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 "Wen, what happened?" It was already morning in the outside world and Wuying finally woke up. Wuying only remembered that she was worried about Xuefeng while there were sitting in the tent and Xiao Wen gave her something to drink to calm her nerves.

After Wuying drank it, she suddenly felt sleepy and soon after she blacked out. She went out of her room and found no one inside. Wuying heard some sounds outside so she left the tent and saw Xiao Wen training her sword skills with the other Xiao Family cultivators.

"Let's have a break... You were too engrossed in your emotions so I had to stop you. I put some calming sleeping pills into your drink, allowing you to rest for a bit. Are you better now?" Xiao Wen blew away the cultivator that was attacking her, pausing her training and approached Wuying. She smiled at her while explaining the reasoning for her earlier actions.

"Are there any news from Xuefeng?" Wuying asked calmly. Apparently, the sleep helped her put her emotions on the right track.

"Yeah, I notified my father about the situation and he contacted me, passing the message that Xuefeng is alright. My father recognises the runes on top of the passage and says that Xuefeng is trapped in a special space. He can only leave from there after a few days." Xiao Wen relayed the message.

"That's good. I was worried unnecessarily then. Thanks for stopping me." Wuying sighed in relief.

"No problem. Also, my father is travelling here and should arrive soon. He will try to break through the barrier and take Xuefeng out. Your Clan Leader also arrived yesterday." Xiao Wen pointed towards the lake and just at this moment, Liu Xiaobei was getting out of the hole with Senior Wang.

"Oh, Clan leader, Senior Wang. What are you doing here?" Wuying asked surprised when she saw them landing next to her.

"Hi Wuying, Senior Wang sensed that something was wrong and notified me." Liu Xiaobei greeted her, showing the token that looked similar to the one Xuefeng received and Wuying finally understood.

"So that's how you know he is alright. Can I have a similar token like this? I don't want to be put in a similar situation like yesterday night." Wuying asked as she recalled how embarrassing she was behaving.

"Uhm, I guess I have one more set in the clan so I can give it to you afterwards." Liu Xiaobei hesitated but agreed in the end. You had to know that those tokens were made from quite rare materials. It would be a great loss to give away one.

"Princess, something is coming at great speed in our direction." Suddenly, a masked cultivator that was patrolling the sky, hovered above them and informed.

"It's probably father's warship." Everyone looked into the distance and saw a black dot in the horizon enlarging with each second. Xiao Wen theorized as nothing else would travel so fast in the Eastern Region.

She created a huge fireball in her hand before launching it high into the sky. They agreed on this signal earlier on as her father didn't know exactly where they were, only the basic direction.

The warship was travelling faster than the speed of sound so they didn't detect the sound of the warship coming but when it saw the signal and started to slow down, they finally heard the rumble they were supposed to hear.

A large hundred meters long flying warship soon arrived above them, blocking the sun and creating a huge shade, turning the day into night.

It hovered for a bit in the sky then started to decrease in size, descending to the ground. When it landed on the prepared spot on the ground, it was barely ten meters long. Five figures were standing on the board, A middle-aged dignified man, together with his wife and daughter. There were also two twin sisters that were standing behind them.

'Fuck...' Liu Xiaobei cursed seeing the familiar face. Earlier he tried to break through the stone doors to maybe rescue Xuefeng and run away before that man arrives but the barrier was impossible to break.

"Xiaobei?!" Xiao Feng looked at everyone gathered before him and when his eyes landed on Liu Xiaobei, he blinked twice, thinking that he saw wrongly.

"Xiao Feng, long time no see." The Liu Clan Leader smiled bitterly and greeted his old friend.

"Haha, so you have hidden so far away in the Eastern Region. I was searching for you everywhere but couldn't find you. Are you still recovering from our last fight?" Xiao Feng disappeared from the board and emerged in front of Liu Xiaobei, laughing and patting him on the shoulder.

"Wait, you are not mad anymore?" Liu Xiaobei asked confused.

Twenty years ago when they were younger, they had a big fight over one girl and they almost destroyed the whole city even before the outcome was decided. Liu Xiaobei slept with the girl that Xiao Feng liked at that time which later ignited the fight.

In the end, it was Liu Xiaobei who lost and had to leave the Central Region. He didn't know that after Xiao Feng calmed down, he realised that it was stupid to fight with your friend over a woman.

"Why would I still be mad? Look, I have a beautiful wife and two pretty daughters already. Our argument was just a dumb mistake." Xiao Feng gestured behind him and at that moment, Tianshi descended to the ground with her mother.

"Nice to meet you, my husband was talking a lot about you." Tianshi's mother approached them and greeted Liu Xiaobei politely.

"Xiao Feng indeed found a beautiful wife, I'm envious." Liu Xiaobei complemented causing her to laugh shily.

"Okay, stop flirting with my wife and tell me why are you here?" Xiao Feng pulled him away from his wife, putting his arm around her and asked seriously.

"Actually, It just happens that I'm Xuefeng father. I didn't think that Xiao Wen would be your daughter." Liu Xiaobei said truthfully.

"What? Haha, that's great! We are going to be a family soon then!" Xiao Feng laughed hearing about that fact.

"Family?'' Xiaobei asked confused.

"You know, my daughter and your son like each other, so they can get married. Tianshi, come here." Xiao Feng explained happily as he beckoned at Tianshi. When he learned that Liu Xuefeng was the son of his old friend, the idea of their marriage didn't sound that bad anymore.

"Tianshi...?" Wuying that stood on the side muttered under her breath when she learned the Tianshi's name. She recalled that Xuefeng mentioned this name before.

'But how did they meet if she is from the central region?' Wuying thought confused.

"But my son never left the Eastern Region. How did they even meet each other?" Liu Xiaobei asked the same question Wuying wanted to ask.

"Tianshi also never left the Central Region. Right... How did you both meet?" Xiao Feng thought for a moment and asked Tianshi for an explanation.

"Uhm..." Tianshi didn't expect such a question and suddenly froze.