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 'I gathered the toxic mist that sipped through your skin. If you want, you can release it anytime and use it against her. The problem is that I had to gather it in your lungs, else it would lose its properties. You have to use your mouth if you want to make use of it.' Ling informed after she finished separating the mist.

'Oh, so I can use it to ask her where is the exit from this place. I guess I will have to play with her for a bit.' Xuefeng looked the Queen in the eyes with anger but all of the sudden his expression went blank and his pupils increased in size.

"I don't want to offend the person I love..." Xuefeng said with a complete poker face.

"Oh, it sure worked fast. I thought it needed at least a minute to activate. Well, whatever. So, you actually have someone you fancy. What is her name?" The Queen let go of his chin in surprise and asked curiously.

"Her name is... I actually don't know...." Xuefeng hesitated for a moment as if he was thinking.

"How can you not know the person you fell in love with?" The Queen was getting interested.

"I met her not long ago...." Xuefeng still remained the same and answered questions.

"Oh, you met her here, in our world? Who is it?" Curiosity was eating the Queen alive from the inside. She wanted to know who is better than her daughter in her kingdom.

"The moment I entered into this room and saw your back profile, something struck me. I couldn't restrain my emotions and I wanted to approach and embrace you..." Xuefeng grabbed her gently by the hand and continued massaging it with his thumb "When you turned around and I saw your smile with that perfect eyes that can see through your soul, I knew you were the one." Xuefeng showed a genuine smile and looked into her eyes lovingly.

"What...? What do you like about me?" The Queen flinched feeling Xuefeng touch but didn't back away. She thought that Xuefeng was under the effect of the red mist, so he must be telling the truth. She wanted to know more.

"Those delicate hands and arms that I want to hold and kiss for eternity..." He brought her hands towards his mouth and kissed it gently going forward, kissing higher and higher.

"This perfectly balanced and sexy body that I want to rub and caress whole day without eating and drinking..." Xuefeng then slowly moved his nimble hands onto her revealed sides and slid downwards. Xuefeng made sure to take his time watching her figure as he made an expression of wanting to jump on her and eat her whole.

The Queen body shivered when he passed by her chest area grazing the side of her peaks with the tip of his thumbs. No man touched her for almost 25 years, which caused every spot that Xuefeng touched enter into an energized state. She somehow started to like his touch and didn't stop him.

"What else...?" She couldn't help but ask quietly.

"Those perfectly round and bouncy buns that I want to knead and squeeze while losing my will in the process..." Xuefeng's hands finally reached her waist but they didn't stop there. Xuefeng abruptly pulled the Queen closer looking passionately in her aquamarine eyes while his hands slid onto her bottom.

Being suddenly pulled into Xuefeng arms, Queen's hands landed on his chest, feeling his buffed muscles. She couldn't help but squeeze and caress them.

Even though she was almost 50 years old, to forest elves she was still young. Although she was a mother, her physical interactions with any male were limited to one week 25 years ago.

"Mhmm..." A sudden moan escaped her mouth as Xuefeng continued ravaging her firm rear. One of his hands flipped her short skirt, grabbing her bottom cheek raw, while the other travelled up her back pressing their bodies further together. Due to the pressure, she unintentionally escaped with her hands wrapping them around his neck afterwards.

'I can't believe I actually moaned from that boy touch...' Queen's cheeks reddened with that thought.

Her ample bosom pressed into his chest and even with her thin dress on, she felt as though she was touching him naked. With each movement, her nipples become more erect and her breathing intensified. He also didn't stop with his attack on her bottom which quickened the process.

"What I like the most are those sweet lips, that look so soft and tender I want to consume them greedily." Xuefeng didn't give her the time to rethink what situation she was in and continued his assault. He finally arrived at the last part of his act.

He relocated his hand from Queen's back and entwined it into her hair as he travelled towards the back of her head. All the time Xuefeng kept the eye contact and now he was getting closer towards her lips.

"Uhmm..." Before she could react he lightly pushed her head forward causing their lips to meet. She opened her eyes wide from surprise but still followed with Xuefeng movement. The Queen felt like she finally received what she always wanted.

She realised she was desperate for physical touch all along and closed her eyes to enjoy the moment of pleasure. The Queen didn't realise that while she was following with his movements, Xuefeng slowly started releasing red mist into her body.

Suddenly the Queen couldn't wait anymore for Xuefeng action and slid her tongue into his mouth. It startled him as It wasn't in his plans to become this passionate with her.

She wreaked havoc on his lips as she wrapped her arms tighter around his neck. His only option was to follow along with her crazy rhythm or else she would realise something is wrong.

'Did I overdid it? Who would have thought she would be that horny...?' Xuefeng blamed himself for being so good.

The whole situation lasted for about thirty seconds and it escalated to the point where the Queen jumped on him, wrapping her slim legs around his waist making him fall to the ground. Xuefeng thought that she would soon fall under the effects of the red mist but unfortunately, that didn't happen.

She sat on his lap allowing no escape, kissing him non-stop while also rubbing her chest against his. His dragon was also getting aroused from her energetic actions. She noticed it poking her bottom and stopped her attack. Instead, she reached towards his crotch clutching his rod with a firm grip.

"So, boy, what is stopping you from ravaging me? Is it the fact that you were lying to me?" The Queen asked seductively while holding Xuefeng's friend hostage.

"You knew?!" Xuefeng asked in shock.

"Not from the start. Only when you released the mist inside me did I notice that you were lying to me, but at that point, I felt good so I didn't care. You think that I'm going to use the truth serum without taking an antidote earlier? Haha." She laughed at Xuefeng naivety and looked at him while licking her lips.

Xuefeng tried to escape from her but realised that he can't move. A thin pink glow was being released from the Queen's hand, covering his whole body and making him immobile.

"I almost forgot how nice it feels to be touched by a man... Do you think I will let you run away so fast after trying to trick me?" The Queen smiled lewdly as she gave his dragon a gentle stroke.