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 "Xuefeng!" Wuying shrieked loudly seeing him disappear underwater and dashed towards the small pool. She jumped after him without any hesitation and worry about her life. Wuying didn't care she could die together with him if there was something dangerous down there, she only wanted to save him.

"Fuck, stupid girl." Xiao Wen was a step too late to stop Wuying and cursed. She didn't care about the Murong who was behind her and quickly took down her Black outfit. Xiao Wen knew that clothes would only slow her down in the water.

Seeing Xiao Wen undress, Murong mouth opened wide from shock. He could see her long red hair fall gently on her naked back and her perfect round buttocks wrapped in elegant lace underwear. He swore under his breath to remember this image forever.

When Xiao Wen finished taking off her clothes, she immediately jumped into the pool.


Xuefeng panicked from the sudden turn of events and started to wave with his hands around trying to escape, but it was a pointless action. Something was pulling him down by the legs and if he didn't do anything about it, he would soon be out of breath.

'Attack with Lightning Qi! Use Thunder Strike!' Ling cried inside his mind trying to help him. She could see that he was being dragged downwards by a strange green lake vine.

Only after Ling reminder, did he realise he was already a cultivator and he can use Spirit Qi to save himself. He recalled the Spirit Qi structure of the spell and didn't hesitate to use it. He looked at his legs and saw green vine pulling him.

He aimed with his hand and his arm suddenly wrapped around in lightning. With a wild cry in his mind, he sent a Thunder Strike towards the vine.

'Yiiiiiiiiiiii' A loud howl sounded from the depth of the pool the moment his Thunder Strike hit the target. At the same time, the vine holding him by the leg got lose and he could finally break free.

He was already almost out of the air, so he didn't wait and swam towards the surface. At that moment he also saw something coming towards him from above. After a closer look, he realised it was Wuying, who jumped into the pool to rescue him.

Wuying saw Xuefeng safe and her heart finally calmed down. She didn't stop to swam upwards but moved towards him cause she wanted to help him to get out.

She reached out her hand and he stretched his. They almost touched their fingers, but unfortunately, in the end, they didn't make it.

With a loud shriek, the vines extended once again and grabbed him by the legs. He was already at his limits for holding breath and the moment he was abruptly pulled down, he let go of all the air he had in his lungs.

"Xue~feng!" Wuying cried spewing bubbles of air as she watched Xuefeng being dragged into the darkness. She wanted to dive deeper but then saw Xiao Wen pass her and race towards the Xuefeng disappearing figure with a rapid speed.

She realised that she would not catch to them, so she let Xiao Wen save him. She gave them one last look and returned to the surface.

The last image Xuefeng saw before he lost consciousness was Xiao Wen approaching him and him entering into the tunnel at the bottom of the pool which closed leaving him in endless darkness. Unfortunately, Ling couldn't make air from Spirit Qi, else he would last longer.

Xiao Wen almost crashed into the stone wall that closed the tunnel, but she stopped herself in the last second. She frowned when she touched it and sensed weird energy flowing through it. There were also strange runes on top of it that she had never seen before.

'How will I explain myself to my sister if something happens to Xuefeng?' Xiao Wen didn't give up and decided to smash the whole entrance into pieces. She couldn't leave him alone.

Her hand started burning with a golden fire that didn't extinguish even inside the water and after gathering enough power she smashed into the doors. What she expected didn't happen but instead, after the loud explosion, the doors didn't even have a mark on them.

'What the hell is this...' She couldn't finish her thoughts as suddenly the runes on the stone door shone brightly and the light shot towards her. Her movements in the water were limited which caused her to react a bit too late and Xiao Wen was hit. She was blown towards the surface and about a hundred meters in the air before she finally started to fall down.

"Goddess!" Murong cried out seeing Xiao Wen fly into the air. Fortunately, she landed safely on the ground a moment later.

"Fuck, I had to use my live-saving shield to resist that ray of light or else I would be seriously injured." Xiao Wen cursed when she recalled the potent energy behind that light strike.

"What happened with Xuefeng? Is he fine?" Wuying asked anxiously as she dashed towards Xiao Wen. Her clothes were all wet and sticking into her body, but she didn't even think about changing it. All she cared was Xuefeng situation.

"I don't know... There is a tunnel at the bottom of the pool but the moment the vine pulled Xuefeng inside, it was blocked by a stone door with odd runes. When I tried to break through it, I was blown away outside the pool by a strange ray of light. The power behind this strike was not something I could take head-on. There shouldn't be anything that could threaten me in a remote country like this..." Xiao Wen explained what she experienced, but she herself didn't know what was going on.

"We have to save him..." Wuying panicked and without thinking tried to jump into the pool once again, but this time she was halted by Xiao Wen in time.

"No! You stay here. If even I can't break through the barrier, there is no way you will. I can call for a backup, don't act irrationally." Xiao Wen looked her in the eyes and tried to change her mind.

"What if your backup can't help? I can't lose him..." Wuying kept her calm in most situations and could always think of a solution no matter what happens but when there is something bad happening with Xuefeng, her brain suddenly starts to panic. She begins to act on impulse and could even throw her life away for him if needed.

"Calm down, we will save him. He will be alright..." Xiao Wen hugged Wuying to calm her down and pulled a small red crystal from her ring, which she immediately crushed. Xiao Wen knew that her father was always sending someone to protect her, so she only needed to crush the correct signal crystal.

A few years ago, he gave her three crystals: red, yellow and green. Each was corresponding to three different situations and its role was to contact different people.

If she crushed a green crystal it meant that her life was in danger, but it was only informing her guardian.

If she broke the yellow crystal it meant that she needed a huge backup that required multiple experts.

The red crystal was special as it was transmitting the last few minutes of what was happening around her directly towards her father and informing all guardians closest to her about the emergency.

"If you want to help him, then first take care of yourself. He will be disappointed at you if he sees you like that. You are all freezing in those wet clothes." Xiao Wen could use her Fire Qi to dry herself but Wuying didn't have such skill.

"I'm okay..." From the overwhelming emotions, Wuying didn't even notice that she was stiffening and shaking from the cold.

"Bam!" Suddenly a masked man in black robes flew from the sky towards them and landed near them with a crash.

"Princess Wen, what is the emergency?!" They man cried urgently. He was the one responsible for protecting Xiao Wen and he was shocked when he got the rare red signal from her. He thought something serious happened to her and instantly flew towards Xiao Wen location.

"Uhm, I'm sorry Princess." When he saw her almost naked he averted his gaze immediately. His sight turned towards Murong who was still standing there dumbfounded and watched the fair bodies of the ladies.

"How dare you?!" The masked man eyes burned with fury seeing Murong perverted gaze ogling Xiao Wen and launched an attack without asking questions.

He was so quick, Murong didn't even realise what hit him and his body was wrapped around with golden barrier, before being sent flying hundreds of meters away.

"Princess, I believe that pervert wasn't the emergency you crushed Red Signal Crystal for." The man bowed towards Xiao Wen and said.

Xiao Wen didn't care what happened with Murong and put on her outfit first. She then waved with her hand drying Wuying clothes and finally explained what happened to the masked man.