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 While Ling was playing with the Crown Prince, Xuefeng group was pumping the Nightmare with Spirit Qi, trying to make it reach its limits. After all the small Spiders were killed, the Bloody Nightmare basically had no chance on survival left.

When they all joined their hands assaulting it, Nightmare movements were extremely restricted. Under their intense pressure, it was just waiting to be slaughtered.

Ling informed Xuefeng that it was Crown Prince group that entered into the forest and their goal was to kill him which quite surprised him. He didn't remember even talking to him, or even offending him.

'He said something about stealing his possession. Maybe it is because of the Princess?' Ling proposed.

'You can't steal something from him that was never his. And Princess isn't a thing but a person. What a dumbass Prince. You can play with him however you want. I don't care what happens to him.' Xuefeng wasn't interested in meeting brain-dead people. He already labelled him as a typical arrogant and egotistical prince that thinks he is the centre of the world.

"I think we are reaching the end of this. Rank 5 should be its genetic limit." Xiao Wen called out seeing the Nightmare swell from the excess amount of Spirit Qi.

Few drops of sweat were visible on her forehead. Xiao Wen was constantly attacking from the start without any break, so her Spirit Qi was mostly depleted and she was physically exhausted. But she couldn't stop until she learns the truth.

"Let's see what are you hiding inside you..." Xiao Wen looked at the swole Nightmare body and used her leftovers of Qi in the last powerful strike. Her sword was consumed by golden fire and broke apart into thousands of fragments flying into the air all around her. In the next second the sword fragments started flashing left and right attacking the Nightmare from every direction.

"Wow." Xuefeng stopped his assault and watched the sword fragments crash one by one on the Bloody Nightmare. With each strike, it was getting bigger and bigger until finally, its torso exploded and the nightmare fell to the ground with a thud.

The golden Swords Shards flew towards Xiao Wen hand and connected with each other back into her sword.

'I know this sword art. It was a famous Spirit Art of the master of Xiao Family which made him famous when the Thunder Goddess was still in the Central Region Capital. I guess she has to be his daughter to know this Spirit Art. Unfortunately, I can only pass you the arts that Thunder Goddess mastered or easy ones that I can master. Even if you received such an art I couldn't help you Master it.' Ling sighed feeling Xuefeng desire for such art.

'It's okay, I can't have everything for granted. I have to learn some Spirit Arts by myself. Let's check out what was with that Nightmare.' Xuefeng didn't mind as Ling was already helping him a lot. He approached Xiao Wen with Wuying by his side and looked towards Bloody Nightmare body.

It was ripped apart on the whole length and its blood and guts filled the whole rocky floor.

Xiao Wen approached its stomach and lifted its cuticula revealing intact stomach. Only the stomach was safe after the explosion. She lifted her sword and cut it from the top to the bottom without piercing too deep. They didn't know what was inside after all. What if they were right and there was someone in nightmare stomach?

Before she could slice the whole way, something slipped out and dropped to the ground. With a closer, they realised it really was a person. From his face, they could tell it was a man around 20 with a white hair, slightly pointy chin and fair skin. His eyes were small and spaced evenly apart as his trim eyebrows curved nicely above them. His rosy thin lips were sitting below a small delicate nose.

The only problem was that he was currently unconscious and naked as his clothes were melted by Nightmare stomach acid. Even though he was covered by Nightmare stomach juices, with just one look, everyone could tell he was beyond handsome.

Even Xuefeng was jealous looking at the man face. Although he went through metamorphosis because of Ling nutritious ability, he was still far away from that man.

"So the mystery is solved. We were correct, but what now?" Xuefeng asked as he looked at the man. They needed to save him now, right?

'Ling, how is he?' Xuefeng asked his most reliable source of information.

'He should be fine for now, he is just dehydrated and malnourished, but he would be fine with one session of my regeneration. Also, I don't suggest taking his ability. Although it would be easy to advance with it, its a cursed ability. One day someone can use it against you.' Ling answered warning him about this fate fragment ability.

'Yeah, I also thought it would be like that. I don't think about taking it.' Xuefeng nodded and scattered her worries.

He was waiting for the ladies to answer him, but he didn't receive any answer. He looked at the ladies and saw them checking out his crotch then look at the man, with pity.

"Xuefeng's is much bigger, this man will have a hard time satisfying any lady." Xiao Wen commented without any shame. As for Wuying, when she looked at that man private part she somehow felt proud as Xuefeng woman.

"Really? That's what you were thinking about?" Xuefeng was speechless seeing them like that.

"Haha, maybe I should really visit you at night after all is done? Will you satisfy your older sister when she is in need?" Xiao Wen approached Xuefeng and touched his face with a seductive smile.

"Noo, Xuefeng is mine!" Wuying grabbed into Xuefeng arm and pulled him towards herself.

"You want to take everything for yourself? Have you already done it with him?" Xiao Wen asked with a teasing smile.

"Yeah, we did it!" Wuying subconsciously admitted, falling to Xiao Wen trap.

"Hoho, interesting." After learning what she wanted, she laughed. Only then did Wuying understood she was tricked.

"Okay, enough. Let me wake this dude up first." Xuefeng rolled his eyes at their games and escaped from their conversation. He crouched near the man and placed his hand on his chest. Ling activated her regeneration and started her nourishment therapy.

Wuying pouted at herself, for leaking their information and glared cutely at Xiao Wen which responded with a chuckle.

'I need to inform Tianshi about this fact else Xuefeng might be stolen one day.' Xiao Wen thought while she watched him. She already approved of him as her sister potential husband. The fact that he was a Fate Fragment Holder took a big part with her opinion. Their family strength would greatly increase if they had another Fate Fragment Holder in their ranks.

After a few seconds of Ling nutrient Fate Qi, the man eyelids started to move and finally, they opened as he regained consciousness.

"Cough, cough... Where am I? Is this heaven?" The man sat down and looked at his surroundings. The ceiling was filled with white crystals that were illuminating the cave. He saw thousands of spider bodies on the ground but then the two ladies appeared in his radar and everything else didn't matter.

"So I am really in heaven, else I wouldn't see such beautiful lady, that I couldn't even imagine in my dreams. Goddess, thank you for gracing me with your presence." The man bowed toward Xiao Wen and smiled gently trying to show his best side.

"Okay, this guy is a lunatic." Xiao Wen commented as she lost her interest and turned around walking towards the exit.

"Noooo, Goddess don't leave me, please." He stood up and run after her, begging for forgiveness.

"Wuying don't look." Xuefeng reached out with his hand and blocked Wuying eyes so she wouldn't see such scenes.

"Okay." She smiled feeling his warm touch and nodded.

In the next second, they heard a loud bam and saw the golden man flying across the cave.

"Let's go, we already saved him." It seemed like Xiao Wen didn't want this ability as well so they had nothing left to do here. He picked the Spirit Artefact that formed above Bloody Nightmare corpse and gave it to Wuying.

"It should be more compatible with you," Ling told him earlier it wouldn't be of much use to him as it was connected to Blood Spirit Arts.

"Thanks." She didn't reject him and they both followed Xiao Wen out of the cave.

"Wait for me! Huh, why am I naked?" The man shout sounded behind them as the handsome man finally noticed what was wrong.