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 "It was me. Remember how we were supposed to visit our aunt for a while last summer? I actually sneaked Tianshi away and we visited the Eastern Region for fun. She doesn't want to tell cause I told her to keep it a secret." Seeing that Tianshi was silent for a moment, Xiao Wen decided to help her.

Keeping Xuefeng close to her family would be of course a great deal, but she can't tell her father about his ability. If Xiao Wen told him that Xuefeng can increase inborn talent then her father wouldn't care if Tianshi met him or not. He would straight up engage them.

Xiao Wen was also curious how did Xuefeng and Tianshi meet, but she can wait for them to talk when they want to. The main goal was to keep him in the family. Now, even if Tianshi didn't want to, Xiao Wen wouldn't mind replacing her.

"You did what?!" Xiao Feng bellowed at her irresponsible daughter, then looked with a questioning gaze at Xiao Wen's Main Protector including Tianshi's servants Yi and Yu, who were supposed to monitor the girls, passing the reports to him if anything happens.

"It's our fault, we neglected our duties. We accept any punishment." The girls and the masked man dropped to the ground apologizing instantly. Even if they knew that Xiao Wen was lying, they couldn't accuse her else they won't live for long. They had to take the blame without any objections.

"Father, don't punish them, It was all in the past. Aren't we all fine? Do it for me, please..." Tianshi didn't want cause problems for them so she pleaded to spare them.

When Xiao Feng stopped looking at Xiao Wen, she winked at Liu Xiaobei and gave him a familiar to him scheming smile. He realised that she was actually lying, so he didn't have other choices but to confirm her story for now. He will have to wait for Xuefeng to be the judge in this case.

"Well, that might be true as Xuefeng was also away from the clan at that time. But I'm not going to force anything on him. Let's wait for him and let Xuefeng decide what he wants and think." Liu Xiaobei nodded confirming the story.

"Stand up, and let it be the last time. I'm only sparing you cause of my daughter plea. I don't want to see anything like this..." "Okay, geez. You don't have to make it into a speech. Go drink a bottle of wine with your friend instead of lecturing endlessly." Xiao Feng started scolding them but was stopped by his wife, who didn't want to listen to his chatter.

"Ladies, follow me. We have some women things to talk about." Xiao Feng wife didn't wait for his answer and gathered the girls, before entering the tent.

Wuying was a little confused but still followed them as she wanted to learn the truth about Xuefeng and Tianshi. She didn't recall, Xuefeng ever leaving the clan during last year summer but he mentioned her once not too long ago, so something had to happen.

"Well, haha, I guess that's the end of discussion. Let me check the place where your boy was trapped first before we drink some wine recalling good old days." Xiao Feng laughed bitterly, changing the subject to avoid being embarrassed.

"Haha, okay. After you." Liu Xiaobei laughed and followed him.


"Hey, I don't think we greeted each other yet. I'm Tianshi. Nice to meet you." Tianshi approached Wuying, introducing herself and reached out with a hand for a handshake, showing a gentle smile. She didn't know what relations Wuying had with Xuefeng so she wanted to play it safe.

"I'm Wuying." Wuying also smiled politely, accepting it. She was observing Tianshi physique and facial features, subconsciously comparing herself with her. In the end, Wuying didn't think that she was losing to Tianshi after a closer look.

"I'm Tianshi's and Wen's mother, but you can call me Aunt Xiao. What are your relations with Xuefeng?" Lady Xiao smiled and asked when they all sat down by the small table.

"I'm Xuefeng's girlfriend," Wuying said confidently.

"Tianshi tell me, why the boy you fancy already have a girlfriend? Father is not here so you can tell me the truth." Lady Xiao turned towards her younger daughter and asked confused.

"He probably thought that we would never meet with each other again. That we live in two different worlds." Tianshi was quite bothered when she heard Wuying, but she quickly recovered.

"So that's the issue. Well, we will have to wait for the boy to come out if we somehow want to resolve this." Lady Xiao sighed realising what was the situation and patted Tianshi head. She had to work a lot to force her husband not to search for other girls.


"Mhmm..." Back in the Red Blossom Tree Cave, the wind already died down and Yiren hair turned back to normal. When Xuefeng tried to separate, Yiren leaned forward for more, trying to stay in his embrace longer. She didn't know how to kiss with a man, but with Xuefeng subtle lead, she learned pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, nothing last forever and they separated before she could taste enough. After she engraved this moment into her memory, she opened her eyes and saw Xuefeng's angry face watching her.

