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 Multiple Royal Guards surrounded a portal that was one of the most strategic locations aside from the Royal Palace. Although it was a very rare occurrence, its most important role was to sneak reinforcements into the Capital in case it was attacked.

"Gosh, why were we ordered to guard this portal? Nothing is happening for a long time and it's boring. Is some important person coming? No one told us anything," one of the younger guards complained annoyed, sitting down on the edge of the portal.

"You are a guard so your role is to guard. You don't need to know the details," the older guard explained before chiding him, "Now stand up and shut up. Someone will arrive any minute. We need to protect the site in case anyone attacks the station."

"Who would dare to attack us? There are almost fifty of us outside and twenty inside. There is no way anyone can kill us all before we set an alarm and mobilize the glorious Royal Guard. Who stands a chance against us?" The young guard sounded confident, bringing out a roll from his neighbor's eyes.

"Honestly, I don't know where you were the past few days but you are really naive to think that Royal Family still has the upper hand in the Capital." The older guard shook his head when the portal suddenly lit up, making all the guards stand with their backs straight. "Stay focused. I don't want any accidents!"

The young guard quickly stood up, looking at the portal excitedly. In the next second, two silhouettes slowly materialized on the platform before their bodies were revealed from the bright light. The sheer power released by those two people was enough to crush the young guard but he didn't seem scared, more like intrigued and curious.

"Welcome to the Capital! Can I have the names of you two as well as the secret password?" The older guard greeted them immediately, bowing his head.

One of the arrivals was a skinny middle-aged man, already looking like he was reaching his sixties. His gaze was sharp and he frowned when he heard the guard's words.

"Two?" He seemed confused at first but then he looked behind him and his eyes widened, seeing a beautiful blond woman with a veil covering her face.

Her skin seemed so smooth and soft while the body curved perfectly from bust to her bottom, shaping like hourglass. What was even more enchanting about her was her flirty gaze and pointy ears that were rarely seen.

"What a coincidence that we two arrived at the same time. What's your name milady?" The skinny man asked politely, smiling at the lady while completely ignoring the guard.

The lady glanced at him, looking offended, "Are those the manners of Royal Family members? Asking for the lady's name without even introducing yourself?"

The skinny cultivator immediately turned red from embarrassment but he didn't show any anger on his face, apologizing with a deep bow, "I'm very sorry for my rudeness milady. My name is Bai-"

Too bad he wasn't able to finish as the lady cut him off, "It's okay, I don't care. I only wanted to waste some of your time before my people arrive. Now you can shut up for now and enjoy the show."

"Wha-" The skinny cultivator frowned, looking up but before he said anything, his mouth forcefully closed and his body suddenly cracked, moving on its own.

He face planted to the ground with his hands locked behind his back, unable to do anything. He exerted his Monarch Stage power to its limits but nothing helped.

Everything happened so fast that the guards surrounding the portal were ultimately confused, not knowing why the lady was attacking the man.

Didn't she come as reinforcements? The man's rudeness wasn't enough of a reason for such treatment. Only a moment later did they finally process her words but it was too late. The lady raised her arms upwards, looking at their direction.


The twenty guards inside the building suddenly cried out in pain and fell on their knees, their arms unnaturally locked behind their back. At the same time, multiple black shadows appeared next to them, locking their wrists with handcuffs.

Only when every guard was locked did the lady withdrew her powers.

"Who are you people?!" The younger guard shouted, making the lady laugh.

"Haha, who am I?" the lady repeated the question and took of her veil, showing off her features. "I'm Nuwa, the First of My Name, Queen of Forest Elves, the Undefeated, the Beauty of Century and most importantly, the Wife of Liu Xuefeng."

As she finished, the guards had no more questions of who just attacked them.

Liu Clan.

Nuwa enjoyed everyone's shocked expressions and ordered, "Gather them in the corner like before and put something in their mouth so they don't disturb us. We need to squeeze some information from this guy."

She gazed at the Monarch Stage cultivator in front of her, not believing her luck would be this good today. Just as she teleported on the platform to trick them, someone else actually appeared at the same time as she did.

Her day couldn't get even better.


The tied skinny cultivator shouted despite his lips glued together, glaring at her as he struggled to escape but Nuwa held him in place firmly.

"Is there something you want to say before we start asking questions?" Nuwa asked, unlocking his mouth to speak.

"I will not tell you shit, bitch! Fuck you!" the man cursed at her immediately just as she expected.

Nuwa didn't get angry but instead even more excited, having a proper reason to torture the man.

"Wuying, don't you just like it when they struggle even through they know the ending results?" Nuwa asked calmly, looking at the empty space on the side.

Out of thin air, a slim body of Wuying in her black uniform appeared next to Nuwa and nodded with a smile, "I will let you do the honors."

"Ah, you are so sweet," Nuwa called out happily and lifted the man, forcing him to kneel.


She swung her right leg, striking the man right into his stomach, right above his dantian.


He wasn't sent flying as his legs stayed glued to the ground but his face turned purple, struggling to breathe.

"I think you missed. His dantian is a bit lower," Wuying advised, looking at their prey calmly.

"Oh, don't worry. He will curse me again so I will fix that mistake," Nuwa assured and asked with a cheerful smile, "What did you call me again? I didn't hear clearly."

This time the man didn't dare curse like before, spatting weakly, "W-what do you want...?"

"Ah, it's a pity he started behaving so quickly. I wanted to kick him a bit more," Nuwa muttered unhappily and questioned, "Tell us everything you know about the Ruler's plans. Why did you come here and why does he need reinforcements? We will send you back if we are satisfied with your answer."

"I was ordered to come and support the new Ruler... I don't know the details yet. I just arrived. I was supposed to learn when I reach Capital," The man answered, slowly regaining his ability to talk.

"I don't think he tells the whole truth," Wuying muttered and Nuwa agreed, "Yeah, he must be hiding something."

Nuwa prepared to strike, swinging her leg when the man cried out, "No! I swear! I even have a letter from the Ruler in my storage ring! Everything is described there. I naturally agreed to come without details as such opportunity doesn't come often. Who doesn't want to visit the Capital?"

Nuwa and Wuying exchanged gazes before a sudden crack came from the man's neck and his body fell to the ground, void of any life.

"I'm sorry, I lied," Nuwa shrugged, looking away from the dead body. "There wasn't anyone who called me a bitch that lived for more than five minutes."

The flew rings that decorated his hand flew off his fingers and landed on Wuying's palm. "You can check the rings but I doubt he is lying," Nuwa said casually.

Wuying didn't seem to mind her brutal approach, and looked through the rings just in case.

"What he said is true. No details," she confirmed right after and ordered to her men, "Take care of this Station just like we did with the other three. I will wait for your message."

"Yes, Milady."

Being done with their job, the two walked towards the exit, passing by multiple unconscious Royal Guards. They were all brought inside after they were silently put to sleep, alarming barely anyone on the streets.

Just as they left the building, they heard a few men with the Royal Family uniforms yell while running on the streets.

"The Ruler is abdicating! Tomorrow morning his son will become the new Ruler of the Realm! Coronation Ceremony will begin at noon!"