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 Hearing Xiao Wen comment, Wuying looked at Xuefeng with a questioning gaze and waited for his answer. She expected an answer like 'No, I want to travel with Wuying, we can talk later.'

But, to her surprise, Xuefeng came to her side with a serious face and told her while caressing her cheeks "I really need to talk to her about something important. I swear it is nothing, about what you think. I will tell you one day."

"Okay. I understand." Wuying has never seen Xuefeng this serious, so although she felt sad, she didn't deep further. If he said he will tell her one day, then she believed him.

She whistled with two fingers and in the next moment, an eagle landed on the grass next to her. Although it was a little wary of the Winged White Tiger it was well taught and didn't fly away after meeting it.

It was a rank 3 Twin-Winged Eagle. It had two pairs of wings which gave him more explosive power and it could travel long distances without stopping. Its speed was also impressive as it could easily travel 20000 Li in a day. Their destination was only 2000 li away so it should take them up to an hour if they didn't rush.

"Then I will be going first, you can follow me." He jumped on the eagle neck, gave Xuefeng the last glance and it flew into the sky.

'Sigh.' Xuefeng sighed in his mind. He was really regretful he could fly with Wuying, but the matter with Xiao Wen is connected to his life, so he has to focus on that.

"Your girlfriend is quite understanding, to let you ride on the same mount with a beauty like me." Xiao Wen laughed humbly.

"She is not my girlfrie... Actually, It's complicated." He tried to deny it, but then an image of smiling Wuying appeared in his mind and he realised that he actually already accepted her in his heart. Only his past self was holding him back from admitting it.

"Let's go or your girlfriend will be worried." With one move she jumped on Lulu's back and patted the place behind her.

"She won't drop me by accident right?" He could swear that when he approached Lulu she looked at him smiling evilly.

"She won't, as long as you behave nicely." Xiao Wen patted Lulu on the head.

"Eh." Having no choice he also jumped on the tigress back.

"Hold tightly onto me or you will fall down." Xiao Wen informed him and at the same time, the tigress jumped high into the sky.

Xuefeng instinctively wrapped his arms around her waist else he would fall down. Lulu spread her wings and quickly caught up to Wuying's eagle. She slowed down and followed it, keeping some distance.

Even though their speed decreased, the wind was still strong forcing him to keep hugging Xiao Wen from behind. If nothing change, they wouldn't have a chance to talk at all.

Suddenly, Xiao Wen waved her hand and a golden barrier appeared around them blocking the wind and sound from the outside.

"Okay, now we can talk." Xiao Wen pulled his hands away and turned around facing him. Lulu back wasn't long enough for them to sit like that, so she had to place her legs on top of his, making her almost sitting on him. Their faces were only 15 cm away from each other and Xiao Wen kept observing his facial expressions.

"So you said that I look like someone you know? Who is it?" She asked breaking the silence.

Xuefeng felt weird sitting like that where her chest almost touching his and thought she will ask about stuff related to the Fate Fragment, but she disregarded this topic, asking about something he said without thinking.

"Well, your face is similar to someone I know and I thought you were her for a second but that's impossible," Xuefeng told her truthfully as he didn't want to lie to her, considering she can kill her at any moment.

"Oh, why is it impossible?" She asked with an interested expression. She wanted to understand the whole story before she informs his father about it all.

"We just can't meet with each other anymore. She is too far away from me and will be forever out of my reach." He answered with a hint of sadness. It was the first time he talked about Tianshi out loud with someone since he arrived in this world and his melancholy was noticeable in his voice.

'So he still loves her but can't meet with her anymore because they live too far away from each other... So romantic.' Xiao Wen thought the huge distance he was talking about was the one between Central Region and Eastern Region. She didn't know Xuefeng was talking about the distance between two different worlds.

"Didn't you try to reunite with her?" She was already deeply interested in their romance story and wanted to know more.

"I already tried and the only way to get back with her would probably be going back in time. I can't think of any other solutions." He already asked the Old Man in Middle-Heaven if he can go back to earth, but his karma link was already severed there. He only thought of going back in time just now, so unless there is an ability like that, he has no chance.

'Was he stuck on the Central Region barrier while trying to reunite with her? His clan has aerial Spirit Beasts so it wouldn't be a problem to travel this far.' Xiao Wen thought about the possible reason.

Unfortunately, not everyone can enter the Central Region, commonly regarded as a blessed land. The boundless Spirit Essence there can increase cultivation speed by a few times. With each breath you take in some Spirit Essence, so even without cultivating you increase in strength just by staying there.

Only cultivators with a pass you can enter it. If everyone could get inside, there would be fewer resources for the top families of Central Region. That was why they deployed a mighty formation all around the borders only allowing to leave and not enter. There are also different levels of passes you could get.

There was a Bronze Pass which was a one-time single-use pass. Only one person could use it and it would be destroyed afterwards. It was only assigned to one particular person so even if you stole it, you couldn't use it.

You could also get a Silver Pass which allowed you to enter and leave at will, but it was also assigned to only one person. If you wanted to bring more people inside you had to use Golden Pass. It allowed you to bring in an unlimited amount of cultivators, with no question asked.

The problem was that not many people had a pass like that. Even Xiao Wen had only a silver pass. Only the heads and leaders of top clans had a Golden Pass, But they knew how important resources were and they didn't abuse that right.

Seeing Xuefeng sad expression, Xiao Wen was considering if she should tell him about Tianshi search or not. Hearing his story, she didn't want to keep them away from each other.

'Later I can test his fighting prowess and if he is passable I will force the father to let them meet each other. I can't wait to see Tianshi happiness after their reunion.' Xiao Wen decided in her mind. She didn't mind his little girlfriend she had in the clan as they can just separate. She also lowered the bar she placed for Xuefeng at the start of her journey.

"So about the Fate Fragment..." Xuefeng finally started the topic he wanted to talk with her about. He wanted to know, what he can do to survive.

"Oh, don't worry. It's not like I need to kill you. There are many others that can take your place." Xiao Wen waved with her hand saying like it was nothing.

"So you don't need to kill me to become the Fate King?" He thought he needs to get every fragment to become one.

"No, to become a Fate King you need to achieve 100 upgrades, but there are a few thousand Fate Fragment Holders in this world. You don't need to kill everyone to become one." She explained to him.

"Wait, so there are higher ranks than Fate King?" Ling didn't tell him that.

"Your Fate Fragment is only at the second upgrade so don't expect it to remember everything. When she reaches 10th advancement, she should recall everything you need to know. Fate King is just the start. The next stage is called Fate Saint and the rarest one Fate God. Unfortunately, no one ever attained Fate God stage so it's hard to tell what you can do." She explained slowly the knowledge he was missing.

'I'm sorry, but what she said was right. I'm still lacking all my memories. I think we can trust her.' Ling confirmed Xiao Wen information.

"What is your Fate Fragment basic ability? Is it your regeneration?" Xiao Wen asked before he could say anything.

"No, I can increase inborn talent. Regeneration is my second one." Xuefeng told the truth.

"Oh, perfect, then we have a deal. I won't kill you but in exchange, you will increase my talent to golden one in the future. I'm a Black Talent so it shouldn't take too much Fate Qi from you." Xiao Wen accepted her own deal on his stead happily.

"Okay, I don't mind." Xuefeng agreed. If that's all he needs to do to keep his life, he can gladly comply.