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 "Look how hard she is working, don't you see how much she care about that boy?" Xiao Yiying asked his husband while watching her daughter Tianshi run into the sky before falling back to the ground.

"We will see when she actually master it. I already sent Wen to check on the boy, so if he is alright, I guess I can allow it." When Xiao Feng informed Tianshi that they already know about her search for Xuefeng, she cried and begged them not to hurt him. When she heard that she can see him after mastering Heavenly Steps, she instantly started her training.

Since then she only slept a few hours every day and spent the rest of her time into training. They were worried that she would collapse before she manages to master the art but it has been a week already and she was still persisting.

Tianshi breathed heavily while she supported herself placing her hands on her knees. She was in her own Training Grounds outside her courtyard and dropped to the ground for hundred something time.

"Why is it so hard..." She muttered unwilling to give up. The point in this art was to create small clouds under her feet that could allow her to run in the sky. Although it didn't require a lot of Spirit Qi, her control over it had to be perfect.

It also consumed a lot of her physical energy to run around for the whole week without breaks. She didn't have Ling regeneration like Xuefeng.

She stood up after calming her breath and shouted "Again!" before jumping into the sky. Small billowy clouds we forming under her feet allowing her to run ten steps before she dropped to the ground cause the clouds was not firm enough to hold her weight.

She wasn't training high in the sky so she didn't suffer any injuries from a falls like that.

"Again!" She cried before repeating the process.

"If she can reach the same control over the air element like Xiao Wen with fire then she will also be invincible at her stage." Xiao Feng nodded seeing Tianshi doing her best. At this rate, she should master it after a few more weeks.

"Honey, I also want to see this boy for my own eyes." Xiao Yiying called out sweetly averting her eyes from Tianshi.

"Okay, we will all visit him later. I also want to see what is he made of." Xiao Feng didn't want to reject his wife so he agreed under her pleading gaze.


"I'm so drained, but I must admit the cold bath after the battle is amazing." Xuefeng came out of the lake cleaned from all the Metal Bear blood and approached Wuying who was preparing a few steaks from bear meat.

"Where is Xiao Wen?" He asked seeing only Wuying here.

"I'm back." A voice sounded from the forest and Xiao Wen came out.

"Where did you go?" He asked subconsciously.

"I went to take care of some business." She smiled and arrived in front of him.

"Oh..." He thought she was taking care of her female business so he didn't ask further.

"Show it to me." She reached out with her hand commanding.

"Show what?" 'Wouldn't it be easier to just say what?'

"Your sword dumbass. I can feel something familiar in those black flames." She rolled her eyes are him.

"Are you supposed to be acknowledged by the spirit artefact to wield it?" He asked after he summoned the sword.

"That won't be a problem for me." She reached for the sword and the moment she grabbed it, the flames intensified to the limits.

They danced around Xiao Wen making Xuefeng step back from the heat. After a moment the flames were absorbed by Xiao Wen and she was visible again.

"Nice sword, just as I thought, it came from the Central Region. It should be the same sword, the man that everyone was hunting twenty years ago, wielded." She spun it around in her hand confirming her thoughts before passing the sword back to Xuefeng.

"What happened?" Xuefeng received it before putting it back in his dantian. He didn't have enough Qi to hold it outside.

"Well, the previous owner of this sword killed a lot of people in the Central Region and he was quite powerful, successfully escaping every siege. After my father finally interfered, that man had to hide and disappeared from the spotlight never showing his face in the Central Region Again. Who would have thought he would hide here in so far away?" Xiao Wen explained.

"So you are not Manager Wu niece but came from Central Region, right? Who are you exactly?" Wuying suddenly joined the conversation after cutting out 3 large steaks from the bear.

"Well, you got me. I'm not, but you don't need to worry as I'm not here to hurt you. I was sent here from the Trade Union headquarters to check if it's worth it to be allied with your clan. You must have heard that Manager Wu created this contract based on your prowess." Xiao Wen didn't show anything on her face and thought of a quick lie.

"I knew it. You are too strong to be from the Eastern Region. How am I doing so far?" Xuefeng asked curiously.

"Well, you are not bad, but there is still so much to improve. I will forgive you cause I know you just started cultivating." Wuying didn't buy Xiao Wen explanation but she had no evidence to prove it.

"Yeah, I know. I will use this missions opportunity to train hard." Xuefeng recalled his earlier fight and he already had ideas what should be improved.

"Growl..." Suddenly Xuefeng belly made a call for food.

"Haha, someone is hungry. I guess you should replenish your Spirit Qi while we will cook dinner." Xiao Wen proposed laughing.

"Okay." Xuefeng had no idea how to cook in the wild so he left that for the ladies to do. He sat down, pulled out a few spirit stones and started absorbing Spirit Essence from them.

The ladies picked the steaks and walked away to avoid disturbing him. Wuying cut the tree with ease leaving a few small logs before arranging them into a fireplace. Wuying wanted to create a cooking stone from a nearby boulder when Xiao Wen suddenly pulled one from her ring. She also had a bunch of seasoning so the meat will taste better.

"I guess you cook grilled meat in the wildness often. You seem quite prepared." Wuying commented.

"Yeah, I actually spend more time outside the home." Xiao Wen answered while turning her Spirit Qi into a fire to ignite the fireplace.

After everything was done and the meat was grilling, they both turned silent having no subject to talk about.

"What are your plans for the future?" Xiao Wen asked trying to start a conversation.

"I hope I can follow Xuefeng wherever he goes," Wuying said without thinking.

"What if he meets another lady that will steal him from you?" Xiao Wen asked seriously.

"I will still follow him. As long as he wants me I will be by his side." Wuying answered determined.

"So you are going to slow him down? Don't tell me you didn't notice he is special? He will improve faster than you and in the near future, he will leave you behind. Both in battle prowess and stage." Wuying tried to refute Xiao Wen questions but she couldn't. She knew that Xiao Wen was right.

"You have only two choices. You should either improve faster or leave him. Think about it." Xiao Wen didn't say anything further and focused on rotating the meat.

Wuying gazed at Xuefeng and sighed with her mind full of thoughts.