"If you use an ability like this before you master it and hurt yourself again, I will not talk to you," Xuefeng said seriously, warning her. He knew that the ability was probably safe as long as you master it, cause the Queen used it at him without any problems.

"I'm sorry..." Yiren hung her head down hearing Xuefeng scolding and apologized. Yiren sniffed quietly as she tried to stop herself from crying in front of Xuefeng.

"Eh... Show me your face." Xuefeng voice softened as he realised he might have sounded a bit harsh.

Yiren lifted her head while quickly wiping her eyes with her sleeve. It made it even worse as her eyes turned red but tears still threatened to fall down at any second.

"I wanted to create a perfect date for us, sniff... I was waiting so long for this day and he had to ruin everything, sniff..." Yiren sniffed as she tried to explain herself.

"It's okay, I had a great time today. Don't move." Xuefeng didn't have a handkerchief so he used his sleeve to clean the blood from under her nose. He didn't heal her this time cause he, fortunately, stopped her in time before she hurt herself too much.

"If you are going to cry you will look ugly." Xuefeng looked her in the eyes and commented, wiping the corner of her eyes from the leftovers of her tears.

"Hehe, you are the one who is ugly." Yiren laughed softly nudging him on the chest. She already calmed down and a smile returned on her face.

"It seems like he sneaked away. We should also return." Xuefeng turned towards the entrance and saw blood signs on the ground as if someone crawled away.

"Yeah, it should be getting dark soon. Come we will use the second exit." Yiren grabbed him by the hand and pulled him in the opposite direction of the entrance. As they arrived by the wall, Xuefeng heard the sound of a water streaming.

"Here." Yiren stopped by the hole and pointed downwards. The hole was about one meter in diameter and you could see the water dashing madly in the underground tunnel.

"Are you serious? We are not jumping down there." The moment he saw how fast the water was going down there, his rationality kicked in and instantly denied her proposal.

"What, are you scared?" Yiren teased, playing on his ego.

"It's not called being scared, but being smart." Xuefeng corrected her.

"I don't think that's fun. Anyway, I'm going to see you on the other side." Yiren sent him a playful smile and jumped into the hole.

"Wait...!" Xuefeng cried out and tried to grab her but was too late.

"Dammit! She is crazy..." Xuefeng cursed and jumped after her. The moment he touched the water he was instantly carried away by the current and dragged underwater.

"Yiren!" Xuefeng cried as soon as his head broke through the water surface. He didn't hear anything from her, so he started looking around as the river pushed him with its power. The tunnel was quite wide and deep, without any sharp edges which calmed him down a bit.

Xuefeng tried to stay on the surface and after a few seconds, he suddenly saw a light in the distance. He could see the exit which was covered by the waterfall curtain and it made him recall that they were in a cliff cave, high in the sky. He was about to drop down!

"Swush." The river ended and he broke through the waterfall, launching towards the night sky.

"Gotcha." Just as Xuefeng thought it's the end, Yiren caught him in the sky and soon landed on a rock platform placing him on the ground.

"Hu... hu..." Xuefeng breathed loudly as he lied on the ground.

"Haha, that was fun. I always take the shortcut when I go back. Refreshing bath." Yiren laughed as she twisted her hair to get rid of excess water.

Xuefeng turned around and glanced at her almost naked soaked body. Although it was getting dark, he could still see everything as if it was daylight. Earlier she already had barely anything on herself and now her dress was clinging to her skin, especially her bare bosom, which didn't have any other protection other than her dress.

She approached Xuefeng and crouched next to him, tickling his face with her golden wet hair. Up close he could see her nipples which stood erect from the cold water and thought 'I guess it was worth it.'

"Stand up. You will be cold soon if we don't dry ourselves fast. We should be able to sneak into the palace as it's getting dark already." Yiren took him by the hand and helped him stand up.

"What about you?" Xuefeng asked as he hugged her in preparation for the flight. He could feel her body as if they touched skin to skin when her chest pressed against his.

"I will just hug into you and warm myself up." Yiren smiled as a pair of wings grew up of her back. She wrapped her hands around his neck and they set off with one strong push.