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 "Did you enjoy today's date?" Yiren whispered into Xuefeng's ear as they flew back towards the palace. The sun already fell behind the horizon, so the canyon was darkening quickly, hiding them in the shadows.

"Yeah, I had fun." Xuefeng nodded recalling today's day. Now that he thought about it, he actually enjoyed spending time with her. It was quite refreshing for him.

"Then I'm glad." Yiren smiled with relief as she tightened her around Xuefeng's neck and dived into the crown of the Patent Tree.

As they disappeared into the distance, from the entrance to the cave, a man walked out with cuts and blood everywhere on him and followed Yiren with his sight. He looked at them as he gritted with his teeth.

"If I can't have you...no one will..." Minori muttered under his breath and suddenly put a crazed smile on his face. His wings turned red from the blood on his back as he flew towards the other forest cities.

Yiren had to pass through the web of branches but it seemed like she didn't have any problems as she skillfully manoeuvred between them and arrived above the palace. As she passed through the invisible barrier around the palace, her necklace shone and let them pass without alarming guards.

They landed on the balcony of the room that Xuefeng woke up earlier as it seemed to be on the highest floor in the palace.

"Let me help you take off your clothes. You can have a warm shower first, while I hang up them outside." The moment they entered into the room, Yiren grabbed the corner of his shirt and lifted it up.

"Wait, I can do it alone." Xuefeng stopped her.

"Okay then." Yiren nodded and stood by the side, watching him curiously.

"Aren't you going to leave?" He asked seeing her waiting.

"I have already seen you naked when I was drying your clothes this morning. Why should I leave? Quickly take off your clothes or you will get cold," Yiren smiled innocently, not understanding what does he mean.

"Right..." Xuefeng realised that Yiren probably didn't know much about female and male physical relations. He sighed, slowly taking off his shirt.

"Come on, why are you so slow, I'm also cold." Seeing how slowly he takes it off, the moment his shirt was on his head, she reached out and pulled down his pants all the way down.

"So this is the thing that will go inside me later, right? I didn't have a closer look earlier. Isn't it supposed to be hard?" Yiren poked Xuefeng's snake with her finger when it dropped in front of her face, studying it.

"Woah there... okay, here. I will take a shower first." Xuefeng subconsciously backed away feeling her sudden touch on his precious friend and giving her all the clothes before entering the bathroom.

"Haha, he is so funny." Yiren laughed as he ran away. She took his clothes and went out to the balcony to hang them on the rope. Although the weather in the Eligma was really humid, because of the barrier surrounding the city, it was warm and the humidity was in the norm.

"Damn, so she knew everything and was only playing with me." Xuefeng cursed as soon as he closed the door.

"Also why am I running away, I should be already used to this..." He slapped himself across the face and approached the shower. He was surprised that it looked mostly like the normal shower you could find in almost every home on earth, but instead of the metal handle, there was a bamboo tube above his head.

Xuefeng pulled by the rope hanging from the tube and warm water started to fall.

'So what now... Am I really going to sleep with her? What about Wuying? She is probably waiting for me outside worried... Also, there is no way the Queen will let me leave if I don't. There are no other escape routes. Think man, what should I do now...' Steam filled the bathroom, as Xuefeng warmed himself up and contemplated on his current action options.

Because of the running water, he didn't hear that someone quietly entered the bathroom and started sneaking behind him. Xuefeng was also in the middle of his thoughts so it also added to his lack of awareness.

"What are you thinking of?" Suddenly, Yiren voice sounded from behind him as female arms suddenly wrapped around his chest and something soft pressed against his back.

"Fuck, you scared me." Xuefeng almost jumped away when Yiren called out next to his ear, but she held onto him not letting him go.

"Yiren? What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to take a shower at your room." After realising it was Yiren, he stopped struggling and let her cling to him.

