you meet Xuefeng, I want you to master Heavenly Steps, and you Wuying, I will give you a dagger Spirit Art and you have to master it in the next few days. Did you both hear me?" Xiao Wen rolled her eyes at them and commanded giving them no choice but to agree.

"Yeah..." They stood up from the bed and followed Xiao Wen out of the room. A spark of rivalry appeared between both their eyes when they looked at each other while smiling.