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 "Our harvest for this month from our Lava Stone Mine was about 4 tones a day. I suggest we allocate more manpower in this area for the next month. Our Moon Stone mine was attacked by bandits this month so there was a little delay in delivery, but we regained entire stock stolen and no one was hurt. For the other Mines... " Xiao Feng was listening to the monthly report in his study when suddenly he raised his hand stopping the manager from talking.

He sensed that something cracked in his ring and when he realised it was the Red Signal Crystal he immediately pulled it out. He had various signal crystals in his ring but the one which broke was the most precious from them all. It could transmit the message to its twin crystal from almost anywhere in this world.

The second reason why it was precious was that the second part of the crystal was in Xiao Wen possession. 'What would happen in a small country in Eastern Region, that could force her to crush the Red Crystal?' He thought with a frown.

The moment Xiao Feng pulled out the Red Signal Crystal the manager excused himself and left. He knew what that colour signified and that his rank wasn't high enough for him to listen and see anything.

Xiao Feng crushed the crystal at the same moment the manager left. The crystal turned into a red mist, which soon transformed into a 3D video of four people walking toward the waterfall. He quickly recognized his daughter with Xuefeng and nodded in satisfaction.

'Good girl, she found and befriended him this fast. I guess Wen will give me a nice report when she comes back.' He thought smiling as he watched the scene.

But, in the next second his face changed. The whole situation played out where Xuefeng was grabbed by the legs and pulled into the water. Next, a pretty lady that came with them jumped after him into the water screaming "Xuefeng!"

'Could it be because something attacked them from the water? Wen should able to resolve any issue if necessary.' Xiao Feng was getting tense watching the video but he had trust in his daughter.

Next, he saw Xiao Wen undressing her outfit and showing her curves without carrying about the man behind her and jumping after them.

"Fucking bastard, disrespecting my daughter like that." Xiao Feng hit the table and cursed out loud seeing Murong perverted gaze.

He wanted to swear more but the video didn't pause and moved towards the scene where Xiao Wen surpassed Wuying in the water and saw Xuefeng being pulled into a stone underwater passage, closing afterwards with stone doors.

When Xiao Clan leader saw the weird runes on the stone doors, he first frowned, then his expressions changed into that of a surprise and then ecstasy filled his face as he abruptly stood up.

"It's her! It's her for sure. I finally found her. I knew that I find this situation somehow familiar." He cried in happiness looking at the runes, but then he remembered something and his smile froze.

His wife and his pretty daughters which he loved a lot flashed through his mind.

"It has been 25 years and I already have my own family... But nothing will happen if I see her just one more time...Wait." He looked towards the video once again and finally recalled that Xuefeng entered the passage already. His calmness returned to him as he started thinking about the situation.

'Only one man can enter through the royal passage every 25 years. To think that the man my daughter fancy was the chosen one just like myself, twenty-five years ago. I guess I must have a talk with him after he leaves. Maybe he will tell me the news from my Queen...'

He spaced out for a moment as he went back in his mind to the moment he was also dragged to a similar passage from the shore of the lake. After he left, he was trying to find the passage again but it was gone.

"To think it appeared in a remote country on the east. I guess its time to stretch my bones a little bit and leave the capital." He watched the last part of the video and decided to travel by himself.

He looked at the sun that was already falling behind the horizon and disappeared from the study room. Tianshi would usually practice from the moment sun raised until sunset.

Xiao Feng appeared inside Tianshi training ground and as expected he saw her practising. She was running in the sky gently on white clouds only to drop to the ground after a dozen or so jumps. Although she improved with each day, she still had a long way for the full mastery.

"Okay, you can stop for today." Xiao Feng said as he saw Tianshi clean her forehead from sweat and started to prepare for another run. Her black hair were tied together in a bun only leaving few strings falling gently on her rosy cheeks. She probably didn't want them to disturb her training.

Tianshi turned around and saw her father watching her from afar but she didn't cease her actions.

"I have still a strength for a few tries." If she didn't work hard, there is no way she can master such art in a month. Just as she was about to start once again, her father asked her a question that froze her movements.

"What if I allowed you to meet with him sooner?"

"Really?!" She cried out as she ran up to Xiao Feng in disbelieve.

"Yeah. We will take your mom and visit his family even today." He nodded patting Tianshi on the head.

"Why did you change your mind?" Tianshi asked happily, but still in shock.

"Well, I saw how hard you were working and decided to allow it." Xiao Feng chose to tell part of the truth.

"Thank you! I will get ready then and you tell mom." Tianshi hugged him and ran towards the palace room so she can prepare for their trip.

He looked at Tianshi back and sighed "I hope you will not disappoint her, boy."


At the same time in the Liu Clan leader mansion, Senior Wang suddenly appeared in Liu Xiaobei study.

"There is something wrong happening with Young Master. I can feel that he is alright but when I want to use the token to teleport near him, it doesn't work. There is a strange force blocking me."

"Wasn't it a high ranked Token? How come there is something in Aurora Country that can block it?" Liu Xiaobei frowned. He knew that Senior Wang can't protect Xuefeng all the time, that's why they wanted to depend on the token.

"The last place I could sense him was at the waterfall pool, in the Moon lake forest." Senior Wang reported.

"Let's check this out then. Something must have happened." Liu Xiaobei didn't panic as Xuefeng was safe but still decided to find out what happened.