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 Princess Shan arrived in the capital safely without any problems yesterday at night. She didn't cause much stir in the city as she sneaked through the Formation without anyone noticing.

In the capital, there was a huge Tactical Formation that was forbidding flying and only those with permission had this right. As a princess, she, of course, possessed such rights. Instead of the commotion in the city, she caused one in the palace.

Not many people have seen her without a veil, so when she arrived near the gates, the guards were confused.

"S-stop! The Palace is closed in the nighttime. Who are you?" The guards near the gave were quite stupified by Princess beauty, but still blocked her way as they didn't recognize her.

Princess couldn't bother introducing herself to those idiots so pulled out the Imperial Token that only Royal Family members had.

"Royal Token, blue robe and a beauty? P-Princess Shan, we are sorry for our mistake." Only after she showed the token did they connect all the dots and recognised her. They bowed hurriedly and apologized.

"Open the gates," Princess commanded coldly.

"Yes! Princess, the Emperor asked us to inform you to visit him as soon as you come back. He said it was something important." One of the guards informed while opening the gate for her.

"Tell him that if he wants to meet with me, I will be waiting in my room," Princess said without looking back and disappeared into the palace.

"Gulp" Guards swallowed their saliva when they heard her. One of them had to go and inform the Emperor, but it was equivalent to enraging the Emperor.

While they were arguing who will be the one to go, Princess who was approaching her room was stopped by Zhen Ping who recently came back to the palace from a friend's party. When he saw Princess Shan without her veil, he was overwhelmed by his emotions.

He knew about her promise to always wear a veil in public unless she meets the man that was designed for her and now it was gone.

"Did you really choose this trash from Liu Clan?!" That was the only explanation that came into his mind.

"You are the one who is trash. All you doing is partying every day and playing in the brothel. I don't want to see you, get out of my sight." She spat words at him coldly before passing him and heading into her room.

Crown Prince was so mad that he wanted to cut someone in half. He punched the wall and stormed out of the palace to contact his lackeys. He wanted to hunt that Liu Clan Trash and kill him right now. He couldn't do anything to Princess Shan, but it would be a shame on his name if he couldn't do the same to Liu Xuefeng.

Emperor Shang was quite pissed off at his daughter attitude. Who would have thought that he had to visit his daughter to meet with her Instead of the opposite? But, he knew his daughter temperament and couldn't do anything else but sigh.

When he entered into Princess Shan room, he spotted her putting each dress she had onto her bed as if she was choosing what to pack.

"What do you want?" Princess ceased her actions and asked coldly.

"Is this the attitude you should have towards your father?!" Emperor Shang bellowed hearing Princess Shan indifferent question.

"I never called you my father and I will never do. You think I will ever forgive you for what you did to my mother?" She stared daggers at the Emperor before going back to looking through her clothes.

"Come on, it has been five years already. Are you going to remind me about it for the rest of my life? You already got your revenge, what else you want?" The Emperor anger decreased when she mentioned her deceased mother.

Emperor Shang had one legal wife but it didn't stop him from committing adultery with other beauties often from a poor background. Princess Shan mother was one of those girls who was tricked by him and in the end got pregnant.

She was from a humble background but extremely pretty. After Princess Shan was born he hid them from the public and his wife. He was secretly sustaining their livelihood for ten years until Princess Shan could awaken her talent.

Although Princess grandmother was a famous healer, she didn't leave much fortune for her daughter. With only a small amount of Fate Qi she couldn't heal everyone, forever. She left the golden crystal with sealed Fate Fragment inside and set an awakening timer for 25 years.

Because princess mother had a poor cultivation talent, she ordered her to gift the crystal to her future granddaughter.

After Princess shan awakening it turned out that she had Purple Talent which made the Emperor jump from delight. He acknowledged Princess Shan as his legal daughter and her mother as his second Wife.

Who would have thought that his first wife would scheme and poison her mother into death when the Emperor was away? From the lack of evidence, she couldn't do anything and the first wife got free without any punishment. From that moment she swore in her heart that she will get revenge.

After training for a few years, she became the youngest Spirit King in the capital and she killed Emperor First Wife the same night. Only the Emperor knew about it as he happened to be by her side that night.

After battling with her and being defeated, he decided to hide the truth, even from his son Zhen Ping. After all, he can always marry another beauty but it was rare to have a daughter with Purple Talent. He was hoping that Princess Shan will one day forgive him.

"I don't care, it was all your fault, to begin with. If you don't want anything you can leave." She didn't want to reason with a man like that.

"Whatever, I received a letter today with a marriage proposal in it. As your father and the Emperor, I agreed in your stead. You will marry..." He pulled out a letter and threw it towards her. He tried to explain but he was shut down by an Icy Blue Katana that was placed under his throat.

The letter he threw at her was already in shreds and they were falling gently to the ground.

"Repeat again... You did what?" Princess pressed the blade further asking with a frown.

"I agreed for you to marry the Sacred Sword Kingdom Prince ..." The Emperor was shocked by how fast he was attacked. He couldn't even react to her movements.

"I'm going to attend White Lotus Academy if you want to or not. I will be the one to choose who I'm going to marry. Do you understand?" She asked coldly, without giving him a chance to talk more.

"Don't you know how much benefits it would bring to our country?" Emperor tried to reason with her but was unsuccessful.

"Leave." She turned around, leaving him no options but to listen to her.

When the Emperor left, she couldn't help but recall her mother words when she gave her the Golden Necklace her grandmother left behind. 'Remember, when the crystal starts getting warmer near a boy you like, you should stay close to him. That person will be special and your fate will change with him. I didn't listen to its signs and here I am, dying on the bed from a poison.'

"I will, mother..." Princess Shan muttered determinedly.