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 Ling worked instantly sending her Fate Qi into his crushed organs repairing them. Thankfully, Xiao Wen didn't use her Spirit Qi in this strike and only her physical strength, else the injuries would be harder to repair.

Xuefeng stood up and saw Xiao Wen was still looking at his manhood with her face red. He summoned his Spirit Armor to cover his body. Every time he looked at the girl in front of him, his thoughts were running while but he knew there is no way it would be Tianshi, so he forced himself to stop thinking about her.

"Xuefeng are you alright?" Hearing the commotion in the Xuefeng room, she came as fast as she could. She appeared next to him asking worriedly.

"I'm fine, it was just an accident." He recovered from the injuries, but there was still blood on the floor he spat earlier and the cracks on the wall showing someone hit it with an intense strength.

'I told you to control yourself when you panic or get excited. Do you have to punch something every time?' Lang complained about her behaviour.

'I admit, it's my fault okay? But did you see how giant it was? I have never seen it this big.' She cried in her mind recalling the image of Xuefeng dragon. It was still kind of erect after he finished playing with Wuying in the bathroom, so what Xiao Chen saw was its enlarged version.

'God, please, why I had to choose a girl like you. Focus, did you see how fast he healed? One of his two abilities is for sure a regeneration type and it's high ranked. You crushed his organs and he only needed 10 seconds to recover.' Lang lamented and told her his observations.

'You are right. How nice it would be to have an ability like that.' She thought but soon shook her head deciding not to think about it. She couldn't kill for her selfish reasons or her sister will hate her forever.

"Oh my, what happened here." Manager Wu entered the room and saw the cracks on the wall. She turned to look at Xiao Wen with a weird face as if asking 'Didn't you say you wanted to spend some time with him, but here you are tossing him into the wall on your first meeting.'

Noticing Manager Wu gaze she called out embarrassedly "It was just an accident."

"Who are you and why did you injure him?!" Wuying called out angrily after checking that Xuefeng is alright. She knew that she should be the niece, Manager Wu was talking about, but at that moment, she couldn't get rid of her anger. If Xuefeng wasn't fine, she would already be standing there with her daggers.

"I'm sorry, okay? What else you want me to do?" Xiao Wen was getting irritated. They were making such a big deal from one punch.

"Okay everyone stop arguing. Go out of the room so I can put on some clothes. I just came out of the bathroom." Xuefeng stopped them from further quarrel and walked towards his wardrobe. Water was falling on the floor from his wet hair and If one looked at Wuying, she also had slightly wet hair.

It wouldn't be hard to connect the dots for Xiao Wen but her mind was still troubled with Xuefeng naked image. She left the room with Manager Wu trying to calm her mind.

When they were gone, Wuying approached him and asked confused: "Why did she hit you?"

"Well, the towel on my waist fell to the ground by accident revealing my... Your toy." He teased her laughing.

"Idiot!" Wuying punched him in the arm before going back into her room. Although she looked mad, deep down she was actually happy.

'If it is my toy, does it mean I can play with it whenever I want?' She asked in her mind excitedly but then realised how perverted her thoughts were and blushed while shaking her head.

'Ling, did you check what is her stage? Or how many fragments she gathered?' He asked while putting on his clothes. During this week he asked the clan tailor to prepare some pants and shirts that were much comfortable than robes. He couldn't get used to long robes everyone was wearing.

'No, I can't see through her at all. I can only tell that she is above Spirit Overlord and from the amount of Fate Qi she has, her fragment should be in his 50 or 60 upgrade.' Ling analyzed.

'What? She is so strong? Then why would she come to hunt for a Rank 4 Nightmare? Isn't that an overkill?' Xuefeng asked multiple questions dumbfounded.

'I suspect that she has another motive. There is no way for you to run even if you wanted. You should be happy you didn't die from the start. Not every Fate Fragment Holder will be that kind. If she didn't try to kill you, then that means she needs you for something. You definitely need to talk to her.' Ling gave him her opinion. She couldn't breach the barrier Lang had created so she could only theorize.

'Yeah, I will try.' He recalled her face that looked similar to Tianshi's and wondered if Xiao Wen has anything to do with her. Her surname was also Xiao, so maybe there is another Xiao Tianshi in this world, like a doppelganger. It was possible as there was a man that looked exactly like him. He wouldn't be surprised if some people in this world, looked similar to his old friends.

'What would I do, If one day I met a girl that looks similar to Tianshi?' He looked towards the door which Wuying left through and decided to stop thinking about it.

After getting ready he went outside and spotted the ladies near the white tiger. He was surprised at how pretty it looked. He expected Spirit Beasts to be quite savage but this tiger looked gentle.

'It's a rank 6 Winged White Tiger, quite rare Spirit Beast. Its speed in the air can be comparable to best flying mounts and on earth, it was even faster.' Ling informed.

'I don't even have a mount but hers is comparable to a Spirit Emperor. I'm so behind from everyone.' He sighed at his own lack of strength, but he just started, so he wasn't too sad.

"How is everyone?" He approached the ladies but was greeted with a loud roar.

The tigress acted cute to all ladies but the moment she sensed Xuefeng coming closer she bared her teeth growling.

"Calm down Lulu, he is a friend." Xiao Wen scratched Lulu behind her ear, calming her down.

Lulu gave Xuefeng last glace before turning towards Wuying and Manager Wu. They were massaging her soft fur in enjoyment. Every woman liked cute things and even Manager Wu wasn't an exception.

"Are we eating something before setting off?" He asked Wuying stopping her fun. Even if she was mad on Xiao Wen she wouldn't reject petting a pretty Spirit Beast like Lulu.

"Well, we can hunt something and grill it's meat later. You can eat this bun I prepared earlier. If we don't hurry, someone else will be the first to get the Nightmare." Wuying threw him a package with a hot buns she bought earlier and turned towards Manager Wu.

"Do you want us to give you a lift back to the city?" She asked politely.

"No need, I will visit Liu Clan leader first, as we have some matters to take care of. I will be going then, take care, everyone." Manager Wu said her goodbyes and left the courtyard.

"Hmm, so how are we travelling? I expect Xiao Wen to fly with her mount, so we should also bring our transport." Xuefeng said towards Wuying. Three people wouldn't fit on the tigress so they had to fly on two mounts.

"Yeah, only one is enough for the two of us. We can share it." Wuying proposed smiling.

"Mhmm, that's a good idea." Xuefeng nodded while biting into the bun. He was quite looking forward to teasing her while in the air.

"Actually, Xuefeng will fly with me. We need to talk about something." Suddenly Xiao Wen entered into her conversation destroying his plans.