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 As Royal Palace was in a different direction than the main plaza, Xuefeng separated from the girls half way, hurrying to stop the destruction of the country. He still stayed connected with them, communicating with Tianshi until the range was reached and the connection cut. Although the range increased after Tianshi's training, she still had a lot to improve.

He didn't hesitate and transformed into his Titan form just as he saw the Palace in the distance, increasing his strength to lift Dragon Edge. Xuefeng rarely needed to go all out in the battle but he couldn't show any mercy this time.

'Look at the clouds. They are gathering directly above the Palace. The doors to the Heaven Realm will open any moment,' Ming informed. 'The Ruler must have already broken through to God Stage.'

'He won't be able to escape anyway,' Xuefeng assured confidently as he sped up, gazing at the newly placed barrier in the distance.

Drakos destroyed it once before and he was going to do it again.

"Let me show you my improved Nuke..." Xuefeng muttered as he aimed the sword forward and charged, gathering the power.

There were barely any patrolling Royal Guards but some still stayed on duty. It was hard not to notice a bright shining star that charged straight at them.

"Hey! Stop right th-!"

They cried out but seeing he didn't stop, they moved out of the way, almost getting smashed into pulp by him.

He charged past them before piercing into the barrier with a gathered momentum.


The sound-wave blasted away any living soul but it only slowed him down a little, unable to stop his charge. Xuefeng already expected it so he didn't get too full of himself and dove down towards the palace.

'Girls, can you find him for me?' Xuefeng asked, knowing his Spirit Awareness wasn't powerful enough.

'There is no need, he will come to you in the next five seconds,' Ming replied and he suddenly felt a familiar force above him.

He looked up and saw bright light come out of nowhere, splitting the sky into the shape of the door. They spawned less than a few hundred meters above his head.

Unfortunately, he didn't have time to admire them.


The palace roof under him exploded, sending tile shards right at him. He swung his sword, blasting them away but then saw a black shadow fly past him, heading straight towards the door of light.

"Fuck!" Xuefeng cursed and immediately launched after the Ruler, wrapping himself with lightning armor.

Fire and Air Qi blasted out of his legs, giving him a quick boost that allowed him to catch up. He didn't hesitate and slashed at the Ruler's side, not caring if he can actually dodge it.


He was hit by the sound of two swords clashing before sensing a direct impact on the blade.


Xuefeng heard the cry of pain and finally saw the Ruler's face after he stabilized his flight, clutching onto his wounded chest. Not only did Dragon Edge slice through the Ruler's sword but also broke his armor, finally stopping his attack with his body.

It was easy to guess that both of those Spirit Artefacts were of Rank 9.

"Where do you think you are going?" Xuefeng asked with a glare, standing between the Ruler and the door of light.

Surprisingly enough, the Ruler didn't show any fear but instead laughed, throwing the broken armor off him, "Haha! You think you can stop me from leaving?! I think you forgot the God Stage Cultivator's natal ability!"

Xuefeng frowned when he heard it, not recalling any natal abilities but that was his mistake. Just as he wondered confused, the Ruler disappeared, vanishing on the spot.

Thankfully, he wasn't there by himself.

Ling activated the Ether Qi he already prepared just in case and entered into another space with the Ruler right in front of him, rushing towards the door.

Xuefeng only extended his hand to the side, causing the Ruler to smash into it. This ruined both of their Ether Qi, moving them back into outside world.

"You wish," Xuefeng said, not playing anymore and wrapped the Ruler with the power of his Elvish Bloodline, immobilizing him. "I said, you are not leaving today."

Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!

He didn't waste any more time on him, punching out four times which caused all of his limbs to break.

He also punched right under his stomach, intending to ruin his cultivation but to his surprise, he had no dantian.

Ling was quick to provide him with an explanation that made sense.

'After advancing to God Stage, your dantian merges with your soul. You cannot easily ruin someone's cultivation like with a dantian.'



Multiple Royal Guards caught up at that moment, surrounding him while calling out after his Ruler. No one attacked as the Ruler's life was at Xuefeng's mercy.

"Is this your Ruler?" Xuefeng pointed at the paralyzed man with broken limbs. "He lied to you all, feigning his death so you can all die while creating chaos in the Capital. Is this the Ruler you all want to die for?"


The Royal Guards looked at each other yet they didn't answer him. They also heard from the main elder that the Ruler died yet they could see it was a clear bullshit.

"I thoughts so," Xuefeng replied for them and ordered sternly, "Contact your comrades. If you don't want to see a river of blood stream in the Capital, tell them to stop all battles."

One of the Royal Guards flew forward and replied honestly, "Uhm... We already did when we called for back-ups yet no one responded. It seems the battle already started."

"Damn," Xuefeng cursed and launched without hesitation, rushing towards the main plaza with the Ruler's body.


At the same time, on the main plaza, the battle indeed started just a moment ago.

"Nuwa, why did you kill him?!" Tianshi scolded seeing a dead body drop to the ground, turning into a pulp of flesh.

Just a minute ago the two big groups were facing each other, dominating the whole sky when Nuwa killed someone who cursed at her, calling them a bunch of bitches.

Although she really wanted the man to die as well, the priority was to avoid any battles till Xuefeng arrived.

"Whoops," Nuwa muttered while scratching her head but it was too late for regret.

Royal Guards finally broke and launched a full blown attack, sending thousands of attacks in Liu Clan and Xiao Family direction. Naturally, they didn't stay idle, defending and counterattacking.

If they couldn't have peace, they could only try to minimize the loses.

Tianshi sent multiple shields and buffs onto as many people as she could when she heard Xuefeng's voice in her head, 'I'm coming with the Ruler! How is the situation?'

'Quick! The battle just started!' Tianshi quickly relayed the massage and called out to Nuwa who was about to dive into the whirlpool of the battle, 'Xuefeng is coming! Can you freeze the battle for a moment?!'

'Ah! I really wanted to fight a little,' Nuwa lamented but quickly complied, grabbing Yiren's hand and flew to the middle of the battlefield.


Her shout was as loud as a thunderstorm, paralyzing everyone on the spot, both allies and the enemies. Beads of sweat filled Nuwa and Yiren's foreheads but they held them in place.

At the same time, a small golden dot was speeding up towards them from the distance.

"Stop the battle! Your Ruler is alive!" Xuefeng cried out when he reached the battlefield, displaying the Ruler to everyone. "He lied to you all, feigning his death. He only wanted revenge on my Liu Clan without caring about your lives!"


Everyone looked above at Xuefeng and even after Nuwa released the people, they didn't continue the battle.

Xuefeng didn't stop at that and quickly added, "Today is the mark on the history when the Royal Family stops ruling the Capital. Join and help us build our new future, making the Capital great again!"


A horrific thunder suddenly snapped as if to bless his words when a blinding light lightened up their surroundings.

Door of light opened right above their heads and two chains flew out from the inside, piercing into the Ruler's chest. Xuefeng seemed to lose control over the Ruler's body as it was pulled towards the door.

"You can't keep me here! Hahahaha! Heaven Realm summons me!"