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 "I'm not going to interfere in your mission. I want to see how are your fighting prowess. Only if you can't fight anymore, I will help. Hunting for a Rank 4 Spirit Beast is like fighting with a puppy. No offence." Xiao Wen leaned on Lulu back laying down comfortably while wrapping her legs around Xuefeng waist.

She always enjoyed her travels in a position like that. Now she even had a partner she could lean on, so her position got even more pleasant. With this position, Xuefeng could see her whole mature body, right in front of him.

She even unbuttoned her outfit around her chest area so she could let her ample weapons loose. He couldn't help but throw a few glances at her, but then restrained himself and turned to the side watching the clouds passing underneath them.

'Hah so he is not a typical male, he has some left control. Interesting. We still have a lot of time, should I tease him a bit?' She thought, watching him turning away from her.

She was always a playful girl and didn't like to be bored. Travelling was always a torment for her. Thinking of an idea, she suddenly started to move around with her lower body. She wanted to make him aroused then watch him struggle for the rest of the journey.

Feeling the movement around his waist, Xuefeng looked down and so Xiao Wen but moving around in circles.

"What are you doing? Can you stop moving?" He asked politely.

"Well, I can. But am I gonna?" She teased.

"If you are bored we can talk about something." He guessed the reason she was teasing him. She seemed to be an active person, as they stopped talking for 5 minutes and she was already playing around.

"Okay, what do you want to talk about?" Hearing him, she stopped moving with her round bottom and asked.

"How about... we introduce our Fate Fragments? Maybe they will know each other?" He was happy he was right. If he wasn't, then it would be a pretty troublesome situation.

"Oh, why not. How is your fragment called? Mine is Lang." She agreed and introduced.

"That's quite similar to my Ling. Maybe Ling and Lang are a family?" Xuefeng called out interested.

"Did you just say, Ling?!" Suddenly an excited male voice sounded from Xiao Wen body and a golden projection of a young male appeared in front of him.

"Is something wrong?" Xiao Wen was surprised her fragment showed himself.

"Yeah, is there a problem? She told me to call her like that." Xuefeng didn't understand what was going on.

'Ling, Do you know this Lang dude?' He asked in his mind.

'No idea, but maybe I just don't remember him. Ask him to come to my space.' She commanded.

"She wants you to come to her space, to the necklace." Xuefeng pulled out the golden crystal from under his shirt and said.

"Take me with you!" Xiao Wen shouted at Lang seeing him heading towards Ling Space without a second thought. She wasn't a lady who would miss on the fun.

Seeing everyone going inside Ling Space, Xuefeng also entered inside. He actually never been to Ling Space in the crystal, because he imagined it looked similar to the space inside his dantian, but when he appeared there with everyone, he couldn't believe what he saw.

The world around him turned into a sea of beautiful flowers and in the distance, there was a sky-high golden palace. She created with her Golden Qi her own dream world. Although there was nothing but endless flower paths and a golden palace it was still impressive.

"Fate Kingdom..." Lang muttered under his breath watching the palace in amazement. His body was clearer than the one in the outside world. He had golden hair and a pair of golden eyes. Even his robe was gold in colour. Only his skin was pale white. After watching him he had to admit he was a handsome man.

"Why I don't have such palace in our space hmmm?" Watching the scenery she blamed Lang for being useless.

Suddenly, their scenery changed and they all appeared in the huge hall, with a golden throne on the podium. There were three rows of pillars in the hall with 9 in total. Ling was inscribing something on the first pillar but it seemed like she stopped halfway.

"What can you tell me about myself? I created this scenery from my memory but I still can't recall everything." Ling appeared in front of them in her golden org form and asked Lang kindly.

"Queen Ling... It is really you. The same voice. I have finally found you." Lang suddenly cried and dropped on one knee bowing towards Ling.

"Queen?" Xuefeng, Xiao Wen and even Ling were stupefied.

"Queen, take this Fate Qi so you can regain your memories." Lang approached Ling golden orb and started transferring his own fate Qi into her. Fate Qi for a fragment is like his life essence so even if Lang doesn't lose his abilities, he was decreasing his upgrades.

They could use Golden Qi to activate their skills, but the effects would be lower than if they used Fate Qi. That was why Fate Qi was precious for them but Lang gave it away without hesitation.

"Lang are you out of your mind?" Xiao Wen shouted in panic. She understood the value of Fate Qi.

Before she could stop him, he already injected a large amount of Fate Qi into Ling, just enough for her to reach 10th upgrade. The golden ball started to balloon and multiplied in size.

After a moment, her form changed and transformed into a human. They expected her to wear golden clothes like Lang but everything on her was blue and white. Her white long hair lay down gently on her shoulders and she looked coldly at everyone gathered.

She emitted an invisible royal presence that made them unable to look at her. They felt as if they are not worthy.

"Lang, your sacrifice will not be forgotten. I will repay in the future what you lost today." Ling's voice sounded more mature now compared to her old form.

"It was a pleasure, my Queen," Lang answered while bowing his head.

"You probably wonder who am I?" Ling turned towards Xuefeng and Xiao Wen and looked at the latter eyes.

"Gulp." Xiao Wen knew that she was safe but couldn't help but gulp her saliva at Ling gaze.

"Maybe you can recall my previous master, The Thunder Goddess?" Ling spoke with her face as tranquil as water.

"What? You were the Fate Fragment of Thunder Goddess? The first Fate Fragment Holder to reach Fate Saint stage?" Xiao Wen cried in shock.

She was always a fangirl of the Ling previous master. Thunder Goddess disappeared 10 years ago and no one ever heard about her from that time. When Xiao Wen was younger she always liked to watch Thunder Goddess battles in the arena.

"Can you tell me what happened to her?" Xiao Wen asked excitedly.

"No, but I can tell you that she is still alive and safe for now. How long has it been since she disappeared?" Ling asked anxiously.