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 After they went down the round stairs they arrived in the long hall that had lots of portrait paintings on both sides. Xuefeng was surprised, cause all of them featured pretty women that looked kind of similar to Yiren and he didn't see any male ones.

"Uhm, are they your family?" Xuefeng asked as they were walking, trying to start a conversation but afterwards he wanted to slap himself in the forehead.

'Hello Mr Obvious, of course, they are her family. What else did you expect dumbass?' Xuefeng berated himself in his mind for his stupid question.

"Yeah, each painting represents 25 years of reigning. Every queen has their own painting hanged here before she starts ruling." Yiren didn't mind and answered smiling kindly as she was happy to have someone to talk to.

"This is my mother's and next to her... There will be mine soon." She pointed towards the last painting presenting and looked upset towards the clean spot beside it.

"Wait, what's wrong. Don't be sad..." Xuefeng heart broke seeing Yiren smile go away. Something inside him didn't allow him to watch her like that and do nothing.

"Why do you say it like it's something bad... You are going to be a queen right? Isn't that great?" Xuefeng massaged her hand with his thumb trying to cheer her up and it worked out.

"I'm alright. Don't worry." She returned back to her gentle smile and pulled him toward one of the doors by the end of the corridor.

'There is definitely something going on here. I guess I will soon find out when I meet the current Queen.' Xuefeng thought as he recalled the way Yiren looked at the blank spot on the wall. She probably wasn't good at hiding her emotions.

After they passed the door they entered into the huge entrance hall with many people going left and right. When Xuefeng and Yiren passed by them, they stopped and immediately bowed their heads, greeting Yiren.

"Good morning, Princess." "Have a nice day, Princess Yiren."

"Yiren, your mother the Queen is awaiting you and your chosen one." Just as they entered the hall, one pretty elf lady with a similar outfit as Yiren approached them and informed while checking Xuefeng out. After a moment, she nodded as if she accepted him.

Xuefeng read in novels on earth that all elves were blessed by nature with beautiful features but he didn't think it would be so true. Every servant girl that passing by them was a beauty that would be comparable to best models on earth.

Also, their clothing choices were very revealing, with their bellies and sides open. Their slim legs and round bottoms were only covered by a thin cloth, making him unsure where to look.

"Hey Wei, we were just heading to meet my mother. This is my childhood friend, Tangwei." Yiren kissed and hugged the lady, before introducing her to Xuefeng.

"Hello, I'm Liu Xuefeng. Nice to meet you." Xuefeng reached out with his hand for a handshake, but she dodged it and kissed him swiftly on the cheek instead leaving an invisible, warm mark.

"Can I go inside with you guys?" Tangwei asked Yiren as if nothing happened.

"You are not going to steal him from me right?" Yiren hugged into Xuefeng arm and asked back as if she was protecting her toy from stealing.

"What? You are not going to share your man with your best friend?" Tangwei teased as she licked her lips.

"No. He is all mine." Yiren hugged Xuefeng arm tighter making it disappear inside her peaks.

"Okay, hold on. Can someone tell me what is going on? What sharing? What man?" Xuefeng finally couldn't hold himself back and asked. He already had two girls whom he promised something and one was even waiting for him beside the waterfall worried about his well-being.

"See what are you doing? You are scaring him away. Xuefeng come, we can't let mother wait." Yiren bashed Tangwei lightly and pulled Xuefeng away.

Xuefeng had so many questions that he let her do what she wants as long as he can finally answer them.

Tangwei laughed and followed after them. She thought that the whole situation will be interesting to watch.

Another thing he noticed while he was following Yiren in the palace, was the fact that male guards elves were looking at him strangely. Each of their gazes was filled with jealousy and contempt like he had something unobtainable for them, something they would never get no matter what.

After a moment they reached what looked like a throne room and entered through the open doors. In the middle of the room, there was a wooden pillar with a seat engraved inside of it. There was basically no one in the room aside from the lady looking through the window.

"Mother..." Yiren called out softly as she approached the lady.

"Do you remember the teachings of our ancestor passed for thousands of years ago?" The lady turned around looking at her daughter and asked.

Comparing the two, Xuefeng realised from whom did Yiren inherited her beauty. Her mother seemed like she was in her twenties as well and they looked so similar that he would mistake the two if he didn't meet with Yiren earlier. The only difference was the mature aura her mother was emitting, compared to the innocent

"Yes?" Yiren nodded unsure what her mother was meaning.

"Recite it for me." The Queen commanded and shot a glance at Xuefeng as if to remind him to listen.

"Uhmm, wasn't it like... the road to survive in the world is fragile, just like our bodies and soul... Hmmm, Royal blood is too strong to connect with common blood, that's why every 25 years the portal that connects our world with the outside can transfer humans inside. This way Royal Blood can be passed down to the next generation. With the new blood born, our world would be in peace for the next 25 years ensuring the prosperity of the race." Yiren recited what she remembered.

"Do you understand your role now boy?" The Queen smiled mysteriously at Xuefeng causing him to have a bad feeling.