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 "Tianshi...?" Xuefeng repeated after they landed on the balcony.

Tianshi finally reacted, wiping her tears on her own and explained alarmed, "Xuefeng, I just had a vision... I don't know when, in the next minutes or hours but the Capital will turn into a battlefield. Our people will be fighting Royal Family all over the Capital and many civilians will suffer. I'm only sure it will happen today."

Xuefeng's eyes widened, not expecting such news but he didn't immediately question her, making sure she was okay first.

"Shhh... It's okay. It was just one possible future. Whatever you saw, we will change it and no one will die," Xuefeng assured as he caressed her cheeks. "Are you better?"

Panic wouldn't bring them any good so he chose to approach the case calmly.

"Mhmm, I'm fine..." Tianshi replied, smiling at him to show she was alright but Xuefeng could see she was really bothered by what she saw.

"Let's go inside," Xuefeng decided, pulling the two inside the bedroom and called out to the rest still cultivating on the bed, "Everyone, there is an emergency, come over."

He didn't pay them more attention seeing they were waking up and focused on Tianshi, "You said we will be fighting Royal Family today? Can you still recall the vision?"

"Mhmm, I can. It must be happening in the nearby future as I still had the same clothes as today."

"Can you remember the position of the sun?" Xuefeng asked, having an idea in his mind.

"Sun? Oh!" Tianshi was a bit confused at first but then she figured it out, running outside once again.

This was one of those times where knowledge from Earth came in handy. In this world people mostly valued strength and riches instead of knowledge. Who would bother exploring the mysteries of the sun when they can explore the mysteries of cultivation.

A moment later, Tianshi came back, calling out both excited and worried, "Based on the sun position, we still have around thirty minutes till the vision becomes a reality."

Although it was still a lot of time, whatever Royal Family is planning, they are doing it right now. What Tianshi saw were just the results of their ploys so they needed to act quickly to prevent it.

"Alright, we have to act. Wuying- Where is Wuying?" Xuefeng called out to the girls only to realize that both Wuying and Nuwa were away.

He knew his powers were limited as he didn't have much control over their forces. Unfortunately, both Nuwa and Wuying were gone.

"What happened? Wuying left with Nuwa less than an hour ago," Xiao Wen informed, reaching them with the rest.

"Let me check if she is somewhere close," Tianshi called out, closing her eyes while Xuefeng explained briefly, "Tianshi had a vision. In the next thirty minutes the Capital will get really chaotic with both forces clashing. We need to stop whatever Royal Family is planning."

"What can they possibly do...? There is no way we will lose against them with their current situation. Even if they attack us directly, they don't have any chance," Xiao Wen countered but Xuefeng had a quick explanation.

"Even if we win, many civilians will suffer and Capital will turn into ruins. We definitely want to avoid it."

"I can't contact Wuying but I can sense she is somewhere in the center of the Capital. Nuwa is together with her," Tianshi informed right after.

"Let's join them. They might already know Royal Family plans and thats why they are gone," Xuefeng decided and everyone nodded aside from Lisa who stood there silently.

"Xuefeng, I won't go with you," Lisa called out when the rest was getting ready to leave. "I won't help you at all if any battles starts and will only become a burden. I will stay here and prepare pills for our expedition instead."

"Alright, I won't force you to come." Xuefeng respected her choice, also thinking it was for the better.

He also looked at Yiren, wondering what she thought about herself but to his surprise, she was already on the balcony, ready to fly away with her wings fluttering.

Xuefeng only smiled to that, knowing very well Yiren wouldn't willingly stay and turned back to Lisa only to receive a deep kiss together with a blessing, "Good luck Xuefeng."

Lisa blushed lightly but she seemed proud of herself, getting courage to steal those advances.

"We will be back soon," He called out after one last look at her and joined the rest, launching off the balcony.


"What? You attacked the teleportation stations to stop Royal Family reinforcements?" Xuefeng questioned in surprise, a bit upset he wasn't invited for the fun. "Why didn't you tell me?"

They were standing one of the stations roofs, treating it as the base of their operations.

"You were training and it wasn't much so I asked Nuwa instead," Wuying replied simply, quickly shifting to the other topic. "We should rather talk about Tianshi's vision. I just checked and we didn't notice any moves from Royal Family. Even if they noticed our actions, they didn't rearrange their forces at all. They only announced that the Ruler is abdicating and passing the crown to his son tomorrow."

Wu joined the conversation and reported, "I also passed the news to my father and he is gathering men just in case they need to interfere. Trade Union was always neutral but because of me, he is willing to help."

"Thank you, Wu, but we should still try to prevent any battles till we are fully ready. We need to finish them off in one full sweep," Xuefeng said, deep in thought. "If he is passing the crown to his son, it means he gave up. He will do anything to ruin our lives as revenge because he doesn't care anymore. Even if the whole Capital will be ruined, it won't matter to him as that is not his problem anymore. He knows that Royal Family rules will be over very soon. He can simply order everyone to attack us and then ascend to Heaven Realm without care. Wait..."

As Xuefeng thought out loud, a sudden conclusion came to his mind.

"What if that is exactly what he wants?" Nuwa voiced it out for him.

"But how will they do it? Most of the Royal Guards won't just brainlessly attack our forces just to die. They need some kind of trigger like-" Xuefeng tried to figure it out when he was disturbed by a landing Elvish Guard member who immediately called out to Nuwa in his report.

"Queen! Royal Family is spreading fake news that Liu Clan assassinated the Ruler of the Realm! Now all Royal Guards mobilize, wanting revenge for their Ruler. They are mainly grouping up to attack our clothing business in the main plaza but our forces were attacked throughout the Capital! We managed to kill them easily but that only escalated the problem."

"Damn! I knew it. This fucker just wants to see chaos and doesn't even care about his people," Xuefeng cursed, already wanting to suggest the same thing.

'Now that it was mentioned, if you look at the sky above the Palace, you can see some disturbance. It seems like the Heaven Realm Portal is opening for the Ruler,' Ming pointed out, confirming their guesses.

"Wuying, take everyone to the main plaza and try to calm down the situation. I will go to the Palace and bring that bastard back. We will show everyone what kind of the Ruler they fight for," Xuefeng ordered, determined to end it all today.

He wanted to kill him tomorrow but he gave them no choice, quickening his death by one day.