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 They flew for a moment until the finally landed on a small rock platform far away from the rest and hidden behind a small cliff.

"We are here," Yiren called out smiling.

Xuefeng looked around and saw nothing but water falling and the rock wall on the side.

"What am I supposed to see here?" Xuefeng gave up, as he had no idea.

"Dummy, you have to look deeper if you want to see." Yiren waved with her hand and the waterfall split in two and created a passage for them. Behind it was a small cave with a hole in the middle that was about 1 meter in height.

"Follow me closely." Yiren smiled at him and entered into the cave.

'How did she even find this place? Only she would have thought that there can be a cave there.' Xuefeng commented in his mind but still followed her.

She crouched before the hole and said, "We have to pass through the hole to get there. Stay close behind me." before entering.

Xuefeng crouched behind her but stopped as he could literally see her round rear in front of his face. Her skirt was too short to cover her bottom when she was crouching. Fortunately, Yiren was wearing her white silky underwear, else she would be completely exposed.

"Are you going or not?" Yiren stopped and asked with her head hanging downwards. Her bounteous boson and slim legs were blocking her view, so she had to change into straddle position which showed her rear even more.

'Well, it was you who asked me to do that.' Xuefeng thought and didn't hesitate anymore. As big of a gentleman as Xuefeng was, he had a hard time rejecting the view she presented to him on a golden plate.

Her chest blobs were swaying left and right while her tender, round ass cheeks were rubbing against each other right in front of her face.

'I'm only a man, it's not like taken men don't look at the other beauties on the street, right?' Xuefeng thought, trying to justify his actions.

The tunnel was surprisingly long and after a while, Xuefeng started to doubt Yiren actions. It has been 5 minutes and they still didn't reach the end.

'Who in the right mind would enter into an unknown tunnel and travel so far without knowing what awaits them?' He thought, letting out a sigh.

"Plask." Xuefeng was engrossed in his thoughts and didn't see that Yiren stopped crawling forward which caused the collision. His face smacked straight into her forbidden region pushing her ahead. It just happened to be the end and she dropped out of the tunnel.

"Dummy, even if you can't wait till the night, you don't need to do it in a place like that..." Yiren complained as she stood up from the ground. She created a lightning ball to illuminate the cave for them and checked her head. There was a bump forming on her forehead as she hit herself in the head during the fall.

"I'm sorry, I didn't see that you halted." Xuefeng also went out of the hole and instantly apologized.

"You promised not to bully me... Now you have to kiss it, so the pain can go away." Yiren pouted as she massaged her forehead.

"Did you hurt yourself? Here, it doesn't hurt anymore, right?" Xuefeng approached her and saw a bruise on her forehead. He gently kissed her, while Ling sent a bit of Fate Qi, healing her face back to normal.

"No, It doesn't anymore. Thank you." A smile returned to Yiren face as the pain went away. She naturally felt Xuefeng Fate Qi and suddenly understood why he was so interested in Fate Stones.

"Close your eyes. What I'm going to show you has to be a surprise." Yiren commanded as she placed her small hands on his eyes.

"Okay, they are closed." Xuefeng smiled at her games but complied.

"Now hold my hand and follow me. Remember, no peeking!" Yiren grabbed him by the hand and pulled him ahead.

While Xuefeng was walking behind her, he could hear the sounds of water, dripping from the ceiling and splashing near his feet. But, they were in the cave under the river so it was to be expected.

"You can open your eyes now," Yiren said as she halted.

She wasn't creating light cause it wasn't needed anymore. When he opened his eyes, he could see hundreds of shiny stalagtites and stalagmites all around the cave that were illuminating the space.

The chamber wasn't too big, but it had at least 30 meters in width. There was a small pond with a crystal clear water in the middle of the cavern and a small island with a single Red Blossom Tree lied gently on top of it.

The whole island was covered with crimson petals but they didn't wither and instead created a soft petal bed.

"Isn't it pretty? I found this tree a while ago. The moment I was lonely, I was coming here and laying on top of the delicate petals I was thinking about you." Yiren walked over the man-made bridge and fell to the ground drowning herself in the petals.

"Indeed a pretty place." Xuefeng followed her and also dropped to the ground next to her.

