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 Before Xuefeng looked through the railing all he could see were different treetops on the horizon with just enough light passing through their crowns. Xuefeng thought he was in a normal forest, but that turned out to be a mistake.

Beneath the balcony, he saw a huge forest city consisting of thousands of wooden houses built within trees. They were connected to each other with a web of suspended bridges that were almost impossible to count. Xuefeng wouldn't be wrong if not for the fact that the whole city was literally in the air.

Xuefeng could see white billowy clouds just few hundred meters under him, which made him back up a bit, afraid he will drop down.

'Is this some kind of Air Nomads City or something? I got dragged by the vine into the water tunnel and now I'm in the weird place.' Xuefeng thought confused.

As he calmed down, Xuefeng started observing distant figures that were moving on the flying bridges. After he started his cultivation, his senses improved diametrically. They were far away from him, but he could still vaguely discern their features. Xuefeng signed in relief when he identified them as humans.

Xuefeng compared the treehouse he was currently on and noticed that it was much bigger than other in the city. It was also placed the highest and looked more like a palace than a house.

'Am I in some kind of palace? And why was I naked laying in the bed? Ling, can you tell me what is going on? Where are we?" Xuefeng had many questions in his mind, but couldn't find answers for them so he asked for Ling help. He sometimes forgets he is not alone in his mind.

'Unfortunately, I can't help you. If I knew something, I would have told you the moment you woke up. My Spirit Awareness is somehow restricted in this place. I have also never seen or been in such a place. I only know that it's a weird space you entered through the portal in the tunnel. I guess you will have to ask that pretty girl who took care of you if you want to leave.' Ling answered, disappointing him.

'Eh, I thought you will know something... Wait, what girl?' Xuefeng sighed at the start but then realised what Ling said.

'The girl that pulled you out of the well and took you to the palace. You will probably see her soon, as she checks your condition every hour.' Ling explained further.

Just as he was about to respond, he heard footsteps coming from the stairs behind the door. He didn't think much but went back into the room and jumped under his quilt, pretending to be still asleep.

The door opened quietly the next second and someone started approaching the bed one step at the time to make minimum noise. The person stood for a moment by the bedside and finally after a moment let out a gentle sigh. Just from it, he could tell the person was a woman.

The lady sat down on the bed next to him and reached out towards his face.

"When are you going to wake up my prince. I can't wait to hear your voice..." Xuefeng was surprised by her voice which sounded like a melody. Innocence and kindness were overflowing and streaming straight into his heart. He felt as if the owner of this voice could be trusted and would never hurt him.

She touched his cheeks delicately sending warmth and softness calming his soul. His original plan was to pin her down to the bed when she comes close and ask questions about this place, but now, he somehow couldn't bring himself to do it.

He decided to open his eyes and look at her.

"Hihi, you can already stop pretending, I know you are not sleeping." Before he did so, she called out to him laughing gently.

"How did you kno..." Caught red-handed, he opened his eyes and asked, but couldn't finish his question. He got stunned seeing the appearance of the woman in front of him which was as pretty as a painting.

Golden, straight hair with two thin braids hanged gently over her dainty, cheerful face. Glittering blue eyes watched Xuefeng reactions curiously. Two heart-shaped marks were symmetrically placed under both of her eyes and at the same height as her small tender nose.

Her red, strawberry sweet lips matched perfectly with a pair of roses bloom tight into her hair with a leaf. She smiled kindly at him showing her pure white teeth.

Her dress was made out of two wide straps of cloth that wrapped around her neck all the way down to her slim waist while holding her ample breast in place. A crystal dowsed in a golden flame lied on her chest pinning two parts of her dress together.

He also noticed she had a pair of slightly pointy leaf-shaped ears adding an exotic character to her face.

"Dummy, I could see that someone took the clothes from the string on the balcony. Only you were in this room. You can't trick me." She smiled cutely and even booped his nose playfully.

"Uhm, can you tell me what is this place?" He sat down and asked her politely.

"This is Eligma, our race holy land. Come, my mother wants to meet you. We will have lots of time to talk later." She smiled and picked him by the hand. He couldn't bring himself to reject it and allowed the lady to pull him with her soft, slender fingers.

"How should I call you?" He asked following after her.

"My name is Xiao Yiren and I'm a Forest Elf. We usually have only one name, but I took the last name of my father as my own. If you want you can call me Ren. Come!" Yiren introduced herself, winking at him before she tightened her grip around his hand and pulled him out of the room full of energy.

'Who would have thought that I there are even elves in this world. Ling, have you heard anything about them?' Xuefeng asked Ling.

"Unfortunately, no." She denied, forcing him to find out himself.