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 Both of the Ruler's shoulders were pierced by the chains yet he was full smiles, getting closer and closer to the door of light. Xuefeng's restrictions on the Ruler stopped working as if the chains sucked in any Qi used around him, probably to stop anyone from resisting the chains.

"Hahahaha! See ya suckers!" the Ruler yelled out in laughter, already giving up on his image.

Xuefeng only frowned but he didn't give up yet. He was hell bent on killing the bastard Ruler today.

Although the chains dragged him away, they were extremely slow compared to Xuefeng's speed. He launched forward and quickly overtook the Ruler, grabbing onto the chains.


No matter how hard he tried, the chains didn't budge, continuing to pull with the same force.

"Haha!" The Ruler laughed even harder, his expression maddened. "You can't stop the Heaven!"

"I can't stop the Heavens but I can stop your life!" Xuefeng called out, aiming Dragon Edge at the Ruler's chest.

His Qi could be nullified but his blade couldn't. No matter what, the Ruler would die that day.

"Die!" Xuefeng cried out and pierced downward, straight into the Ruler's chest.

It went in like a knife into butter yet to Xuefeng's surprise, the Ruler continued to laugh.

"Haha! You can't kill me! We call them Chains of Life and Death! As long as I'm connected to them, you can't kill me!"

'Interesting... I never heard of that," Ming muttered curiously. 'He seems to be telling the truth. I can sense a great life-force from the chains.'

'Then what can we do to stop him?' Xuefeng asked hurriedly, gazing at the door of light above him. 'We are running out of time!'

He didn't want to risk entering into the passage. One mistake was enough.

'Unless you can somehow detach the chains from him, I guess it's impossible-' Ming replied before pausing, getting a sudden idea. 'Wait! Try using your Elemental Bracelet on the chains!'

Xuefeng didn't hesitate as they were almost at the passage entrance and quickly activated the bracelet. It turned into liquid and covered his hand, creating a golden gauntlet. He grasped the chain right after and immediately felt an immense amount of Fate Qi pump into his body.

'It's working!' Xuefeng informed excitedly when the chain suddenly snapped inside his hand, breaking in half.

The other end pierced into the Ruler lost its shine, breaking into small pieces as the Qi inside of it sinked into Xuefeng's body.

Cough! Cough!

The Ruler vomited blood right after, his face not that confident anymore.

His life was only supported on one chain which Xuefeng could break any moment.


Xuefeng didn't wait for even a second and snapped the second chain. The story repeated itself and the Ruler was no longer unkillable.

"And who is laughing now, huh?!" Xuefeng called out, ready to pull out Dragon Edge from the Ruler's chest to kill him when a loud shout came from the distance, stopping his actions.

"Don't kill him yet!"

Normally Xuefeng would ignore it but he recognized the voice.

Drakos sped up from the sky and stopped right next to them, grinning to himself, "Let's use him a bit before we kill him."

Xuefeng wanted to ask where the hell was he the whole time but he guessed it would only be a waste of time. Instead, he got straight to the point.


The Ruler was already a dead man, barely breathing with Xuefeng's sword stuck in his chest. Not only was he bleeding from the two wounds left by the chains but also his sword. He was also completely immobilized, totally on Xuefeng's mercy.

"Just wait. You think that Heavens will stop before they get what they want? When they send more chains, cut them off and let me consume them. They have a lot of Fate Qi inside of them," Drakos explained, already drooling.

"So you only came to eat?" Xuefeng asked while rolling his eyes. "Where were you when we needed you?"

"Shhh! I was obviously hunting! How could I know there would be such a mess when I return?" Drakos shushed him and brushed the matter to the side, dropping on the Ruler's body that freed him from the sword.

Grabbing him by the neck, he flew down while calling out the instructions, "Wait till the chains reach us before cutting them off."

Naturally, even if he were to follow this plan, he would get the cut as well.

'How much Fate Qi were we able get from those two chains?'

'About a thousand Fate Stones worth. It's a lot for such small chain but I wouldn't ruin the chains for such amount,' Ming replied before proposing, 'How about keeping the chains and use them later instead?'

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

He didn't have the time to decide as four chains suddenly exploded out of the passage, heading straight towards Drakos underneath him.

After they extended for a few hundred meters, almost hitting Drakos, Xuefeng cut them off one by one, keeping two for himself while letting the other two drop down into Drakos' hands.

'Perfect!' Ming exclaimed after she claimed them with Ling, putting them both into Ling's world. 'Just as I thought, the chains are unbreakable. Only the Elemental Bracelet, being the Fate Qi nemesis can break them.'

'Doesn't it make them breakable then?' Xuefeng questioned the obvious but Ming replied simply, 'They are breakable only to you! There is only one Elemental Bracelet and you have it!'


The passage seemed to know someone was disturbing Heaven's Work by the sounds of thunder coming out of the door of light. In a blink, the tables have turned. Multiple chains flew out of the hole but this time their target was Xuefeng instead.

He deflected one, dodged another but they kept coming, wanting to overwhelm him with the numbers.

"Fuck!" Xuefeng cursed, forced to teleport away but the chains kept chasing.



One hundred!

The passage barely fit so many chains yet they kept spawning, aiming to punish Xuefeng for disturbing the Heavens.

In just a moment, he was surrounded from all sides with sharp chains heading straight at him, executing the Heavenly Punishment.

High in the sky, two invisible men that were meant to protect Xuefeng from any lethal danger were already sweating, not expecting that he would actually challenge the Heavens into a battle. Even they couldn't stop the chains. They were designed to be unbreakable and unstoppable. Only Godly Treasures from the greatest civilization could counter such power.

"Only Goddess Ming can help him right now..." the old man muttered right before the inevitable happened.


One giant explosion illuminated the whole sky when the chains crushed into each other from all sides with Xuefeng in the center.




His wives yelled out desperately but there was nothing they could do to help him. Even though the light blinded their eyes, they still looked up, waiting to see if he was okay.

"He is fine! I can feel it!" Yiren suddenly screamed at the rest, giving everyone hope.


Before the light disappeared, they heard a tens of cracks and then saw multiple chains falling down, disintegrating one the spot.

The light kept getting smaller until it decreased to the size of a person but it wasn't just Xuefeng.

Someone else was inside of his arms, hugging onto his neck with their lips connected.

Xuefeng didn't know what was happening until he felt warm lips covering his. He thought his run in this world was over yet he was thankfully wrong.

Ming who finally pulled away from his arms looked into his eyes and whispered weakly, "I guess... you don't have a choice but to take care of me..."

Just as she said the last word, her eyes closed and she fell into his arms limply, no longer responding.