"Why did you choose me?" he asked suddenly while feeling to the softness of the petals on his skin.

"To be honest, it wasn't my choice, but the moment I saw you, I was happy. I somehow knew already, deep down inside me that you would be a good person. I was kind of scared of this day, cause you never know who the Green Void Vine will bring, but my worries are all gone now." Yiren closed her eyes and answered true to her feelings.

"Wouldn't it be better to just visit the world outside and choose someone by yourself?" Xuefeng asked as he turned around towards her.

"Green Void Vine takes a bit of our blood and is supposed to find a person that matches you perfectly. Till now, it was never wrong. If I tried to find someone by myself, I would never meet you. Don't you think we look good together?" Yiren also turned to the side and looked Xuefeng in the eyes.

"What if I already have someone else in my heart?" Xuefeng sighed and told her the truth.

Xuefeng recalled Wuying telling him that as long as he had her in his heart, she didn't mind him having other lovers. It was already hard to focus on 1 or 2 girls, how complicated his life would be if he had more?

"Does that woman mind you loving other girls as long as you keep a place for them in your heart?" Yiren smiled as if she heard something in her mind and retorted.

"Uhm... Yeah... How did you know?" Xuefeng was tong-tied hearing her ask what he just said in his mind.

"If she doesn't mind then I also don't care. I always wanted to have sisters anyway." Yiren smiled as she trapped Xuefeng in her game.

"But, mhmm..." "No but's. We met not a while ago, we still have some time to get to know each other better, right?" Yiren reached out and placed her finger on his lips blocking him from talking. Xuefeng couldn't answer her question so he just nodded, as he agreed with that.

"Can you close your eyes for a moment? I have another surprise for you." Yiren thought about something and asked sweetly.

Xuefeng nodded, shutting them up and that was the moment Yiren put away her finger and came close to him. Her mother told her that if the boy is not falling for her tricks, she should strike first. Her cherry lips were advancing as she wanted to pass the final line between them.

"Aha! I knew I would find you here!" Just as her lips were about to connect with its target, a loud shout stopped her from taking the last step.

She turned around and when she saw that it was Minori and his buddies, the barrier that was blocking her anger suddenly broke.

"To think that you would already kiss..." "SHUT UP!" Minori saw them lying together and called out sarcastically but he was cut off by Yiren loud shout.

Xuefeng opened his eyes and saw Yiren standing up. He sensed that there was something wrong with her, but before he could stop her from doing anything, the red blossom tree petals started flying in all direction blocking his view.

"I told you to stop harassing me!" Yiren cried one more time, as her hair suddenly starting whitening and her eyes shone with bright light. Her feet broke away from the ground as she was lifted by the wind without using her wings.

"She is using her High Elf Arts. Run!" One of Minori buddies cried out towards others and ran away, causing the rest to follow in his footsteps.

Minori seeing that he has no chance anymore, also backed away but suddenly felt like he couldn't move. A purple hue was forming around him, blocking his movements.

"You ruined our moment once again!" Yiren cried out as she waved her stretched arm to the right.

"Aaaargh..." Minori slammed into the wall spitting out a mouthful of blood.

"I hate you so much! I told you to never show yourself again!" Yiren swung her arm again this time to the left causing Minori to crush into a wall again. This time, he hit the wall with his face, causing it to bleed everywhere.

"I-I sorry-y..." "I didn't allow you to talk!" Minori tried to apologize but Yiren slammed him again.

'Although it looks like she is doing it effortlessly, she is actually hurting herself using this art. You should probably stop her.' Ling woke Xuefeng up who was still in shock.

Xuefeng looked at her face and saw that blood was dripping from Yiren's nose.

"Yiren stop it! You are hurting yourself!" Xuefeng hugged her from behind as he yelled through the raging wind.

"He deserves it!" Yiren turned around to him and shouted with anger. The blood was coming from both of her nostrils.

"Do it for me and stop! You wanted a kiss, right? Here." Xuefeng already guessed what she wanted from their conversation and decided to just give it to her. It was just a kiss, anyway.

Xuefeng suddenly reached out, pulling her towards him and closed her lips with his. The wind died down and the petals dropped to the ground. Yiren eyes were opened in shock, but she soon relaxed and her mind drifted away into the land of happiness.