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 "So tell us how did this happen and introduce yourself," Xuefeng asked the already dressed and cleaned white hair man. After he realised he was naked, he cleaned himself and wore some proper clothes.

That was the time he also got informed by his Fate Fragment that Xuefeng and Xiao Wen were also Fate Fragment Holders.

That news shocked them as he realised why he was saved by them, and why they didn't kill him. After all, who would want an ability that was like a ticking bomb and can backfire at you in the future?

"My name is Murong and I'm from the Darkstone Kingdom. I'm an orphan and I don't belong to any clan or family. I like to wander around the continent, in search of the most beautiful woman in the world. But now, I think that I finally finished my mission. Miss, can I have the honour of knowing your name?" Murong introduced himself but his eyes didn't leave Xiao Wen body. He knew he was handsome, so he tried to use his face to woo her but it didn't work at all.

The Darkstone Kingdom was quite a distance away from here so they were surprised to hear him mention it.

"I'm not interested in men with small weapons." She looked at his crotch and smiled with scorn.

"It's not about how big your weapon is, but how you use it." He didn't feel discouraged and winked at her. He was aware of this flaw, but he already accepted and embraced it. He couldn't allow it to ruin his dreams.

"I start to regret saving him, can we kill him and leave his corpse back in the cave?" Xiao Wen was immune to his tricks and asked pointing back at the passage. Lulu saw how her master was treating Murong, so she growled at him forcing him to back off few steps.

"Okay, calm down everyone. This is Wuying, I'm Liu Xuefeng and the lady you can't take eyes off is called Xiao Wen. Can you tell us how did you end up in the Nightmare stomach?" Xuefeng stopped Xiao Wen from committing murder and introduced everyone. Before they part ways, he wanted to learn what led him to land himself in such a situation.

"So, it's goddess Wen. Such a beautiful name. Ehem... answering your question, I was wandering the world freely until I reached this forest. With my ability, I could go unhindered wherever I wanted, but I didn't expect I would be stopped by a damn spider. He couldn't beat me up so he swallowed me whole. I spent a few days in its stomach, but thanks to goddess Wen, I was saved." Murong praised Xiao Wen which made her cringe and explained what happened to him.

'Everything he said was the truth. I still have some leftovers of my Fate Qi and I could feel his heartbeat. Unless he is a perfect lier, I guess we can leave him alone.' Ling informed.

"Oh, so that's what happened. You are just unlucky then. Well, it was nice to meet you. We will have to separate from each other here." Xuefeng satisfied his curiosity and said goodbyes to him. He only wanted to confirm if he was a maniac or a normal youth.

He didn't want to stay near a person who could potentially kill you for your Fate Fragment. It was a different story with Xiao Wen as she was much stronger than him, so he couldn't do anything with her.

Overall, he decided to keep a distance from all Fate Fragment Holders as they might stab you from behind in any given time or opportunity. It was better safe than sorry type of thinking.

"You want to leave me alone? Goddess! Please don't leave me!" Murong suddenly started to cry when he heard Xuefeng. He dropped to the ground and begged to let him stay with them.

Seeing them not reacting he stopped his fake cry and looked for another way. He looked at Wuying then at Xuefeng and suddenly thought of an idea.

"Miss Wuying, you should be Xuefeng partner, right? The moment I saw him, I knew only a beauty as elegant as you could match him. Everyone can tell with one glance that you are the pair made in heavens." Murong tried his best to convince Wuying as his intuition told him that they must be together. There are no better ways to persuade a man than through his woman.

Seeing her hesitating, he added with a sad face, "Just when I met my goddess and finished my mission, I am being pushed away... I wish I could somehow repay you guys for saving me..." He turned around and slowly walked away one step at a time. He looked like he is walking in slow-motion.

"Xuefeng, how about we let him stay with us for now, and we will decide later?" Wuying turned towards Xuefeng and asked cutely. She was not stupid to not realise what Murong was doing but she somehow found him funny.

"Eh, you can stay then, but remember you are following us on your own accord." Xuefeng patted Wuying on the head agreeing to her plea. To be honest, if Murong wanted to follow them, they could not do anything about it anyway. His power was quite an annoying one that would waste a lot of time if they wanted to take care of him.

"Hey, you didn't ask me for my opinion. It will be me who has to deal with this weirdo..." Xiao Wen protested immediately.

"Goddess Wen, don't worry about me. You won't even notice that I'm here." Murong face returned to normal when he achieved his goal and he smiled assuring Xiao Wen.

"It's already getting late. Who would have thought that we spent so much time with that nightmare? How about we find a place to spend the night?" Xuefeng ignored Xiao Wen protest and looked at the sky. The sun was already hiding behind the mountain top making the whole valley darken rapidly.

"We can also fly back to the city. We are only an hour away, anyway." Wuying proposed.

"Nah, we will just waste our time travelling. How about we stay in the valley for the night? I wanted to train here for the next few days." Xuefeng clones were still in the valley and Ling was playing around with the Crown Prince so he couldn't leave yet, else she would lose control over them.

"Oh! I can help you with that." Murong called out happily and pulled out a beast token. It shone and soon a small black ball around half a meter in diameter appeared on the ground.

The moment it appeared, it jumped on Murong shoulders and wrapped around his neck. It had a cute little nose, small pink mouth with a long tongue and a pair of big black eyes. It looked extremely cute as it licked Murong on the cheek.

"This little guy is a Black Burrower I found while travelling. He can create a burrow for us in the mountain. Let's find a nice place first." Murong patted it on the head and introduced it.

"Oh, it's so cute, can I pet it?" Wuying girly side kicked in when she saw a fluffy black ball.

"You don't even need to ask. He is nice and friendly. Momo, they are our new friends, you don't need to be scared of them." The Burrower nodded with his small head and run up to the ladies and allowed them to play with it.

"It's so smart." Wuying praised as she reached out to touch its fur and it turned out to be soft and delicate. It licked her on the hand, making her giggle.

"Okay, then I guess, it's decided. Let's find a nice place before it gets dark." Xuefeng didn't want to stay the night next to Nightmare nest. Everything here was covered in webs.

"Momo, let's go." Murong beckoned for his pet to come back, but it didn't listen to him and instead sat on Wuying shoulder. It started to fawn and cuddle into her arms.

"I guess you just lost your pet, haha." Xuefeng laughed seeing the situation and left Murong alone who had the face of someone who was just betrayed.

They walked along the mountain wall and after a few minutes, they heard the sounds of a waterfall. They arrived near one of the rivers that were flowing towards the moon lake. There was a huge waterfall as the river was coming down from the cliff.

"How about this place? The water is clean and we can make a cave in the rock wall near it." Xuefeng asked as he approached the water. It was surprisingly deep and cold. He washed his face feeling refreshed afterwards.

'Wait, get away from the water!' "Xuefeng, watch out! There is something in the water!" Ling and Xiao Wen suddenly called out to him simultaneously but before Xuefeng could react, something reached out from the water and he was sucked underwater.