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 Xuefeng turned around and saw a handsome male elf in green scaled armour approaching their table from the entrance. His light brown hair had a few golden strands, making his hair the brightest Xuefeng has seen till now on the male elves' heads.

He was walking towards them, but his face wasn't showing any kind expressions. The man was in love with Yiren and everyone knew about it. When he heard the news about a human walking around hand in hand with Yiren in the city, he immediately came back from Fate Stones where he was hunting to search for her.

He knew that his bloodline wasn't perfectly pure, but he still hoped he could be with the princess. He couldn't accept that his only love was meeting with another man and even worse, a human.

"What do you want Minori! I'm not going to talk with you so you better leave right now." Before Minori could follow up with anything, Yiren lashed out at him telling him to leave.

"What? It has only been one day and you are already falling for your human? What lie did he tell you?" Minori didn't listen to her and called out angrily pointing his finger towards Xuefeng's face.

"He didn't tell me anything! It's my own choice! Leave, I don't want to talk to you." Yiren stood up wanting to confront Minori, but then remembered that Xuefeng was near her and she sat back down. She didn't want to perform badly in front of him.

"Oh, so you just fall for a random guy you just met? I didn't think you were so shallow." Minori didn't stop and continued trash talking.

"Yiren asked you to leave. Take your nasty finger away and get out." Xuefeng stood up blocking Yiren with his back and commanded in a stern voice.

"Yeah? And what is a lowly human like you going to do to me?... Aaaargh..." Minori looked with disgust at Xuefeng and shifted his rage onto him. Minori pointed with his finger stabbing it towards Xuefeng's chest while insulting him, so Xuefeng didn't care anymore. He grabbed Minori's long finger, twisted it sideways swiftly breaking it and causing Minori to cry out in pain.

"I warned you. To think you are as weak as you look, pathetic. You said what you wanted, now get out." Xuefeng knocked him back to the ground and didn't give him another glance afterwards. If someone didn't show him respect and even insult him, Xuefeng wouldn't be polite to that person.

"You will regret it!" Minori totally didn't expect such action from Xuefeng. The rage inside him intensified severalfold as he stood up and spat his last words and left the restaurant.

The other elves eating in the room didn't mind a little conflict on their side, but even if they did, they wouldn't risk offending the princess and her auntie with their actions. They were here to look at the old queen's body and saviour her dishes.

"Thank you." When Xuefeng sat down by the table, Yiren launched a sneak attack and kissed him on the cheek.

"No problem, he was disturbing me as well." Xuefeng didn't mind Yiren's advances, as he slowly started to get used to them. For now, he started their relationship from treating her like a little sister. If he wanted to leave from this space alive, he didn't want to burn any bridges.

"But, because of what you did, he will probably come back to create more trouble for you," Yiren said worriedly. She was okay if it was her, but she didn't want to bring him unnecessary problems. Xuefeng just arrived and because of her, someone already wanted to hurt him.

"Don't worry, I'm not that weak. If he wants to fight, I will welcome him with open arms." Xuefeng assured her, seeing the concern on her face.

"Then, I can be at peace." Yiren trusted him and sighed in relief.

At that moment, auntie exited the kitchen and a pleasing aroma spread around the room. Everyone turned around smelling the taste of the dish from the air and were disappointed that she was approaching the Princess' table and not theirs.

"You didn't wait long right? I prepared an appetizer for you before I cook some other dishes. I hope you like it." Auntie placed two small wooden bowls in front of them and smiled at Xuefeng as she walked back to the kitchen.

"The smell of this dish is so balsamic that the moment I took a deep breath, my lungs were instantly refreshed..." Xuefeng muttered as his appetite was aroused by the soothing smell and his mouth started watering hearing the quiet fuzzing from the dish.

Xuefeng pulled the dish towards him and picking the chopsticks he received, he lifted the leaf that was acting like a cover. The dish was still hot as a small cloud of steam soured towards his face directly attacking his nostrils with a sugary flavour.

The appetizer looked like a mixture of rice or small white beans doused with a sweet syrup and covered in red caviar. He also spotted different types of grass that added a bit of spiciness, but the sweet smell was still dominant. As crazy as it sounded, that was how it looked like.

Feeling unable to hold himself back anymore, he put the chopsticks inside the mix, scooping a bit of red caviar with the syrup before placing it in his mouth. The moment the mix touched his tongue, the red caviar started sizzling and burning his taste buds with the spiciness to be later replaced with a honeyed taste of the syrup that left a pleasing aftertaste after swallowing.

"Mhmm." Xuefeng moaned in satisfaction as he put another, even bigger portion into his mouth. With each bite, he crushed the small white beans which sprayed a sour flavoured juice in all directions.

"I never tasted so many flavours in one dish," Xuefeng commented and glanced to the side checking how it was for Yiren. He was shocked to find her already licking the bowl clean.

"Uhmm, I'm sorry for my manners, but it's so good. If you don't want I can eat for you?" Noticing Xuefeng's glance, Yiren stopped her movements and asked looking at Xuefeng's half-eaten bowl.

"Haha no, it's mine. You are not getting any." Xuefeng laughed as he scooped another portion and put it in his mouth.

"Please, only a bit..." Yiren put the bowl down and grabbed Xuefeng by the arm making puppy eyes at him.

"You had your serving and instead of savouring it slowly, you ate it in a flash." Yiren was holding onto his arm and he couldn't eat so he stopped and scolded her.

"Pretty, please..." Yiren made an even cuter face begging him, making him unable to reject her.

"But only one!" "Yes!" Xuefeng agreed on one helping which caused her to jump from happiness.

She closed her eyes and opened her mouth waiting for him to put it inside for her.

"Eh..." Xuefeng sighed but agreed to her request. He picked up the bowl and shovelled a small portion with the chopsticks before placing it in her mouth. Yiren only let go after she licked them clean.

"Mhmm, so good. If only I could eat that forever." She smiled satisfied and looked gratefully at Xuefeng.

He didn't have any other pair of chopsticks so he had to use the same Yiren licked. Xuefeng finished the leftovers and put the bowl down. He already couldn't wait for the main dishes, Yiren's auntie was about to bring them. If the appetizer was so good, he couldn't imagine how divine the others would taste.

"Wait, don't move." Yiren suddenly called out, making him stop his movements.


Xuefeng felt something slimy on his cheek and then realised that Yiren just licked him.

"Haha, you had a bit on honey syrup on your face." Yiren smacked with her lips and laughed sweetly.

Seeing her like that, Xuefeng just couldn't get angry at her, no matter what she did.

'Not even a minute is boring around her...' He thought as he gathered the syrup from her face with his finger.

"Oh, let me." She saw there was more and grabbed him by the hand, putting his finger into her mouth.

Yiren sucked on it, cleaning the syrup as she danced around with her tongue. Feeling the sensation, he started to imagine how it would feel if it was something else than his finger but he quickly stopped himself and pulled the finger out.

Yiren didn't think too far as Xuefeng and just smiled cutely making him sigh in relief.

'I need to control myself or it will be too late later... I am not ready to have a kid yet...' Xuefeng took a deep breath and controlled his emotions.