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 "I didn't finish the cleaning. Sit down here." After Yiren calmed down, a smile returned onto her face and she decided to continue with their previous actions. Xuefeng already agreed to her request so she knew he couldn't resist anymore.

She wriggled out of his arms, picked a small stool from the ground and placed it next to him. Xuefeng smiled and sat down obediently letting her do whatever she wanted. Yiren first poured some water on his head and applied the shampoo before starting to massage his head.

She was very careful not to put any shampoo into his eyes and Xuefeng could see that she was genuinely doing her best. After washing it away she looked at his broad shoulders and thought of something.

"We still need to clean your back," Yiren muttered and pulled out her bottle again, but instead of spilling it on him, she poured the liquid on her round chest.

Xuefeng felt Yiren's soft peaks on his body again, but this time they were slippery and roamed all around his back. Xuefeng already decided to make those few days memorable for her so he didn't object and as a matter of fact, he started to enjoy it.

"I see you are liking my massage. Your friend down here is already full of energy..." Yiren wrapped with her hands around his belly and encountered Xuefeng's sword that was already ready for the kill by accident. She was quite amazed seeing it so straight.

They spent so much time hugging naked that it would be strange if he didn't have any reaction. Yiren had a great body after all.

"What should I do with it? It's hot..." Yiren asked as she grabbed by the shaft feeling it out. Her hands were covered in the shampoo so they slid up and down nicely without much effort.

"Well how about before we proceed further, I will also give you a massage?" Xuefeng proposed, slowing her advance. If they acted to fast, their special moment would be gone and they would drift away from each other instead of deeper their bonds.

"Oh, how?" Yiren got intrigued by Xuefeng's proposition causing her to stop dancing with her hands.

"Here, sit between my lap. The stool is big enough for us both." Xuefeng picked her up and placed in his embrace, sharing the small chair with her, before trying to cover her bosom with his hands.

Naturally, they were too big to fit perfectly in his palms but because of the shampoo, he could easily manoeuvre all around them. Her nipples were becoming more erect each time they passed through his fingers.

"Mhmm, I like it. Can I have a kiss as well?" Yiren nodded in pleasure confirming that it was a good idea. She looked back at him as she tilted her neck and soon received what she wanted. Xuefeng planted a fruity kiss closing her rosy lips and she liked it so much, she uncontrollably changed her position sitting on his lap sideways.

It was supposed to be a sensual massage scene, but it soon became a wild kissing act, that both of them didn't want to end. Yiren wrapped her arms around his neck not letting him go and changed her position once again sitting now on Xuefeng thighs with their chests touching.

Xuefeng flinched lightly when he felt Yiren forbidden region touching his erected staff. She unknowingly started rubbing on it with her sensitive little pearl as she felt the pleasure from the movements.

To distract her, he performed a raid in her mouth sending his tongue on the rampage. Not only did the diversion didn't work, but Yiren adopted his army tactics right away and used it against him in the next round of attacks.

"Mhmm," Yiren moaned as she moved around with her waist in a circular motion and danced in Xuefeng's mouth. She started to enjoy the whole game her mother was teaching her about.

Seeing that he was losing the battle, Xuefeng gave up resisting and grabbed her bottom cheeks helping her with the movement. He had a sudden urge to pull her higher and impale her rear on his spear but suppressed it quickly. Xuefeng didn't want her first experience to be this simple as a fooling around in the bathroom.

"Xuefeng... I'm feeling as if my mind is going to explode..." Yiren pulled away from his mouth as she realised that something was changing inside her the more they played. Her breathing quickened and she whispered into Xuefeng's ear seductively.

"If you continue teasing me like this... I will also reach my limits." This whole time when Yiren was rubbing against his staff, she was also playing with the head and teasing the tip adding to the pleasure. He was wondering, from whom she learnt about this, but deep down he knew the answer.

"Aren't I supposed to receive your seeds inside me?" Yiren asked confused recalling her mother teachings. She was indeed prepared by the Queen for today situation.

"It's too late for that..." Taking advantage of the fact that she didn't stick into his chest, Xuefeng pulled the rope of the shower washing away her bosom from the shampoo before sucking on her nipples. He also stood up lightly kicking the stool away and lied on the ground placing her on top of him.

"Mhmm, rub the other one too..." Yiren started riding on top of him, not bothered by the change of position and placed his free hand on her unoccupied peak.

"My mind is slipping away... I can't anymore... Aaaaaah..." Yiren finally reached her limits dropping on top of him out of energy and love juices exploded out of her chamber of secrets gushing out everywhere. She felt as if electric shock passed through her body, tensing her muscles out of her control.

Before she finished her ecstasy moment, Xuefeng abruptly rolled them together appearing above her and grabbing his pulsing sword he started stroking it excessively. At the same time, as she reached her limits, he was also ready to burst.

"Hu... hu..." A white thick liquid covered in a golden hue suddenly shot out from his cannon sprinkling all over her chest and face as he breathed heavily.

Xuefeng smiled satisfied, looking down at her body covered everywhere in his own liquid before lying next to her. Even if only Yiren worked, he was still somehow exhausted.

"I love you..." Yiren said with a determined gaze as she titled her head to the side and looked at Xuefeng lovingly. She didn't care if Xuefeng tells her that he loves her back and placed her head on his chest thinking how nice it would be to stay near him forever.


"Damn, even being at the pinnacle of this realm, I can't pass through those damn doors." Xiao Feng cursed being blown by the white light from the stone passage once again. It turned out the higher power you use, the stronger the defensive mechanism becomes.

It was absorbing the power behind his attack and send it back towards the enemy. There was no way he would be able to enter unless he cracks the formation inside the runes. Unfortunately, he didn't have enough knowledge to do that.

"Xiaobei, let's leave it. As I said, your son will be alright and should leave in a few days by himself. We can drink wine to kill our time." Xiao Feng left the pool with a grumpy face and landed near Xuefeng's father.

"Well, how about we stay in my clan instead of this forest? The girls can have a night of proper sleep and I can also introduce my wife to you." Liu Xiaobei expected such an outcome so he wasn't disappointed and proposed. For him as long as Xuefeng was alright, it was fine.

"Oh, such a great suggestion. I will leave some experts here and they can inform him when he leaves." Xiao Feng nodded hearing him and didn't waste time before acting. He called Xiao Wen guard and started arranging the man to prepare for departure.