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 'Forest Elves are really scary. I guess there is nothing you can do right now. This should be a Spirit Art exclusive to the Forest Elves. I propose you don't piss her off.' Ling commented seeing what situation Xuefeng was currently in.

'Thanks Sherlock, I didn't know that.' Xuefeng answered with a touch of sarcasm.

'My name is Ling, not Sherlock. You don't need to thank me.' Ling corrected him, not getting the joke.

"Ah... Okay, you can stop now...ah... " Xuefeng wanted to comment but the Queen made it impossible. She started teasing his Excalibur without any restrains and Xuefeng couldn't do anything to stop her.

"Tell me, what method did you use to counter Red Mist Flower? This is our race secret, I'm sure that there is no antidote for it in your world." The Queen stopped playing with him and asked seriously. She still didn't let go of the hostage, but her teasing ceased for now.

Not hearing any replay from him, she smiled as that was what she wanted the most. The Queen reached towards his shirt and slipped her hands under it. Her hands moved onto his well-developed abs and started caressing them before they slipped into his pants.

"The more you wait... The further I will go..." The queen whispered into his ears as she licked his earlobe and wrapped her hands around his dragon. Her hands were cold but they quickly warmed up after few energetic up and down movements.

"It's all warm up and ready to be devoured, are you still going to stay silent?" She teased the dragon head as she forced a kiss on his lips. If Xuefeng had no other choice, he wouldn't resist but Xuefeng certainly didn't like being all tied up and used like that.

'This mother is crazy...If I knew she was like that I wouldn't try to trick her...' Xuefeng thought as he tried to think of an idea what to do right now.

'Well, I can always fake my answers and make them look like they are true.' Xuefeng decided to just act again. He was kind of good with acting and lying.

"Okay, you won. I have the ability to detoxify all poisons. It's a rare cultivation body type, so no matter what you use on me, it won't work." Xuefeng admitted.

"Oh, can it be used on others?" The Queen followed up with another question but didn't stop her actions. She twisted and stroked with both hands, having a lot of fun in the process cause a smile didn't leave from her mouth.

"N-no...aah, you said you will stop if I tell you..." Xuefeng complained feeling the pressure on his shaft intensify, instead of lessening.

"I only said, I will go further if you don't talk. I'm still on the same level right now. Now tell me the truth, do you have a lover in your world?" Queen rejected his complaint and asked the earlier question.

"Yes," Xuefeng agreed with a nod.

The first person that came into his mind after she asked was Wuying which was the first girl he actually had close contacts in this world. The next was Tianshi who he always identified as his lover. Even if she wasn't with him in the same world anymore, she will still stay in his memory forever.

The last one that came to his mind was Princess Shan, but he still didn't know how to feel about her. They would have to spend more time together to solidify their feelings if they didn't want their relationship to be solely based on their promise.

"Are there more than one?" Queen spotted that he was immersed in his thoughts and dug deeper.

"Well... It's complicated." Xuefeng didn't want to say anything as he was still confused himself. On Earth, it wasn't socially acceptable to have multiple wives, but in this world rules and customs were much different and loose. He was still not used to it, but personally, he didn't mind it. Which man wouldn't want to live around various beauties that loved and cared for him?

"So it means that there are already multiple girls that gather around you. Don't you think that having one more wouldn't make a difference?" The Queen looked him in the eyes trying to change his opinion.

"Well, I still think that physical contact is not everything. Without the mental connection between two people, the relationship would be just an empty shell. You can't just focus on one side and ignore the other. Sooner or later wouldn't I turn into a beast? " Xuefeng decided to stand by his beliefs.

"Hmm, you are right. But that still won't change your current mission. I can only give you two more time to get to know each other better. It might hurt you both when you separate but I guess there is no choice." The Queen agreed with him but still didn't dismiss him. It was too important for her race.

"Sigh..." Xuefeng sighed at his good luck. It hasn't been long since he reincarnated but he already had a few physical contacts with women and now he was even forced to have one.

"So, we reached an agreement, but your Prince Charming is still full of energy. We can't let Yiren see what we did here or she will be sad, right? Let me help you put him down to sleep." The Queen gave him a peck on the lips and slid downwards. She pulled his pants down and finally saw her prey.

"Wow, it is much bigger than what I thought it was." Earlier she only felt it with her hands, but it is different than seeing it up close.

"Wait...Mhmm...Mhmm..." Xuefeng tried to stop her but then his mouth closed out his will causing him to let out silenced sounds.

"Just lay down and enjoy yourself. Let's see if I still remember what to do." The Queen pushed him down to the ground and without waiting started licking the base with her tongue.

She moved it all around the shaft covering all spots with her saliva before beginning to suck on the pulsing head. With each little movement of her head, the snake travelled deeper into her mouth. The moment she swallowed everything all the way into her throat, Xuefeng felt like he was struck by lightning.

It was not because of the pleasure he received from her skills, but because of the Lightning Qi in his dantian that started to wreak havoc. The moment Queen started sucking abruptly on the whole cannon, Lightning Qi in his dantian wanted to escape by breaking through the barrier.

'Ling, what is going on?!' Xuefeng cried in his mind feeling as if his dantian was about to explode.

'She is sucking Lightning Qi away from you! Forest Elves seems to be blessed by nature and Elemental Qi naturally gather towards them. If you don't stop her, she will absorb all your Lightning Qi and it will take you a lot of time to gather it again.' Ling warned quickly.

"Mhmm, mhmm... Mhmmmmmmm!" Xuefeng started sending signals towards the Queen in panic.

The Queen stopped sucking and glanced up at Xuefeng confused.

"What is wrong? I thought my skills were decent." She sat down and glared at him unhappily.

"But you are sucking away my Lightning Qi!" Xuefeng informed her the moment he could talk.

"What...? You can use Lightning Qi? So that's what I felt earlier. I knew there was something familiar inside you. I will give you a little present then." The Queen was surprised after hearing him and her attitude towards him turned instantly by 180 degrees. She was suddenly much kinder.

Queen swallowed his dragon again, but now a stream of Lightning Qi was flowing into his body. She moved up and down connecting pleasure with cultivation. Acting like a transmitter, Queen started gathering Lighting Qi from the air and pumping it into his body.

His dantian was being filled at a monstrous rate enlarging the space and heading towards the next barrier without stopping. The purple hue around his body disappeared allowing him to move again.

If this was earlier, Xuefeng might try to push her away, but now the pros overshadowed the cons. His cultivation was increasing at a rapid speed and Lighting Qi that was passing right through his erect rod intensified the effects of her repetitive charges.

Xuefeng reached with his arms and unconsciously grabbed her by the golden hair helping with the up and down motions pushing the phyton further into her throat. Yiren and Tangwei would be shocked to see them like this if they suddenly entered the room.

In short moment the Lightning Qi in his dantian increased to the size comparable to his own Spirit Qi and reached the breaking point of the Spirit Grandmaster stage. His justice sword was also approaching its limits and it was about to explode.

"Aaahh..." With one last push of his waist, he sent the golden seeds straight into her throat while holding her head from backing away and at the same time his Qi broke through the barrier in his dantian.

"Uhmm..." The Queen let out suppressed sounds as she choked on the thick liquid.

"Hu...hu..." Xuefeng lied back down on the ground without strength in his arms, breathing loudly.

"Honestly, you let out so much... It was so yummy as well." The Queen licked the leftovers from the shaft and commented as she cleaned her mouth as well.

"Thank you for the meal! You should go to Yiren now, she was waiting for a while already." Queen smacked with her lips satisfied as she stood up, fixed her mashed up clothes and entered the balcony to feel the fresh air.