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 While it was still daytime in the Eligma holy land, in the Aurora country the sun already descended behind the horizon and the sky engulfed with blackness. Spirit Beasts all around the country were waking up and preparing for their everyday hunting session.

Only in the Moon Lake Forest, there was a strange silence throughout the whole valley as if the whole Spirit Beast population was put into sleep. The reason for that was because each Spirit Beast could sense the aura of powerful enemies flying all around the valley.

Xiao Family experts were patrolling both the ground and the air all around the area, releasing their Spirit Awareness, checking every corner, not allowing anyone to enter unnoticed.

When one Guard passed one area without finding anything suspicious and flew away, two-man revealed themselves from the shadows.

"Can you tell me why are there Xiao Family experts patrolling the entrance to the Moon Forest?" Liu Xiaobei asked Senior Wang as they hid from them for the fifth time already.

"This Xiao Wen should be from the Central Region Xiao Family... But what is she doing here in the Eastern Region so far away? I found out that it was Manager Wu, that arranged Xuefeng to accept Xiao Wen's participation in a mission with them. Could it be that she was the one who informed the Trade Union headquarters about Young Master's Talent and the Xiao Family came to recruit him?" Senior Wang caressed his moustache and theorized.

"Well, it was definitely Manager Wu who informed the Headquarters, but why would the Xiao Family get involved? Could they be interested in the way Xuefeng increased his talent?" Liu Xiaobei had a bad feeling about this.

"That might be the reason. Watch out, another one is coming." Senior Wang nodded, but then noticed something in the sky and they both turned invisible.

A Xiao Family expert flew past them a second later without noticing them and after he was out of sight they appeared again.

"We won't be able to get past them unnoticed. If we stay in one place, they can't feel us but if we move, it will leave signs. I think we should just openly enter and tell them we are from the Liu Clan. I don't think they would remember our faces." Senior Wang proposed.

"Then let's do this. This Xiao Wen should be quite high ranked if she can gather so many experts. I hope nothing happened to Xuefeng." Liu Xiaobei nodded.

"Don't worry, the token says that he is still alive. He is probably trapped somewhere and they might be unable to get him out." Senior Wang assured the Liu Clan Leader and stopped suppressing his aura.

In the blink of an eye, multiple lights flashed in the sky and five cultivators appeared around them in the sky. As they sensed the Saint aura and saw that they were on the ground, five Xiao family cultivators also landed on the earth. It was rude to the second party if they talked from the sky.

"The Valley is closed for the time being as we have some important business here. Was there something significant you wanted to do here?" One of the masked men approached them and clasping his hands explaining the situation.

"I guess we are here with the same motive. We are from Liu Clan and this is the Liu Clan leader, the father of young master Liu Xuefeng. He should be with Xiao Wen and our clan's young lady Wuying in the forest. You can contact Xiao Wen and ask if she knows us so she can confirmation." Senior Wang also clasped his hands and explained their objective for coming here.

"Princess? Give me a second." Hearing Xiao Wen's name, he looked around at the others but seeing them nodding he pulled out the signal crystal. After sending his Spirit Qi inside, it lit up and soon a croaky voice sounded from it, "What is it?"

"Two men came to the valley. They claim they are from the Liu Clan and know the Princess. One declared he is the Liu Clan Leader and the father of Liu Xuefeng. Ask the Princess for confirmation." He passed on the message.

"... Princess asked you to bring them to the camp." The command was passed on after a short break.

"Let's go. Follow me." Hearing it, the man didn't waste time. He put away the crystal and led the way for them.

Senior Wang supported Liu Xiaobei as they flew towards the waterfall and in about a minute they arrived on the spot. The surroundings were much different than what was before Xuefeng's group arrived there.

Some trees were cut down and a huge mansion-sized tent was placed by the small waterfall pool. It was a foldable Spirit House with a Spirit Barrier Formation around it that hunters use in the wildness, but it was much bigger than normal.

In the pool, there was a wide passage downwards the lake and the moment they arrived, two black-robed cultivators were blown out of it by a white light. The masked man wasn't surprised by that site and flashed the token in front of the barrier creating an opening that allowed them to pass.

