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 Xuefeng saw two giant apes with a pair of two additional arms on their sides, smashing the ground all round Wuying, trying to hit her, but she dodged each strike skillfully while also leaving cuts all around their bodies.

'They are Rank 4 Six-Armed Apes. Xiao Wen is watching her so if anything happens she can save her, but I think Wuying will be alright. We have to push her limits if she wants to improve.' Ling explained seeing him worried. She didn't tell him that she already talked with Xiao Wen through Xuefeng clone and it was Xiao Wen who proposed to push Wuying a little further.

'She is so good, look at her elegant moves and her unique fighting style. When will I grow into a fighter like that?' Xuefeng watched Wuying movements and complemented in his mind.

'You will eventually. I can see a deep potential in you. With my guidance, you should be able to advance at a rapid speed.' Ling promised.

'Let's join them, Wuying seems to be finishing her battle. You don't need to lure more beasts for now.' Xuefeng told Ling before approaching Xiao Wen who was standing not too far away and observing Wuying fight.

"How is she doing?" Xuefeng asked, seeing Xiao Wen didn't notice his presence.

"Better than I expected. Her battle techniques are profound and her Spirit Arts mastery is also on a high level. If only she could follow me to the Central Region, she would improve so much." Xiao Wen sighed while she watched Wuying dancing around the apes without stopping.

"What? You want her to follow you back to Central Region?" Her casual sentence froze his heart for a moment. Just as he found someone he can be close to in this world, she wanted to take her away from him.

"I have such thoughts now after seeing her performance. There is one particular inheritance that would suit her perfectly. She only needs to be willing to leave you for a while." Xiao Wen finally turned around and told him her plans.

"Isn't that alright?" Xuefeng asked confused. He didn't mind separating from Wuying for a while if that meant a greater future for her.

"If you agree then it's settled." Xiao Wen grinned at his answer and asked "How does your Talent Increasement ability work? I heard from the report that you consumed Six-Petals Lotus Flower but I guess that was all bullshit?"

"Yeah, I couldn't tell everyone the truth about Ling, right? To be honest, I don't really know how it works. I was under Ling control back then." He only remembered that he created a purple Phenomenon and triggered Heavenly Tribulation.

"Wen, place your hand on the crystal." Ling cold voice suddenly broke their conversation as the necklace on Xuefeng shirtless chest shone with light. Xuefeng was surprised Ling could talk through the crystal.

Xiao Wen didn't mind ling calling her by her first name and listened to Ling command. The moment she placed her hand on the crystal, she could feel the unknown energy flow inside his body and entering into her dantian.

She knew what she was doing and didn't block her. Of course, she told Lang to be careful in case Ling tried anything funny. Cultivator Spirit was quite vulnerable as it didn't have much defence. If Ling uses her Fate Qi to attack Xiao Wen dantian, she could create a considerate about of damage.

The process of Increasing talent was shorter than what Xiao Wen had imagined. Ling first entered into her Spirit before absorbing a part of her Spirit Qi and reinforcing the Spirit with it. After Ling was done, she tested it and indeed she produced Golden Qi instead of Black Qi.

"Thank you!" Xiao Wen couldn't believe Ling could improve someone's talent just like that. 'No wonder Thunder Goddess was hunted down. She was the only one who had this ability. If it was abused by her, she could literally create a powerful clan that could crush everyone in this world.' She thought.

"That's all? Why was it so fast? No weird phenomenon?" Xuefeng asked confused.

"Earlier I wasn't strong enough to manage this ability and I couldn't stop the phenomenon from happening but now it's a piece of cake," Ling explained.

"Can't you increase my talent to the golden one too then?" Xuefeng proposed.

"It would create an unnecessary commotion. Also, it wouldn't bring you any advantages right now, as your stage is still too low. You can advance for now with black talent just fine." Only after Ling detailed further did he understand.

"What about Wuying? Isn't she only a dark blue talent? We can increase hers." Xuefeng felt that he could trust Wuying, cause if he did that, it would reveal his identity as a Fate Fragment Holder.

"Ba-Dum...Ba-Dum" Before Ling could answer two flat thumps sounded from the direction of Wuying battle. When they turned around, they saw two apes lying on the ground with their heads and arms severed. Wuying collected two of their Spirit Artefacts and also their bodies were placed in her new ring.

Seeing Xuefeng stopped fighting and was talking to Xiao Wen, she ran happily to his side before hugging onto his arm.

"Did you watch me?" She looked like she didn't even break a sweat from the fight as she blinked cutely with her long eyelashes waiting for his praise.

'She shows a completely different character when she is fighting than when she is around Xuefeng. What did he do to her to make her so obedient?' Xiao Wen watched the pair in amusement.

"Yeah, I saw, you were amazing. I have still a lot to learn from you." He said with a smile while patting her on the head.

"Mhmm." She hummed in satisfaction missing his doting touch.

'If you want to, I can increase her talent during your bed performances with her. This way you can give her a reason for her upgrade, what do you think?' Ling finished their previous conversation with a proposal.

He wanted to roll his eyes at Ling suggestion but after a moment he thought it was actually a good idea. Just as he was about to agree ling said something which made him cry.

'It was a joke, pervert.'

'I guess Ling is not that naive anymore...' Xuefeng sighed.


"Crown Prince, I got a great piece of news for you!" In the Red Flower Pavilion, a man in servant clothes was knocking on one of the private room doors.

"What do you want? Enter!" An angry shout sounded from inside of the room.

The man entered after hearing Crown Prince permission and what he saw, made him want to question why he worked for him.

On the bed, he could see Zhen Ping pounding a beauty from behind while spewing curses.

"You think you can ignore me over and over again?" "Smack."

"You will see, in the future, you will be mine and only mine." "Smack"

"Only I can save you from that guy, you think this trash can help you?" "Smack"

"You even took down your veil for him, what a slut." "Smack"

The lady was crying in pain as he slapped her on the ass without restraining his strength each time a sentence came out of his mouth.

"I have information about Liu Xuefeng!" The servant couldn't watch his cruelty anymore so he shouted.

"What did you say? Report immediately! Did he finally leave his clan?" Hearing that it's the information about Xuefeng, Zhen Ping pushed the girl aside knocking her off the bed.

"Yes! He is currently in the area around moon lake forest. He is on the mission with his servant Wuying to hunt Rank 4 Nightmare." The man reported what he knew. After he was done he took off his robe and put it on the lady who was still lying on the floor.

"Great! Best timing! I was waiting for this news. You can enjoy this beauty as a reward." Crown Prince put on his azure robe, before patting the man on the shoulder praising him. He left the room with a smile on his face.

"Sun Guo..." The moment they were left alone the lady threw herself in the man arms and cried his name while her tears spilt over and flowed down her face like a river escaping a dam.

The Sun Guo hugged the woman deeply watching the door with hatred. He hated the prince more than anyone else but he had no choice but to work for him. His father owned a tone of money to the gambling boss and being the Crown Prince Lakey paid the most.

The lady in his arms was one of many the prince often abused after having a bad humour. Those pretty ladies were often from a poor background and possessed poor cultivations talents, which caused them to end up in a place like this.

"Don't worry, he will pay for what he has done to you guys one day." Sun Guo promised her while calming her down. His face was full of justice and determination.