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 While Xuefeng was consuming Lightning Qi from Wolves attacks, Wuying was approached the Lizard and picked the Spirit Artefact that was hovering above its body. It is quite random which form Beast Spirit will take form but this time she was lucky as she obtained rank 4 Aura Spirit Artefact.

After activating it with her Spirit Qi, in the diameter of a few meters around her, flames would rage and burn her enemies. It was a great artefact for close combat cultivators.

'I can gift it to Xuefeng later.' She smiled, approving the artefact and didn't even thought of taking it for herself.

She put it into her dantian before looking at the Lizard body. It would fetch a nice price if they could sell it back in the city. Unfortunately, her Spirit Bracelet didn't have sufficient space for that.

"Here, a present for your performance." Xiao Wen seeing Wuying gaze, she threw a crimson ring towards her from afar. In her mind, she treated it as an apology for her earlier mistake.

"Thanks." Wuying caught it and looked at Xiao Wen is a surprise. Her first thought was to reject it, but it was what she needed at the moment, so she thanked Wen sincerely.

She wore it on her middle finger and it adjusted its size to fit her perfectly. It wasn't a natural Storage ring but a manufactured one so she didn't have any problems with branding her Spirit Qi on it. Xiao Wen probably removed her own imprint on it.

Natural Spirit Artefacts had to acknowledge you as their master if you want to use them but Produced Spirit Artefacts could be used by anyone. Of course, if the ring had an imprint on it, you had to erase it first before you it can change owners.

She wrapped the body with her Spirit QI before sucking it whole into the ring. It had a few hundred cubic meters of space inside so she didn't have to worry she will fill it for now. Earlier when Wuying checked the space inside, she got another fright, but she thought that if Xiao Wen gave it to her, it meant she had even better Storage Artefact on her own.

That was the reasoning she used to accept such a precious present.

"Prepare for another opponent." Xiao Wen warned when she sensed another beast coming.

Wuying also felt the vibrations in the earth and prepared for another fight.

'Xuefeng, the wolves are getting impatient, its time for you to kill them and gather their cores.' Ling informed Xuefeng who was focused filling his dantian with Lightning Qi.

The wolves leader realized that something was wrong as their prey didn't fall down to the ground after a few minutes of their intense attacks and called the others to stop their assault.

Thunder Wolves had lightning cores in their bodies that allowed them to transform Spirit Qi into Lightning Qi. Although the amount and productions speed was pitifully small, it was still something.

The cores are connected to wolves spirits so cultivators treat those cores as a Spirit Artefacts materials. If you happen to be unlucky and a Spirit Artefact didn't form after killing a Spirit Beast, then you can still sell the core you got to a Formation Master who will use it in his craft.

But not many cultivators know that you can also use those cores to gather different types of Qi. The methods for using them are strictly protected by top clans.

'Kill the smaller ones first before dealing with the leader.' Ling suggested.

Xuefeng didn't waste time and summoned his Black Flames Slayer before slashing towards the closest wolf. Before he struck activated his Aura Spirit Artefacts increasing his movement and endurance catching the wolf off-guard. Its head flew into the air living a bloody line behind it.

Before they reacted, Xuefeng switched targets and cut towards the next Thunder Wolf. They mostly depleted their Lightning Qi reserves, so their only weapons were their claws and sharp teeth.

Just as the leader commanded the attack, another Wolf dropped to the ground with a hole in its chest. After Xuefeng activated his Movements Spirit Art on top of the previous boost, everything around him slowed down, allowing Xuefeng to dodge the wolves bites with ease and kill all four of them in a moment.

His mind worked the same way as if he was in the Virtual Reality game fighting beast to earn experience points. It was a way for him to escape the reality, that he was actually doing it.

Seeing his comrades lying on the ground without any signs of life, the wolf leader retreated to a safe distance and thought about its options. It wanted to get revenge but at the same time, it knew that Xuefeng was a dangerous opponent.

"So it's just us two now, let's play, shall we?" Xuefeng looked into the Wolf Leader eyes and invited it with a smirk.

The Wolf leader couldn't stop his bestial instincts anymore and charged at Xuefeng while covering his body with a thick Lightning Qi. That was his second ability called Lightning Armour.

Xuefeng sent more Spirit Qi through the hilt of his sword and Black Flames burned covering the whole blade. He also dashed towards the wolf to meet its charge. He knew that a normal attack was enough for a kill as the Wolf leader was only comparable to a rank 4 beast even though it was at rank 3, but he wanted to test another move he received earlier today.

Ling told him that he shouldn't master the whole Serpent Steps Spirit Art now cause she can improve it later. She gave him a set of Flame Spirit Arts that were much more compatible with his sword.

It required him to use Fire Qi but with his sword, he didn't need it. Black Flames Slayer worked like a Lightning core but was much more efficient. It used normal Spirit Qi and transformed it into Fire Qi almost flawlessly.

The more he fought with this sword the easier it was for him to control the flames. While he was charging at the wolf, the chaotic black flames started to organize itself prolonging the sword by at least two times, burning the ground while he was running.

When the Wolf Leader was about 5 meters away from Xuefeng, it jumped with its claws ready and maw opened wide. The lightning barrier on its fur was flicking and sending electric currents in every direction.

Unfortunately, before it could get to him, Xuefeng grabbed the sword into two hands, swung it with all of his strength hitting its side and blowing it away.

"Coooool." Xuefeng cried with pleasure witnessing the power of his new strike.

The Wolf didn't stand up after it was hit. It died upon collision and lied unmoving on the ground like the rest of its pack.

'What a cool sword move! Too bad it is also consuming too much Spirit Qi. I lost about half of my capacity with just one move, but it was worth it!' Xuefeng complemented in his mind. He collected lightning cores from the smaller wolfs following Ling instructions and approached their leader.

It was completely burned on the side and it probably died from his organs crushing into bits. He picked the Spirit Artefact which was hovering about its head and put it into his dantian.

It was a spell crystal for the Lightning barrier, but Ling already gave him Lightning Spirit Armour already, so he wasn't interested in it. He only needed more Lightning Qi if he wanted to activate it.

He smiled satisfied from his second battle and looked towards Wuying to check how she was doing. When he turned his head towards her direction, he couldn't help but exclaim in shock.