They landed near the tent and the masked man entered inside to inform about their presence.

"You can enter." The female voice sounded after a second inviting them in.

The interior of the tent was quite spacious, having a few rooms at the back, a study room and even a bathroom. Xiao Wen was laying on the sofa with her legs put on one another and she was eating grapes that one of the black-robed men was giving her.

"Hello, Miss Xiao. I'm Liu Xuefeng's father. Do you know what happened to him?" Liu Xiaobei didn't waste time and greeted her politely before going straight into business.

"He was grabbed by the lake's vine and pulled underwater into a water passage, but he shouldn't be in danger else you wouldn't be so calm. I suppose you have a way to check if he is alive?" Xiao Wen summarised what happened and asked smiling. She didn't play with honorifics, but Liu Xiaobei didn't mind it.

"Yeah, he is alive, but we lost connection with him, that's why we came here to check what is going on. You seem to know that he should be fine as well?" Liu Xiaobei didn't hide anything from her. He asked as he saw her chilling on the sofa without worry.

"Yeah, I received a message from my father not too long ago saying that Xuefeng should be alright and that he'll come out by himself after a few days. Also, my father will be here by tomorrow so you might stay here with us to wait for him." Xiao Wen informed him as she consumed another grape. They couldn't do anything to the stone doors so she could only trust her father in this.

"And your father is...?" Liu Xiaobei asked curiously.

"I'm the daughter of the Central Region Xiao Family Leader, Xiao Feng." Xiao Wen answered as she watched Liu Xiaobei's expression.

Senior Wang and Xuefeng's father didn't show anything on their faces but in their minds, they called out loudly, "Fuck, we are screwed."


Far away from the Aurora country, a large warship was flying out of the Central Region barrier at a rapid speed. On the front deck, there was a lady standing and looking forward with a smile on her face.

"Xuefeng, It's been two weeks already. I hope you didn't forget about me, cause I'm coming for you." Tianshi muttered quietly to herself as she imagined how their first meeting in this world would look like.

Sometimes she was worried that he would fall for someone else here as he probably thinks that she is dead, but Tianshi still believes that he wouldn't forget about her.

'You are the only person close to me in this world...' She thought as she put her hands on her chest where her heart was.

"Tianshi, can I talk with you?" Suddenly, Xiao Feng, her father approached from behind and called out to her.

"Yes?" Tianshi turned around showing an unusual smile.

"Oh, you seem to be happy about your future reunion?" Seeing her rare happy expression he confirmed that it was a good idea to bring her earlier.

"Yeah, I'm going to meet him soon. I can't wait. It has been ages." Two weeks for Tianshi were like months, but Xiao Feng thought she was talking about years and he nodded.

"I have something to inform you about Xuefeng's current situation. I didn't tell you, but I sent Xiao Wen about a week ago to check out this friend of yours..." Xiao Feng started talking but Tianshi arrived near him grabbing his arm and stopping his speech.

"Did something happen to him?" She asked anxiously.

"Don't worry he is fine. The problem is that he was trapped in a certain space and he will only come out of it after a few days." Xiao Feng finished sharing his information.

"Uff, then it's alright. I can wait a few more days, no problem." Tianshi breathed a sigh of relief hearing her father.

"But what if the only way to leave that Holy Land is to have physical relations with the future queen inside the space? Is that also fine with you?" Xiao Feng asked.

"How far do they have to go?" Tianshi asked as she hesitated.

"All the way." Xiao Feng said as he recalled his own days in that Eligma 25 years ago. He agreed instantly when he saw how pretty the princess was. She was so horny that they were doing it for the whole week with only small breaks until he had been sent away. That had been the best week of his life.

"How do you know?" Tianshi asked full of doubt.

"Cause 25 years ago I was also trapped in the same Holy Land." he smiled.

"Then shouldn't the current future queen be your daughter?" Tianshi asked after she thought about the information she just received.

"What...?" Xiao Feng opened his eyes wide as he thought about that possibility.

"Fuck! That bastard! Two of my daughters at the same time..." Xiao Feng cursed as he realised what she meant.