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 "It has been almost ten years since your master disappeared from the spotlight. Can we save her?" Xiao Wen wasn't mad anymore when she learned who Ling previous master was. If she knew earlier, she would be the one to propose lending some Fate Qi.

"Uff, so we still have 5 years left. If we didn't meet you, I guess it would be too late." Ling breathed a sigh of relief.

"I thought that you couldn't separate from your master or you would both die, right? How did you leave Goddess side and you are both alive?" Xiao Wen asked curiously.

"After you reach Fate Saint stage everything is possible." Ling didn't give her a definite answer but it was enough for her. She was now more motivated to reach higher stages.

"Xuefeng, come here." Ling finally turned towards her new master who was ignored from the start and listen quietly.

He didn't know why but he felt like the master and servant roles switched places. He approached her but felt weird in his heart. When Ling cute voice turned into a mature, motherly tone, he already started missing the old one.

"I will pass you all Spirit Arts of Lightning Cultivation. This way you can gather more Lightning Qi and use it in battle." She brushed his hair lovingly, before touching the spot between his eyebrows sending a massive amount of knowledge into his brain.

There were countless Lightning Spirit Arts imprinting themselves in his mind, causing a bit of pain but he endured it. He knew that he has to get strong to survive in this world, and with Ling help, he could achieve it.

"Okay, you can go for now." After she was done, she flicked with her finger and Xiao Wen with Lang were expelled from her space. She was the only ruler in this kingdom and no one could disobey her.

"Is there something you want to tell me in private?" He asked after the pain in his head ceased.

"I want you to save the Thunder Goddess for me in five years," Ling said straightforwardly.

"Where is she and what is her situation?" Xuefeng didn't say no, but he needed more details first. If he has to risk his life for someone he doesn't even know, then he would have to think twice about it.

"She froze herself in the Thousand Years Old Ice at the bottom of one lake. She could survive after our separation because I only took a part of her soul, to find someone else to help her. The problem is that she is in the Heaven Realm. You will have to ascend in less than five years, else she will die." Ling explained in sadness.

"Wait, so she is not in this world?" The situation was getting more confusing with each minute.

"No, she ascended to the Heaven Realm six years ago. In there she was assaulted and hunted by the local emperor cause she rejected his advances. Because her injuries were too severe and my Fate Qi almost depleted, she had to resort to freezing her body to live on. She can only survive for ten years and it has already been five. I hope you can agree to my selfish request." Ling explained further.

"Well, I will if I can. I can't promise anything." Five years was a long time, many things can happen.

"It's enough for now. You will be landing soon so you can join them." She nodded satisfied and kicked him from space as well.

He returned into his body and saw that Xiao Wen already returned towards her original position. While he was still in Ling space, she wrapped his hands around her waist so he doesn't drop and they dived to the ground.

The barrier was already turned off and he felt the icy wind biting him on the face. He has hidden behind Xiao Wen but it didn't help. Fortunately, it didn't take long before they reached the ground and gently landed near Wuying Twin Winged Eagle.

Xiao Wen turned towards him with a questioning gaze but he shook his head. He guessed that she wanted to know about Thunder Goddess, but the knowledge he knew won't help her. He dropped to the ground from Lulu back and checking around.

Looking at his surroundings, Xuefeng deducted they landed on the shore of a Moon Lake with a crystal clear water. This was the last place someone saw the Nightmare.

"How was your flight?" Wuying approached them and asked with a poker face.

"I learnt what I wanted to know, so I'm fine. I'm sorry, you had to ride alone." Xuefeng apologised, but he knew she will understand him.

"It's okay, I spent last hour cultivating. How about we find something to eat first?" Wuying stabilized her cultivation base during the flight so she wasn't that mad anymore.

"Sure, but I don't think any Spirit beast here would be close to us cause of Lulu." He read that Spirit Beast could feel the presence of each other, and rank 6 tiger would definitely scare away every beast in the vicinity.

"Oh, don't worry. Lulu, you can take a break in your space." Xiao Wen pulled out a medallion which shone brightly and Lulu disappeared.

"Oh, you have Beast Token too." Wuying wasn't surprised and she used her own beast token to hide her eagle. This way there were only 3 of them left.

"Okay, then let me lure something here," Xuefeng said before starting to create a clone of himself. He spent about two-tenths of his Spirit Qi and a clone similar to him soon appeared in front of them.

"Nice, Spirit Art." Xiao Wen complimented.

"Thanks." Xuefeng sat down and closed his eyes. He focused on controlling his clone now.

The clone suddenly moved and dashed towards the forest. He replicated Liu Chen Rank 5 Spirit Sword and searched for his target. They were in the middle of the forest so it wouldn't be hard to find something.

After a moment he confirmed his thought. He only needed to run for a few hundred meters and he already met with a Spirit Beast. It looked like a bear, but it was much bigger than a normal earth animal. It was at least twice the size of a normal grizzly.

'Okay, Xuefeng. You can do this.' He gave himself some courage and started sneaking towards the bear with the sword in his hand.