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 It took only about half an hour for Xuefeng to replenish all of his Spirit Qi, as he was absorbing directly from Spirit Stones and not the Spirit Essence in the air. He opened his eyes and smelled the alluring aroma floating in the air.

He stood up and approached the ladies who already started eating their steaks. The meat looked perfectly cooked and the skin was grilled in a nice brown colour.

"Mhmm, it smells nice. You did a great job." He picked his steak and started eating it greedily. He only ate a small bun for breakfast so he was starving. He was surprised they even brought cutlery with a small plate so he didn't need to eat with bare hands.

"Why do you sit in silence?" He asked after a few bites. Xiao Wen who was talkative before sat quietly as well.

"We are just enjoying our meal. Nothing happened." Wuying smiled sweetly and scattered his worries.

"Mhmm, that's good. What is our plan for later?" He asked while savouring the steak.

"Well, the nightmare usually hunts at night and it's still early. We can hunt for some Spirit Artefacts as a warmup, what do you think?" Wuying proposed. Xiao Wen put her in a bad mood so she had an urge to vent out on poor Spirit Beasts.

"How about I use my Scout Clones to lure more beasts this time?" Xuefeng asked. After killing the Metal Bear, he didn't feel the same way as when he saw the human head rolling on the ground. Although it was scary at first, he treated it as a way to increase his survival.

He wanted to get used to it as soon as possible so he was also looking for other fights.

"Okay." Wuying nodded finishing last bites of her steak. Even though she looked small she has still eaten the same portion as Xuefeng.

'Ling, can you do it? You can lure some weaker beasts first before finding stronger opponents. Also if you find some clues about that Nightmare whereabouts you can tell me.' Xuefeng asked in his mind.

'I can, but this forest is too big for me to reach the end of it. I can at most cover half of it.' Ling said with her cold voice. Since she regained her memory her cute self was gone.

'It's enough. Also, I wanted to ask, can your space hold Spirit Beasts carcass? I wanted to gather some so we have something to eat later, plus we can sell it after we come back to the city.' Xuefeng asked curiously.

'It can, but not too much. My space also has limits.'

'Okay, that's all, you can start.' Xuefeng stood up, cleaned himself by the lake and wear a new shirt. Before they embarked on a mission, he prepared a few sets of clothes as he knew he will destroy some.

While he was done, he created a clone of himself but didn't put much of his own Spirit Qi into it. Ling filled it with her Golden Spirit QI instead.

The clones started spawning all around him until there were about 30 of them before running towards the forest in all directions. Ling didn't want to spawn more as there was no need. There were a lot of Spirit Beast in this volley so the clones would meet one sooner or later.

Xiao Wen was observing Wuying who was already prepared for a fight with interest. She told her the hard truth, but the one didn't give up.

'I tried to clear the path for Tianshi but I guess it didn't work. I underestimated these girl feelings. I like her stubbornness but unfortunately, she will experience in the future, that she won't be able to keep up with the Fate Fragment Holder. ' Xiao Wen sighed deeply and waited to see her performance.

After about 5 minutes later Ling informed that she found the first target or rather targets. they were a group of five rank 3 Lightning Wolfs. Ling was avoiding Spirit Beasts that were harmless and only searched for hunter types.

'I'm bringing all of them to you. They will try to first paralyze you with their Lighting before eating you piece by piece. Don't kill them, try to absorb their Lightning Qi first. It's also one of the methods to gather Lightning Qi. Also, tell Wuying her opponent is also coming.'

"Wuying, let's split up, I will be fighting the wolves while you take the other beast." Xuefeng acknowledged the message before calling out to Wuying. He didn't plan to leave any to Xiao Wen as he knew a beast like that wouldn't stimulate her interest.

Xuefeng wanted to put his Spirit Armour on but remembered it was destroyed earlier in the fight with Metal Bear so he decided to just go bare-chested. He didn't want to destroy another set of clothes while fighting.

'I need to buy some Spirit Armour that I can wear all the time, instead of wearing normal outfits. The one Xiao Wen wears definitely has high protection.' Xuefeng thought while putting the shirt into his ring.

Just as he got ready, he could hear the howls of wolves getting louder with each second. After a moment he could see his clone run towards him with five silver wolves on his tail.

They were constantly sending small Lightning Bolts which hit the clone body. Although its clothes were all burned, the skin beneath it was alright. When the clone connected with him, a bunch of destructive energy came with it.

It turned out that Ling was absorbing Lightning Qi while running. It wasn't that much as what he received from the Heavenly Tribulation but it was still an ample amount.

Seeing its opponent disappear in Xuefeng body, they switched their target towards him and started encircling their prey leaving him no way to escape.

There was one wolf that looked bigger than the rest who observed Xuefeng sharply as if he was trying to deduce his powers, but in the end, it decided to proceed with the attack and howled towards the rest. Hearing the command of their boss, the wolves started launching lightning strikes towards Xuefeng.

Before they landed, Xuefeng used a bit of his Lightning Qi and created a thin barrier around his body with tunnels connecting to his dantian. This way the wolf attacks smashing constantly on the barrier were redirected into his dantian where he absorbed them.

Seeing that Xuefeng was still holding on after their assault, the leader called out and the battle intensified. Unfortunately for them, you can't beat lightning with thunder. Their actions only strengthened him.

While Xuefeng was cultivating with the help of the Wolves, Wuying was fighting with her own opponent about 100 meters away. Her enemy was already looking pitiful after only a moment into their clash. Around 3 meters tall Lizard was full of cuts all around its body.

Ling chose Rank 4 Fire-Born Lizard as Wuying first kill but it seemed like she went too easy on her. Wuying Red Daggers shone crimson as they absorbed lizard blood. The more enemies she was fighting the stronger her daggers become.

The Lizard was spewing fire left and right but it just couldn't hit her. Each time she disappeared and reappeared behind it leaving another cut on its body. Its natural regeneration was cancelled by daggers blood special effect which caused it to bleed even more.

Seeing that it met tough opponent, it tried to activate its last inborn ability which was an area of effect attack. It burned the air around it, creating its own domain. Unfortunately, just as the lizard thought about it, Wuying suddenly appeared under its neck and pierced right through its skull with both of her daggers.

She then kicked the lizard chest, removing her daggers and jumping backwards with a flashy backflip.

Seeing Wuying's performance, Xiao Wen raised her thin eyebrows. She couldn't find even one mistake, that would allow her to feel better. She had to admit that not only she underestimated Wuying's feelings but also her skills.

'If only she had resources and a better set of Spirit Arts, this girl would be better than most 'geniuses' from Central Region...' Xiao Wen wasn't a person who couldn't admit their mistakes. The moment she saw Wuying potential, she already started planning in her mind.