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 "Mooooooom, what are you saying~!" Yiren called out to the Queen as her cheeks reddened from trying to make an angry face at her. She wanted to first get to know Xuefeng before he learns the truth but her mother ruined everything.

"Yiren, he has to understand why was he even brought here in the first place. We carry on this tradition for thousands of years. You need to understand that you are doing it for the prosperity of our clan. As a future Queen, you can't be selfish." Yiren mother patted her on the head, trying to explain.

"Yeah? And what next? I will be filled with sadness and longing like you for the rest of my life?" Yiren pushed her mother's hand away and raised her voice causing the Queen to be struck dumb. This particular topic was probably a thorn on the Queen's heart.

"Just because you went through it, you want me to feel the same way?" Yiren pushed further.

"Don't you dare bring that up...I'm sorry...you know how much I miss your father..." Yiren mother shouted at her, but soon after massaged Yiren cheek trying to apologize.

"Couldn't you keep him here with you?" Yiren held back the tears from falling and asked quietly.

"I already told you that humans can't stay in our space for an extended period of time. Unless I left with him, there was no other choice..." Queen sighed sadly.

"Can't we just move to the outside world and live with humans? I don't want to see you sad anymore." Yiren said through her tears and hugged into her mother embrace.

"Not every human is kind hearted like those we have chosen. Our race would be hunted down and assaulted by many powerful people. We can't risk it..." The Queen received the hug and the two stopped arguing.

The Queen and Yiren talked with each other completely disregarding the fact that Xuefeng and Tangwei were watching from the sidelines. Tangwei looked like she was enjoying the show as she pulled out the berries from her pocket and started eating.

"You want some?" She offered as she reached out her bag to Xuefeng.

"Are they always like this?" He asked as he picked a few blackberries and put them in his mouth. There were sweet, a little bit sour and instantly melted on the tongue.

"Yeah, they forget what is going on around them when they become emotional. I love drama." Tangwei admitted while eating another berry.

Xuefeng was actually happy from their arguing as he could deduce a lot of information from their conversation.

Firstly, this is an enclosed space and humans couldn't stay here for a long period of time. He guessed that he would be either in danger if he stayed or he would just be ejected from the world. The first option was much more possible.

Secondly, every 25 years the passage opens to this space that allows them to choose one human who would then become a father of the Princess child. He also deduced that there was a way for them to leave this space and enter into the human world.

'Ling do you have any suggestions, what should we do now?' Xuefeng asked in his mind for advice.

'The fastest and the easiest way out would probably be agreeing to their request and then leaving with their help. You would also benefit from this as I noticed that those elves cultivate with Elemental Qi instead of Spirit Qi. Elemental Qi is like your Lightning Qi. If you are lucky you could even obtain affinity with one of the elements, which would allow you to absorb Elemental Qi directly from the air. I highly recommend this option.' Ling proposed.

'What is the slower and harder version?' Xuefeng asked for confirmation as he sighed.

'We can find the exit ourselves, but because my Spirit Awareness is limited here it would take a lot of time. I can reach maximum one meter away, so you would have to stay really close to the portal for me to notice it. I don't know the details of this space so I can't help you more.' Xuefeng sighed once again listening to her. It would be really hard to find exit this way.

"So, boy, I will leave my girl in your hands. If you can fulfil your mission, you will be free to go. Of course, you both can take your time. " The Queen and Yiren finally separated from each other and the Queen called out to lost in thoughts Xuefeng.

"What if I don't agree? It's not that I don't find your daughter attractive cause she is definitely one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen, but we met just a moment ago. You can't expect me to just jump right into it with her, without getting to know her better, right?" Xuefeng decided to play it safe, for the time being. He wanted to first check out this space and see if there are some other choices for him.

"I understand your feelings, but this way she would become too attached to you and your separation would be much more painful. I have been through it and I don't want her to experience the same... Yiren, Tangwei, leave us alone for a moment." The Queen didn't finish her sentence as she suddenly thought of something.

"Uhmm, okay..." Yiren nodded and left with Tangwei after giving Xuefeng last supportive glace.

"You know that most guys would die to receive a chance like that? To become one with such a beauty, isn't that every man dream?" The Queen asked as she approached him. She waved with her hand and a small flower appeared on top of her hand.

"Tell me, what is stopping you from jumping on me and ravaging me right now?" She aimed the flower at his head and it suddenly spat out a red coloured mist. It flew so fast that he couldn't dodge causing him to be enveloped with it. He held his breath but the mist started to enter into his body through his skin.

"What are you doing?" Xuefeng didn't panic as he had Ling ability which could heal him from any poison. He could feel that Ling was already working on removing it.

"This flower defensive mechanism cause the people to answer questions with truth against their will. So, tell me, boy, what is stopping you?" The Queen asked as she grabbed him by the chin and looked into his eyes.