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 The gore of bloody bodies didn't bother Xuefeng anymore, but he still didn't like the fact that so many people were dying near him. He recalled the faces of horror and desperation when the Nightmare was going on a killing spree. They could stop it, but they didn't.

He knew that it could potentially bring other Fate Fragment Holders to this area in search of the new fate fragment, so he couldn't do much about it. He needed to focus on becoming stronger so he won't land in this kind of situation again in the future.

Xiao Wen wasn't in a hurry to destroy this Nightmare so she waited for Xuefeng and Wuying to keep up with them. The Nightmare was still struggling to get out of the wall as Xiao Wen punch was too strong.

"So what's the plan? We will fight it and feed it Spirit Qi until it can't absorb any more?" Wuying asked seeing the Nightmare struggling out of the hole.

"That's basically the plan. Are you alright?" Xiao Wen nodded and asked Xuefeng who wasn't showing any emotions on his face.

"I'm fine. Any attacks are fine?" Xuefeng shook his head, getting rid of the unhealthy thoughts and asked. 'I have to focus on the current mission.'

"Yeah, the Nightmare will absorb even physical attacks and transform the energy behind it into Spirit Qi. Although it will be a small amount it is still something." Xiao Wen confirmed. She picked the Spirit Beast Token she earlier used to hide Lulu and White Winged Tiger appeared.

"Roaaar!" Lulu greeted everyone with a loud roar, which caused the Nightmare body to shudder. She was after all a Rank 6 Spirit Beast. Her aura alone could overpower a Rank 4 Nightmare.

But, when the Nightmare recalled that she is invincible with the weird Golden Barrier, she wasn't scared anymore. She finally went out of the hole and looked at their new enemies.

"Great, if we can use Lulu as an attacker, it will quicken the process." Wuying nodded seeing the fluffy tiger. She even approached it and touched its fur gently, which Lulu responded with a soft purr.

"What is the Nightmare highest Stage it can achieve?" Xuefeng asked as he pulled out the Black Flames Slayer eager to fight. If not for this Nightmare, none of these deaths would happen.

"I have never seen a Nightmare Species with a stage higher than Rank 5, but it might not be its limit. We will have to find out." Wuying informed.

"Then, let's get started." Xuefeng was the first to attack after Xiao Wen initial fist and sent Black Flames with a wave of his hand.

The Nightmare didn't even bother to dodge the strike and a golden barrier appeared on its body. The flames were quickly absorbed, leaving not even a burn left.

"I like your passions boy." Xiao Wen smiled at his actions and also got serious. The black flames started to burn on her hands and she started bombarding the Nightmare with fireballs one by one blowing her back towards the wall.

Xuefeng transformed his sword into a Serpent tail and started whipping the Golden Barrier without break, exploding parts of the whip before regenerating it again. He could also use Lightning Qi in this assault but decided against it as it was too precious.

Lulu also contributed to the battle. She sent multiple air bombs which empowered Xiao Wen fireballs even more.

Only Wuying couldn't help in the fight as her moves were mostly in a close range and it would be hard to approach the Nightmare while others were bombarding her with Spirit Arts. She decided to learn a few ranged Spirit Arts for the cases like that.

After a few minutes of intense assault on the Nightmare, it finally showed signs of a breakthrough. It was mostly contributed to Xiao Wen as she was the main force of the onslaught. The Nightmare was cornered the whole time and couldn't do anything else than depending on the magical Golden Barrier to survive.

The Nightmare started increasing in size abruptly and transforming into Rank 5 Bloody Nightmare. It was the last known upgrade a Nightmare Species could obtain. Its body became more sturdy and its fangs doubled in size.

It suddenly started to force its way away from the wall as if it wanted to counterattack. Their attacks didn't create enough energy to force her into the wall anymore.

"It turned into a Bloody Nightmare, don't let it get close to her eggs. If she awakens her children, we will be facing millions of them at the same time." Wuying cried when she saw what the Nightmare was planning. It wasn't coming at them but crawling towards the place with web covered eggs.

Unfortunately, the moment she said it, the Bloody Nightmare shrieked before reaching with one of its legs towards the eggs. It started sending Crimson Spirit Qi through it and pumping it into the eggs.

Before they could react, the web started to crack and small red spiders hatched from them. Xiao Wen tried to amend the situation by appearing before the Bloody Nightmare and kicking it away from the eggs, but it was too late.

Crimson Spirit Qi passed through all the eggs in the lair like a plague, awakening thousands of small snipers at once. Although they were all Rank 1 Spirit Beasts, there were too many of them.

"Take care of the smaller ones and I will focus the Nightmare!" Xiao Wen shouted before launching herself at it without holding back anymore. She wanted to confirm the truth behind this Nightmare Fate Fragment Ability.

Black Flames in her hands turned golden and she started using her Golden Qi, she recently produced. Earlier, she was consuming the Black Qi, she didn't yet transform into Golden Qi.

She also pulled out her weapon for the first time. Xuefeng thought that she was a cultivator that specialize in fist arts, but that was only because she never turned serious since they met.

Xiao Wen turned out to be a swordsman as well, but Xuefeng Black Flames Slayer couldn't compare to her weapon at all. It was a beautifully crafted golden longsword that emitted a blinking golden light as if it was communicating with Xiao Wen.

It was then covered with Golden Flames and she bombarded the Nightmare with different Spirit Arts.

'That's definitely a Rank 6 sword or higher, with its own consciousness.' Xuefeng thought as he watched her before looking back at his own. He should ask Ling later for the methods to improve the rank of Spirit Artefacts.

"Xuefeng, let's kill them, don't space out." Wuying woke him up from his thoughts as she dashed towards the sea of spiders cutting them in half with ease.

"Time to clean up!" Xuefeng activated all Spirit Aura Artefacts before following Wuying into a massacre. The Lizard Core he received from her earlier was also turned on by him causing area of effect damage to the surrounding Spiders. They were already injured before they could even reach him.

With one hand he was absorbing Spirit Qi from the Spirit Stone and with the other, he was slashing and finishing the spiders. The quantity of his Spirit Qi was nothing compared to Wuying and Xiao Wen so he had to sustain himself during the battle.

While he was killing endless amount of spiders, Ling suddenly transmitted some bad news to him. 'A group of cultivators entered into the forest and they are coming in our direction.'

'Can you lure them away somehow?' If they had to fight with both the Spiders and other cultivators that would be quite troublesome.

'I will try, but you guys have to hurry.' Ling answered.

"A new group of cultivators entered into the forest, we have to quicken our actions." Xuefeng turned towards the ladies and informed them about the news.

"Lulu help them." Xiao Wen commanded as she intensified her assault. The golden barrier on the Bloody Nightmare didn't stop to shine since she got serious. Lulu roared as she changed her targets and jumped towards the closest spider group sending them all flying with one movement of her paws.

With Lulu Air bombs that blew hundreds of spiders with each strike, the speed of their cleanup increased. With her, it wasn't long before they finished all the Rank 1 spiders, allowing them to go attack the Nightmare together with Xiao Wen.