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 "Okay, you can do it now... Wait, I'm not ready yet!" Minori said to the middle-aged female elf who was preparing to set the bone that Xuefeng broke. He put the rag between his teeth, but he quickly chickened out and pulled it out. Minori tried to stop the lady but it was too late.

"Aaargh, I told you to wait! Fuck!" Minori cried as his finger was put in its place with one movement.

"Stop bitching. If you weren't stupid, you wouldn't get hurt in the first place." Female elf slapped him at the back of the head blaming the whole situation on him.

"Mom, it wasn't my fault, okay?!" Minori defended himself while bandaging his forefinger. Forest Elves had decent regeneration abilities, but his bones had to be in their right places if he wanted them to completely heal,

"How wasn't it your fault? You literally confronted the human that Princess Yiren chose for herself and insulted both of them. Do you think the Princess would like a person like you? You know that princess needs him to give birth bringing another era of prosperity? You obviously can't get her the heir so she has no other choice." The lady wasn't polite with her son and lashed out at him.

"Can't she understand how much I love her?!" Minori shouted, still not satisfied with the reasoning.

"Just ignore them for now, don't try to provoke her anymore. After they are done with baby making, he will be gone forever and you can slowly work your way towards her heart. Even if you can't give her the child, you can still give her the love she needs and become the father. This way you will become the first king of the Eligma Kingdom." Minori's mother tried to change his ideology but it seemed like he wasn't the brightest person as he instantly disagreed.

"Why would I want to become a father of that bastard child. It would be sickening to watch it grow, recalling that its not mine." Minori shook his head throwing away the idea from his mind.

"God, how did I give birth to such a stupid child. Don't you understand that when you finally become a king, you can finally stop the tradition of bringing humans to our world for copulation? You will have as many wives as you want and Princess Yiren can become your personal servant." Minori's mother grabbed him by the shoulders and looked him in the eyes trying to tempt him.

Minori suddenly imagined Yiren walking on her fours up to him, hugging his leg while calling him "Master" and smiled satisfied with such a future. But as he recalled Xuefeng face during the act of breaking his finger, his face darkened.

"I'm going out." Minori shoved his mother to the side and left the house.

"Eh, I give up. He never listens. Maybe I should have another kid? I'm still young and ready..." His mother sighed deeply as she looked at her reflection in the mirror, checking out her curves.


"Oh my god, this one also tastes amazing." Xuefeng put the small snack wrapped in a leaf into his mouth achieving another foodgasm. The leaf was so tender and soft that it instantly melted inside his mouth revealing different stuffing with each snack.

Yiren's Auntie prepared a tray of small snacks for them and each of them was different. You could only learn what was inside after you actually put them in your mouth and taste them. The one he had just now, consisted of a few slices of crispy and boneless fish covered in small white beans.

Yiren was surprisingly a quick eater as she devoured double what he did at the same time.

"Can't you eat slower? It won't escape your plate." Xuefeng couldn't watch anymore and commented.

The moment he pointed it out, Yiren froze and blushed in the middle of putting another snack into her mouth. She closed her mouth and placed the snack back on the wooden tray.

"Hah, I'm not forbidding you to eat. Just take delight in eating. If you eat so fast you are not actually tasting it properly. Here, take a small bite and savour it slowly." Xuefeng laughed at her cute actions and explained further. He then picked another snack with his chopsticks and placed it in front of her for a bite,

Yiren listened to him obediently and ate half of it before slowly chewing. The sensation she felt was much different from what she experienced so far.

"Mhmm, you were right. It's actually much better like this." She exclaimed as she swallowed.

"See? You learn new things every day." Xuefeng smiled as he ate the other half.

He reached for another one and was about to eat it, but stopped when he realised that Yiren was watching him closely.

"Is something wrong?" Xuefeng asked seeing her eyes shining as if she came up with a great idea.

"Uhm, can you feed me, please? It tastes even better when it's you who feeds me." Yiren asked softly.

"Sure, we will share half of each." Xuefeng agreed feeling how eager she was.

They ate slowly, sharing each snack and when they finally finished the whole tray they were already full. You have to know that there were almost fifty snacks prepared for them.

"I can stay true to myself and say that this dinner was the best one I have eaten in my whole life," Xuefeng said to Yiren's Auntie when she brought them two cups of cooling drink to clear their throats.

"Oh, you don't need to thank me, young man. It was my pleasure." Auntie waved with her hands to dismiss his praises, but she still showed a beamish smile on her face.

"Auntie, we will be going now. I still have lots of things to show him." They stood up and said their goodbyes.

"Young man, stay here for a moment, I need to tell you something," Before they left Auntie stopped Xuefeng, "Yiren you can wait outside."

"Okay," Yiren nodded and left first.

"I hope you can be delicate with my granddaughter. It seems like she really likes you, so I don't want you to disappoint her." Auntie requested quietly.

"I will do my best," Xuefeng promised. He didn't have the reason to reject her plea.

"Also, be gentle with her tonight. It will be her first time after all... You can go all the way with her." She whispered in his ear.

"..." Xuefeng didn't have an answer to that and just nodded, before leaving.

"What did Auntie tell you?" Yiren asked curiously the moment he left the restaurant.

"She asked me to take good care of you and I promised her to do so." Xuefeng patted her on the head and said the truth.

"Hehe, remember, you promised. You can't bully me in the future." Yiren smiled as she hugged into his arm.

"Where are we going next?" Xuefeng asked already used to her like this.

"Let's go check out the canyon. You were curious where we get the Fate Stones right. Later I will show you my special place." Yiren got excited imaging them together holding hands while sitting in her special place.

They walked through the city as she explained him various interesting facts about their race. Xuefeng learned that most families in Eligma had only one kid to prevent the overpopulation. Due to their long lifespan, they technically could give birth many times in their lifetimes, but if they did so, the resources in the holy land would be used faster than they could regenerate.

When Xuefeng asked if Elves can leave this space and enter the outside world, Yiren hesitated but still answered. There was such a possibility, but unfortunately only the royal family can control such exits. Without the current queen approval, it would be impossible to exit.

This fact put him down a little as it only left him with one choice. Xuefeng had to listen to the Queen request else he won't be able to leave this place. He still didn't know why the humans couldn't stay here for too long but he believed he could take it out from Yiren if he asked at the right moment.

After a few minutes, they finally appeared on the landing platform which had an opening in the trees that everyone used to launch into the sky. The Elves who mastered the element of air could use Air Qi to create wings on their back and fly with them.

Xuefeng desire to have a spirit art like that deepened as he watched how freely Forest Elves moved in the air.

"Okay, are you ready for a ride?" Yiren suddenly asked as they stepped on the platform.

"What ride? I can't fly." Xuefeng didn't quite get it, but then saw Yiren eyes shine and beautiful white wings appeared on her back. They were much thicker and complete compared to other Forest Elves wings. You could actually distinguish the mastery of the Air Element just by watching the persons wings. Her control over the elements was clearly better.

"You can't, but I can. Hold tightly." Yiren smiled and approached him placing his hands around her neck.

"Wait..." he exclaimed. Without warning, she wrapped her hands around his chest and jumped into the sky stopping his arguments. With a few swings on her wings, they shot towards the blue sky.

He closed his eyes, holding onto her firmly out of instinct. When they were high in the sky he felt Yiren slowing down, he opened his eyes and his mouth dropped down. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.