"But, I am taking a shower in my room. This room was mine, to begin with. Want me to help you with cleaning?" Yiren asked but she didn't wait for the answer as she pulled out a small bottle from her ring and poured a nice smelling liquid on Xuefeng chest.

"I can do it myself..." "No. I will help you. My mother told me that we should shower together to deepen our bond." Xuefeng tried to stop her but she slapped his hands away decisively and roamed with her hands on his chest, distributing the shampoo everywhere.

"What is this necklace? Is it a Fate Stone?" Yiren asked feeling something hanging around his neck.

"Yeah... kind of." Xuefeng couldn't tell her the truth so he nodded causing Yiren to smile knowingly.

The water stopped falling on their faces as Xuefeng let go of the rope. The bubbles started forming all around his chest as an aromatic smell entered into his nose. He felt refreshed just by smelling it.

"Isn't it nicer than doing it by yourself?" Yiren said as she bubbled up his chest and arms, not missing a spot.

"Yiren, you don't understa..." Xuefeng started talking but was cut off by the water dropping on his face. All the bubbles were washed away leaving only the fragrant smell.

"I know how you feel. You already have someone you like and want to stay faithful towards her, but can't you give me only a few days of your love?" Yiren hugged into Xuefeng body placing her head on his back.

"Yiren..." "Don't!" Xuefeng tried to turn around to face her but was stopped by Yiren's cry.

"Imagine living a life where your future is already designed for you... You can only meet your lover for a few days and then you have to spend the rest of your life alone...sniff..." The feelings she kept inside her all this time broke through the barrier and spew out from her heart.

Xuefeng stood still, allowing her to let out everything. He could feel her emotions and somehow felt bad for her.

"Can't I have a few days of your love? I never asked for anything in my life... You are the only man I have ever had and ever will have. Just let me have those few days before we separate... Let me have a memory I can hold onto and cherish in the future..." Yiren tears fell from her eyes uncontrollably as she pleaded.

She wanted to roam the world, travel all around and see different, beautiful places.

She hated her current life.

Being locked down in a cage, when she could be as free as a bird.

She didn't want to become a Queen, but she never had a chance to voice out her feelings.

She never had a choice.

"Just let me have those few days..." Yiren repeated quietly.

"Okay." Xuefeng suddenly said after a moment of silence.

"What?" Yiren asked to confirm if she heard right.

"I will leave a memory for you to remember. It's only a few days. I can let you have them all." Xuefeng turned around feeling that she lessened her embrace and caressed her cheeks agreeing to her request. Her eyes were already red, but the smile returned after hearing him.

Xuefeng realised that if this was the only way to leave from here, he should at least make the time memorable. If he can make Yiren's life better this way, then it has even more worth in it.

"Thank you..." Yiren threw herself at him, wrapping her arms around his neck. He also embraced her, pressing her naked body with his genuine self.

Some would say he was weak, leaving aside the feelings he had for Wuying or even Tianshi, but if he could sacrifice a few days of his life to create unforgettable memories for Yiren, why would he hesitate anymore. He would have to do it for her either way, so why not spend some additional effort to make those days even better.


While a touching scene happened in Yiren's room, in the other area of the palace, two figures were standing in front of the hologram. They were the current Queen and Yiren's Grandmother, Xuefeng met in the restaurant.

The hologram was surprisingly featuring Xuefeng and Yiren hugging each other in the bathroom and it seemed like the whole scene that just happened had been watched by them.

"I told you she was different." Auntie sighed as she waved with her hand and turned off the hologram.

The Queen was clearly touched by her daughter hidden emotions as tear stains were visible on her cheeks.

"Let's prepare for the ceremony." She called out without hesitation as she wiped her eyes.

"Are you going to break the tradition?" Auntie asked her with amusement.

"If my daughter will suffer like this then fuck the tradition. We already endured enough. With the help of this boy, the things will change." The Queen didn't change her mind cursing at the beliefs of hundreds of generations.

"Okay, then let's do this." Auntie nodded feeling her daughter resolve.